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Noisy neighbours.

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Lilypops Fri 23-Apr-21 23:35:26

Advice is needed please on noisy neighbours. They moved in next door a month ago , since then we hear them rowing between themselves and the children. The wife just seems to scream and rant , the kids answer back yelling, that sets of their two yappy dogs,
They are in their garden quite late at night in their hot tub , making a lot of noise,
I don’t want to come over as those grumpy old neighbours next door, but in 50 years of living in our house, we have never known anything like this, We dread to think what the coming Summer months will be like when they are all out in force.
Our garden wall is directly joined to theirs so we are up close to them. We don’t see much of them, but we certainly hear them , it’s upsetting us a lot , we don’t know how to handle this and certainly don’t want to fall out with them. We would rather be on friendly terms. Any advice on handling this situation please ,

Savvy Sat 24-Apr-21 02:25:21

If the children are young, I'd be tempted to call social services. It's certainly not a good environment to raise children in and you could report it anonymously.

If they own the house, you can report it to environmental health, if they rent, then a call to the landlord/letting agent is needed.

Either way, you can't be the only ones who hear them, especially if they are in the garden.

Notinthemanual Sat 24-Apr-21 03:38:02

I think I would take a bunch of flowers to welcome them to the neighbourhood and politely let them know how much sound travels between the houses. They might be oblivious to how noisy they are, but they probably won't like the idea of you being able to hear their arguments.

I think people tend to respond better if they see a benefit to them.

If it persists, you could report them as Savvy suggested. Joining forces with other neighbours will carry more weight and limit the chances of feud starting.

nanna8 Sat 24-Apr-21 04:25:10

Oh that’s 😞 awful. We have had it in a minor way with a young neighbour who likes to manufacture metal objects in the back garden. In the end we went and told him how the hammering echoed up into our house. We agreed on timeframes so he could do it whilst we were out and that really worked. No one wants to fall out with immediate neighbours but maybe if you got them to warn you when they are likely to have late night spa sessions? Probably they don’t even realise how loud they are. Really hope it improves for you.

Lilypops Sat 24-Apr-21 06:25:36

Notinthemanual, I did take a bottle of wine and a card , saying welcome and I hope you will be happy in your home as we have ,, the husband took it and thanked me, his wife didn’t come to the door, and she hadn’t been around at all to thank us and to say Hi , so I suppose that didn’t bode well , I feel so upset that they moved in with all this, Our peaceful existence in our home of over 50 years has gone ,

Charleygirl5 Sat 24-Apr-21 06:38:47

We are having similar problems but it is the adult children and their friends. The parents live there too but God knows where they are. We are fortunate because their house is rented.

The estate agent told me and friends who live in the other house next to them to make a note of dates and times and roughly what they are doing ie 4 of them, an hour in the garden at 2 am talking with loud voices.

If the house is rented, do not get the estate agents doing what they did here- wrote a letter to them explaining who had made the complaint and as I am supposedly the weakest and elderly I had them knocking on my door and giving me a lot of abuse, this was the controlling boyfriend and his girlfriend. They soon realised I was not meek and mild and could stand up for myself!

If you need to ring the police, ask them not to come with blue lights flashing because the family will be innocently watching TV at whatever hour it happens.
Good luck.

Notinthemanual Sat 24-Apr-21 06:52:21

Lilypops Ah, I should've asked rather than suggested. Sorry. I think you are getting better advice coming through now.

Lilypops Sat 24-Apr-21 06:57:59

Nanna8. Thankyou, I am tempted when I do see either of the neighbours to say in a joking way,,, Wow that was some argument going on last night, who won that one?? Said with a smile, Maybe they don’t realise we can hear every word through the walls , perhaps they would be shocked if they realised they can be heard.

Lilypops Sat 24-Apr-21 06:59:12

Notinthemanual,, That’s ok. All advice and thoughts are appreciated, Thankyou

Calendargirl Sat 24-Apr-21 07:01:33

I have no answer, I’m sorry, but I feel for you. It must be awful after so many contented years in your home, to have such thoughtless neighbours.

I hope a solution is found.

Charleygirl5 Sat 24-Apr-21 07:30:41

Lilypops my friend on the other side of this noisy lot managed to record through the wall when they were screaming at each other. He also took note of the time the racket started. If you cannot do that, and you can hear clearly, take note of the time and the subject of "discussion" as you said they may be shocked when you can tell them what you have heard and modify the tone.

Lilypops Sat 24-Apr-21 09:02:07

Charley girl that’s a great idea. I will record their “rows” next time it kicks off. Then present them with the evidence. And a smile of course!!!

