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Dewenaco Tue 16-Mar-21 15:33:50

Has anyone got any advice on PMR? Was diagnosed last March and still really struggling. Steroids have been increased three times now after trying to reduce them but 10mg just don’t seem to be working and may have to increase them more again. I started at 30mg and felt so much better but just feel so ill again. The pain in my neck and shoulders are getting me down. Having to take regular ibuprofen or co-codamol to get a little relief. Sit with a hot water bottle most of the day. Fatigue crippling too. I have an auto immune liver disease disease and fibromyalgia too which are usually pretty much controlled but the PMR is in another league. I am now 62 years old and was always active before the fibromyalgia was diagnosed. Over time I learned to live with it and pace myself. I am getting so depressed and wonder if I will ever get my life back.

Blossoming Tue 16-Mar-21 15:41:04

I’m so sorry you’re suffering like this, I’m afraid I don’t have any advice to offer.

BlueBelle Tue 16-Mar-21 15:50:15

I don’t know what PMR is ?

Charleygirl5 Tue 16-Mar-21 15:54:04

Neither do I- it is not a known abbreviation.

Shinamae Tue 16-Mar-21 15:56:28

Nor me

FannyCornforth Tue 16-Mar-21 16:08:00

I don't either

EllanVannin Tue 16-Mar-21 16:09:22

Polymyalgia ?

FannyCornforth Tue 16-Mar-21 16:09:37

Polymyalgia Rheumatica?

Mollygo Tue 16-Mar-21 16:11:34

Polymyalgic Rheumatica. My Nana suffered from it quite badly.

TrendyNannie6 Tue 16-Mar-21 16:12:31

Polymyalgia Rheumatica

TrendyNannie6 Tue 16-Mar-21 16:13:08

I had to google it though

Charleygirl5 Tue 16-Mar-21 16:13:44

PMR is not a known abbreviation for it if Polymyalgia Rheumatica is the illness.

Sago Tue 16-Mar-21 18:38:12

A good friend had it.
I recommended my acupuncturist and she had good results.

shysal Wed 17-Mar-21 07:46:24

I had PMR (which is the recognised abbreviation smile) a few years ago. It can be pretty miserable and yours is complicated by the other conditions. One good thing is that it should burn itself out after a year or two. Mine went away only to be replaced by rheumatoid arthritis, which will be with me for lifesad! These autoimmune diseases are a pain! I too took regular ibuprofen, but my monthly blood tests showed that they were harming my liver, so I then switched to paracetamol which were less effective. I hope you are having regular blood tests too.
A book was recommended to me by Nankate, but I can't find it to photograph. Perhaps she will join this thread and give you the title.
I hope you find some relief soon.

sylla12 Wed 12-May-21 11:44:48

I am new to Gransnet my first post... two days after my second Astra Zenica vacine , I started to feel tired and then the pains started, just terrible and I was about to move house to be near my son and have moved in with him as my new house is not ready yet, how I got through those two days moving I don't know ,, I took panadol extra and I think adrenalin must have taken over , and I got through .. the pain is un bearable , and I have registered with the new surgery .. I had a phone call from a doctor and blood tests were taken , she said I had very mild signs of Under active thyroid, she wouldn't let me ask questions , did I want the meds or should she cancel them,, I took the meds but just got worse , so asked for another opinion,, this time a really nice doctor ,, and more blood tests , which showed inflamation of my muscles,, and put on codeine ,, still got worse , so a paramed came to the house and took more bloods etc ,, and now I have Polymyalgia and just started the steriods today for 3 weeks , and here we are full of pain ! was it the covid jab that set it all off or just coincidence ..,,, I have reported it to the AZ help line , but that was before I was diagnosed with PMR , I will phone them again with the up date !

FannyCornforth Wed 12-May-21 11:56:15

Hello sylla, and welcome to Gransnet.
I'm sorry to hear that you are so poorly and in so much pain.
In order to get support and advice, it is best to start your own thread.
Click on 'forums' at the top; then choose 'health' or 'coronavirus' from the list; and then click on 'start thread' at the bottom.
Best wishes to you.