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An Amazing Coincidence?

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Gwen45 Tue 02-Mar-21 18:30:29

Has anyone ever experienced an amazing coincidence? I’ve only ever had one so here’s mine: my mother sadly died on the evening of March 10th 1986. One year later to the day, she appeared on the television!

That day we were a bit sad thinking about Mum having been gone exactly one year today. We all missed her very much. During the evening, my husband, 2 sons and I sat down to watch the news on TV. The newsreader was talking about Westland Helicopters, a company that was in the midst of a major political dispute. He mentioned a shareholders meeting two years previously, and suddenly filling the TV screen was my mum!

All my family saw her and our jaws dropped open. She was wearing a very fetching hat and sitting next to my dad. Unbeknown to me, my parents were shareholders in Westland Helicopters & had attended the meeting which was filmed.

We were all in shock, it was so unbelievable that we all saw her on the day and at the time of her passing, exactly one year later. As the news ended, the phone rang and it was my dad. He had been at his home watching the news too. “Did you see her?” he asked. “I think she was giving us all a wave”. I like to think maybe she was … or was it just an amazing coincidence?

Tangerine Tue 02-Mar-21 18:32:52

I am afraid I think it was a coincidence but, if it gave you comfort, I am pleased for you.

It must certainly be a talking point.

MissAdventure Tue 02-Mar-21 18:34:19

Right here on gransnet. smile

paddyanne Tue 02-Mar-21 19:35:56

I was at a training course 300 miles from home with a young man I had never met .During the course of the first evening we chatted about where we came from and he told me he was raised in the area where my Dad grew up .Turned out he was my dad s cousins son ,they had lost touch years before when we moved out of the city .We called my dad and his mum and they got back in touch .They were delighted to have found each other again

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 02-Mar-21 20:25:06

They say that there is no such thing as a coincidence.........

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 02-Mar-21 20:26:56

PS cue spooky music.
I’m so pleased that you saw your Mum again though Gwen it must have been lovely. Recently someone posted a photo of my Mum on our Village page on FBook it was so lovely to see her so happy in a photo that I had never seen before.

Gwen45 Tue 02-Mar-21 22:22:19

That was quite something paddyanne, to meet a stranger on a course miles from home who's your dads cousins son! I'm always intrigued by all the things that need to happen to create an amazing coincidence! What a nice surprise for you oopsadaisy1 to have seen your mum in happy photo on FB. Ever since my mum appeared on the tv that time, I have looked out for her every March 10th since, but she hasn't done any more tricks like that!

jusnoneed Wed 03-Mar-21 09:05:05

About 10 years ago my son went for an interview in Exeter, he was sat on a wall outside waiting for the place to open and another lad and his father also sat there. They got chatting, the dad asked where my boy had travelled from. When he said the chap said he knew the town as he used to live here he asked what was the surname (an unusual one) and of course he knew my OH and it turned out he'd lived about 300 yards down the road! It's a small world.

Coincidently Gwen my son now works at Leonardo Helicopters, which was Westland Helicopters!

Anniebach Wed 03-Mar-21 09:18:29

4 months after my husband died my parents took my daughters and me for a holiday at the coast.

One evening I was walking alone on the Quay feeling so unhappy etc. Suddenly a small boy ran past me, I heard shouts, grabbed the child , his parents caught up, his mother
wrapped her arms around him, his name was that of my dead husband

PamelaJ1 Wed 03-Mar-21 09:40:57

We joined a queue for Madam Taussauds in London just behind a school friend. We went to school in HK.

Another time we were watching the news about fires in NSW and they were on the beach interviewing my DD’s sister in law who was holding her new baby. It was lovely, before Skype etc. So we had a great view of the new arrival.
I did wonder why her husband wasn’t helping my DD and her husband keep the roof of the in laws house wet.🤔

Gwen45 Thu 04-Mar-21 15:34:02

It's been really interesting reading about other people's amazing coincidences! Thanks so much for sharing them. What a coincidence jusnoneed that your son works for the helicopter company! Anniebach, I found your story of catching the runaway child very heartwarming. And am so pleased pamela that you saw the new baby on the news. With skype not yet invented, it must have been very exciting!

Littleannie Thu 04-Mar-21 15:46:44

Some years ago I left a job, thinking that the grass was greener elsewhere. A few months later I said to my husband "I wish I hadn't left that job". As I said it the phone rang. It was my old boss asking me if I wanted to come back.
Many years ago I was lying in a hospital bed waiting to go down to theatre for a major operation. I was very nervous, and picked the newspaper up to take my mind off it. It fell open at the horoscopes which I never normally read. My horoscope for the day said "your life will be in other peoples' hands today".

AGAA4 Thu 04-Mar-21 16:43:56

Is it a coincidence that when you are thinking of someone they ring or text? This happens to me quite a lot.

Aveline Thu 04-Mar-21 17:00:57

Me too AGAA4

25Avalon Thu 04-Mar-21 17:04:23

The brightest girl in school turned up where I worked 200 miles away to take over my job as I was leaving for promotion. I never thought that 10 years after I left school she would take my leavings.

bikergran Thu 04-Mar-21 18:42:27

There is called coincidences cant just rem the title. My dd bought it for me many years ago. It made the hair stand on end with some of the stories, well worth a read.

I lent it out and never got it back!