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Burgled while we were at home

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lincolnimp Wed 03-Mar-21 04:13:54

The audacity.
This evening I was in a Zoom group meeting, in the dining room at the front of the house, with the light on and the door shut
DH, who is extremely hard of hearing, was in the extension room beyond the kitchen, with the tv subtitles on and sorting yet another removsl box.
I heard noises upstairs, and presumed that he had gone up to do some much needed sorting up thrte..

Oh no, some 'opportunistic delughtful'person/s had come down our drive, and taken advantage of the fact thst I had inadvertently failed to lock the front door before setling down for the evening.
Thry had gained entry via our outer porch door, and our front door.
Removed money and cards from my bag which was in the sitting room and ransacked cupboards and drawers upstairs.
They not only took all our jewellery,, much with resl sentimental value, but also the contents of my kerpsake box which has virtually monetary value at all
Pillow case taken from our bed, presumably to carry away their swag.
Still discovering missing items

The police wre excellent.
Bank cards stopped.
Phone call to insurers first thing tomortow morning

freedomfromthepast Wed 03-Mar-21 04:17:40

How horrible and scary! I cant begin to imagine.

I hope that the police find the sentimental items dumped somewhere and return them to you.

FannyCornforth Wed 03-Mar-21 04:41:57

Oh that is absolutely dreadful.
Especially that they have taken such personal stuff. The utter scumbag.
I really hope that you and your husband are coping okay.
It must be such an awful, awful shock.
I really hope that you get your jewellery and other things back

Grandma70s Wed 03-Mar-21 06:21:44

I had a similar experience in March 2006. I was in bed, very early, about 7.30, looking at my laptop.. I heard noises, but it was a very noisy windy night so there were quite a lot of unusual sounds. I got up and looked around, could see nothing amiss. Went downstairs and looked round, still nothing. Went back upstairs, the laptop had gone and cash from my handbag. The window in the spare room had been forced. No sign, thank heavens, of the burglar. I dressed hastily and went over the road to a neighbour who phoned the police.

It was very, very scary. The police were very nice, though nobody was caught. Extraordinarily, the burglar ignored my credit cards which were in my handbag with the cash they took. Nothing else was taken, so I was lucky really.

Calendargirl Wed 03-Mar-21 07:08:20

How awful.

I tend to lock my door at all times, even when in the kitchen in daytime. Also check it a few times in the evening, although I know it’s locked!

I do hope you get your things back.

Jaxjacky Wed 03-Mar-21 07:12:11

lincolnlimp what a horrible experience, opportunistic towrag(s). You must have been shaken up, I really hope your keepsakes and jewellery turn up, hopefully it’s been dumped locally and will be found. Just a thought, if it’s bin day, check yours and neighbours bins. Hoping today is a gentle day for you both.

dogsmother Wed 03-Mar-21 07:14:40

So dreadfully sorry for you.
Must be a shake you up and make you pretty angry too.

mumofmadboys Wed 03-Mar-21 07:15:32

Very sorry to hear this. Good though that neither of you disturbed him as he may have caused physical injury. It must be very unsettling to put it mildly. Take care.

M0nica Wed 03-Mar-21 07:29:54

lincolnimp How dreadful, flowers. We have had several break-ins over the years, but never when we were in the house, that to me would be the worst of all

Ashcombe Wed 03-Mar-21 07:33:52

How horrid for you and so unsettling for you both! I am so sorry to hear this has happened. The one good thing is that you and DH have not been physically harmed. However, I appreciate that it will take a while for you to feel relaxed in your home.

I hope all the aftermath with insurance claims, etc goes smoothly and you are able to move on. Perhaps it would be worth asking someone from the police to review your security.

Wishing you brighter days ahead. 💐☀️🌅

grandmajet Wed 03-Mar-21 07:37:38

How awful for you. The loss of things of purely sentimental value is horrible. Anything else can be replaced.
I hope you’re feeling better today, not too shaken up; this can happen to anyone.
The pillow case thing is interesting - we were burgled years ago and they took one of our pillow cases too.
I hope you get at least some of your things back.

