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Lazy use of language

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Smurf52 Sat 01-May-21 18:16:44

I've noticed more and more that people on TV and even Boris pronounce the word "to" as "ter" as in You're welcome ter come in. Has anyone else noticed this?

SueDonim Sat 01-May-21 21:04:19


Language changes, though, otherwise we’d all be speaking Shakespearean English.

Mapleleaf Sat 01-May-21 21:20:47

Even Chaucerian English, Sue or perhaps old English 😁.

Language will always evolve.

I think, also, that accents are heard much more on tv, with, sometimes, exaggerated pronunciations, rather than the Standard English that was once the only accent allowed.

Mapleleaf Sat 01-May-21 21:23:29

I correct myself Standard English is a dialect.

Mapleleaf Sat 01-May-21 21:26:23

Received Pronunciation is an accent. Sorry for the mix up!

grandtanteJE65 Sun 02-May-21 11:15:36

"to" has been pronounced as "ter" by many people in the west of Scotland as long as I can remember.

(Coming up to 70).

SueDonim Sun 02-May-21 14:12:57

grin at Chaucerian, Mapleleaf!

EllanVannin Sun 02-May-21 14:19:51

"Gonna" is a half-cocked use of the English language, said by many.
You'll probably find yourselves listening out for it grin

Floradora9 Sun 02-May-21 16:23:21

"Gonae nae do that " is a popular saying in Scotland .

Grandmajean Sun 02-May-21 17:27:44

Accents are great - I have a Scottish one though have lived very happily in England for over forty years. What I really don't like is poor grammar and lazy speech. Pet hate is "could of" instead of "could have" - retired teacher in me coming out !

LullyDully Sun 02-May-21 18:46:37

Speech does evolve as has been said. When we speak quickly words can loose precision. We no longer talk in the clipped way they did in the 30s. Language is basically for communication and understanding.