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Amazon - Could this be a scam?

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TerriBull Thu 18-Feb-21 08:41:15

I order several items periodically through the "Subscribe and Save" scheme on Amazon. One such order is scheduled at 6 week intervals, I received it last ten days ago. Today I had an email from them saying that I need to up date my payment details before they ship item, it's not due for at least for another 4 weeks. The usual procedure, a week or so before shipment, is to contact via email asking whether I still want that item or whether I want to cancel it. This is unusual therefore, particularly as the card used for that purchase is not about to expire.

I'm assuming it's a scam. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Marydoll Thu 18-Feb-21 08:46:25

Terribull, have you had a look in your Amazon settings to see if there are any messages about payment? Thats the first thing I would do.

TerriBull Thu 18-Feb-21 09:04:07

Thank you for your response Marydoll. I have just checked, there aren't. I feel this email is irregular and I'm not responding to it. I regard it as suspicious. I see no reason to up date the card concerned it has a long time to go before it expires and the order isn't imminent anyway.

PamelaJ1 Thu 18-Feb-21 09:15:18

I Never respond to those sort of messages directly. AsMarydoll advises always go onto your account.

Shropshirelass Thu 18-Feb-21 09:19:25

There are a few scams going around. Go into your Amazon account and check your payment details and settings. Do not do this by clicking on the email. I am sure you will find everything is fine. You can forward the email to Amazon’s phishing department for them to look into it.

Harris27 Thu 18-Feb-21 09:23:23

As said above I think I would ignore it and you can message Amazon and forward this email on to them. I think it might be a scam as I do everything on Amazon and haven’t had a problem yet.

HouseMartin Thu 18-Feb-21 09:25:18

Don’t click on any links. Forward it to [email protected]

Blinko Thu 18-Feb-21 09:35:55

I'd be like you, Terribull. Very suspicious.

TerriBull Thu 18-Feb-21 09:42:26

Thank you all for your responses, I will try and forward it on via stop-spoofing. I think it's best we all go with our gut instinct if we suspect a scam.

Missfoodlove Thu 18-Feb-21 10:37:57

Hi there, check on the Amazon account details that the card you have linked to your account has not expired.
If it is still in date or will be when the goods are due then it is a scam.

lemsip Thu 18-Feb-21 11:14:24

you may have inadvertantly subscribed to Prime. You pay monthly to receive free postage on all orders. Check bank statement.. so don't put your card details in again, phone and clarify.
when you place an order there is in very small print the option to decline prime. if you don't see this they want to take a monthly sub;

TerriBull Thu 18-Feb-21 12:31:03

My card linked to Amazon, has a couple of years to go before it expires MissFoodlove so that has made me suspicious! I've been subscribing to Prime since the lockdown lemsip and my monthly payments for that are taken from the card in question, in fact my February sum is due to be collected in a couple of days and there has been no request to up date my payment details in that respect. hmm Scam me thinks!

Blossoming Thu 18-Feb-21 12:40:07

Amazon will never ask you to do this via email. If you check the sender’s actual address it will not be from Amazon.