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 03-Mar-21 07:43:09

So sorry to hear this.
At least you know that they got in through an unlocked door and didn’t force their way in and you are both safe. Small comfort I know, hope that your Insurance Company will be swift in their dealings with you.

Luckygirl Wed 03-Mar-21 08:04:53

I am very sorry to hear this - what a nerve they have - I can never imagine how they do these things - I would be a jibbering wreck just thinking about doing it!

I hope that you can put this behind you - I know how unsettling it must be.

Urmstongran Wed 03-Mar-21 08:14:54

How awful for you. It must have been such a shock. I hope the insurance company pay out - they might quibble as the door was on the latch. They are a business and exist to make money, taking premiums and not so great at settling claims sometimes.

Sunlover Wed 03-Mar-21 08:14:56

Sorry to hear this has happened to you. It’s happened to us twice. Once during the day when we were downstairs watching TV. My daughter was in her bedroom. Thank goodness she didn’t come out and see him. Second time we were asleep in bed.
Although we were covered by insurance some things are impossible to replace because of sentimental value. The first time they stole my child allowance cash which I had saved up to but new school coats for the four children and my grandmothers engagement ring. The second time they stole various laptops, cameras and half a dozen bottles of champagne!!

V3ra Wed 03-Mar-21 08:19:33

That's truly awful, I'm so sorry for you. Sheer brass neck when you're in the house.

A couple I know were burgled and the thieves took their duvet to wrap stuff in! It was later found dumped nearby.

Witzend Wed 03-Mar-21 08:29:50

So sorry, that is beyond horrible. 💐

We were once burgled while asleep upstairs - I’m afraid to say I think we must have left the French doors to the garden unlocked, since there was no sign of a break in.
We’re much more careful now.
You just don’t expect to have to lock up while you’re there in the daytime, though.
Maybe a re-think is overdue....

sodapop Wed 03-Mar-21 08:49:37

That's awful Lincolnimp I'm sorry this happened to you, the sheer audacity is beyond belief. As momb said its just as well you didn't investigate otherwise you could have been hurt.
Take care now thanks

baubles Wed 03-Mar-21 08:58:38

B*stards! It’s the complete disregard for your feelings of shock and loss that makes me furious. I hope the insurance company is efficient and that you recover from the horrible experience quickly.

Dorsetcupcake61 Wed 03-Mar-21 09:00:50

Absolutely horrible thing to happen. I must admit many years ago I remember reading a lot of burglaries were opportunist. Often it's those busy times of day when may be busy doing morning chores and may have left back door unlocked for example. I'm very lucky in that I live in a small close and anyone out the ordinary be noticed. Despite that I always keep doors locked even if sitting in lounge during day! Wishing you all the best.

Septimia Wed 03-Mar-21 09:06:57

It's horrible. It happened to us when I was in my teens - someone creeping around downstairs while we were asleep in bed. My dad then put locks on the sash windows (all too easy to open!) and put bolts/locks on the interior doors. We made sure they were fastened when we went out or to bed. That made it harder for anyone who might get in to move around the house.

tickingbird Wed 03-Mar-21 09:11:21

That’s terrible and very scary to think they were in your home whilst you were in. I always keep my doors locked even during the day.

gt66 Wed 03-Mar-21 09:17:34

What a terrible thing to experience and no you can never be too careful, as it's clear opportunists are wandering around, just looking for the right moment.

I live in a quiet cul de sac, but a couple of years ago someone a few doors down was burgled. The thief appeared to walk down a neighbours drive, but went through her unlocked gate, while the owner was gardening in her front garden!

Esspee Wed 03-Mar-21 09:19:52

That’s a horrible thing to happen. Do you think your insurance company will look at a claim where there has been no forced entry?

Georgesgran Wed 03-Mar-21 09:24:52

I had a similar experience - they used a cane to poke through the cat flap and unhook the back door key and made off with my DD2s Motability Polo. The first car she’d had from them and we’d forked our for a load of extras - including fancy wheels to make it special. We think the scum must have followed her home as we are quite secluded. The car was found the next day with the wheels missing - but it was her lifeline and had I caught them I dread to think what I’d have done!!

They took some jewellery including my Mothers engagement ring but we never saw that again and the Insurance Company sent out an Assessor!! Changed provider after that!!