Lilypops Sat 24-Apr-21 09:07:23

CalendarGirl Thankyou , it I s upsetting. I would hate to think about moving because of them. And there’s no guarantee a move would be a better one. I just hope it’s a settling in time for them , they have only been a month next door , but somehow I don’t think so,

gt66 Sat 24-Apr-21 09:07:28

Depending on how late it is that they are outside at night, making a noise, you may have cause to complain to Environmental Health at the local council.

Start keeping a note of times of day, date and levels of noise, so you have a record if you decide to complain. Perhaps you could record the noise on your phone?

Another idea is to write a note, pleasantly asking if they could please keep the noise down, as it's disturbing you. They may not like it, but it might make them more aware and hopefully tone it down.

Good luck!

AGAA4 Sat 24-Apr-21 16:28:54

A note saying " just thought I should let you know that we can hear every word when you argue and from the hot tub. Sound carries here and you must not be aware that people can hear you".

tarakate Mon 26-Apr-21 10:40:25

Anti-social behaviour. Call the council (not social services or police, the council will or should get those involved if they see fit) and make it clear that you do not want you to be named as the complainant. Best of luck x

Scullion52 Mon 26-Apr-21 10:40:58

People with expensive garden equipment .noisy practice aircraft dive bombing gardens too many noisy dogs,disco at night

Grannygrumps1 Mon 26-Apr-21 10:44:39

Are you just being fussy. Are they really that noisy. When I was a child my next door neighbour complained to my mother that I was noisy when I sat in the garden using a typewriter.

infoman Mon 26-Apr-21 10:46:02

We did have the same sort of problem,
can I suggest moving to another location,if you can afford it.
We moved into a small bungalow and it was like going from Hell to heaven

moggie57 Mon 26-Apr-21 10:48:55

I WOULD offer friendship first. welcome to the area , and say you do realise that noise travels a lot ,and though you enjoy hearing children play it is a bit over the top when you trying to have a rest in the afternoons and evenings . cut off time for noise is 11pm ..and 7am .. if you still worried contact enviromental people and social care and see if they can help., you i have noisy neighbours who think its ok to scream on her phone 24/7 on loud speaker and slam doors . i am still on anxiety tablets and hoping to move . but why should i move when its them who makes the noise ,been here 35 years . but now cant wait to get out .

Missiseff Mon 26-Apr-21 10:49:15

Oo, I wouldn't record them, it's illegal to record others without their permission!

Rainbowwitch1 Mon 26-Apr-21 10:53:52

Sorry to hear of your situation, we had similar problems for years (screaming, arguing, slamming doors, late night loud tv/games noise .....) We got onto council, we had to make a diary of times and day (all times, every day) we went through mediation, she got loads of help (we got none) every time we complained it went quiet for a week, then just start up again. In the end, we moved to a detached house in a completely different area. Life is so much better and a lot more stress free.

I hope you can get it sorted out without drastic measure of moving - good luck x

SparklyGrandma Mon 26-Apr-21 11:01:57

I used to have neighbours like this, they had a large piano in their front room and would have informal parties on a school night, singing and banging way past 1 am. My neighbour the other side started work each day at 5am in the City, so it disturbed her sleep. She would sometimes come out and bang on their door.
Personally, I would bang on the wall perhaps every 3rd gathering of theirs. Within 15 minutes, the music stopped.

Jess20 Mon 26-Apr-21 11:04:09

We had nextdoor but one neighbours like that a few years ago whaen we lived in a street with big gardens but on getting to know them, and like them, it seemed to be just the way they interacted and nothing agressive about it, we relabelled them as OK and the noise didn't seem so bad as we felt positive about them (but oh dear the volume of the rows! years later still a hilarious local talking point!) However, our new downstairs neighbours in a block of flats also scream and shout and slam doors, plus very loud music sometimes to 5am, and it's less easy cope with. I have asked them to turn it down and tbh they have, so perhaps people don't always know how they come over. Nevertheless I'm not particularly hopeful of it lasting and have huge sympathy for you OP. As people say, make a note of times, type and duration of noise, after 11pm they do need to be considerate to neighbours and I'm sure if a few of you got together you could approach environmental health at the council or something. Not sure if they will help but they should do and probably have a policy on neighbourhood noise that would address this. Good luck X

Gelisajams Mon 26-Apr-21 11:04:54

I haven’t any advice but just to say how I sympathise. We are surrounded by by noisy neighbours who seem to think that their outdoor speakers are a good idea. BBQ’S with noisy drunken behaviour - just no consideration for others. The occasional party fair enough but on a regular basis into the early hours is totally unacceptable!