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Frizzy hair

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Samiejb Sun 02-May-21 11:02:32

Has anyone out of nowhere suddenly developed frizzy/curly hair. I don’t know what to do with it - cut the frizzy bit off and the next bit goes frizzy. Tried conditioning, but that doesn’t help in the slightest . Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

Blossoming Sun 02-May-21 16:20:59

Have you tried using Frizzease or a similar product? My hair is generally poker straight, but lockdown has made it drier.

Samiejb Mon 03-May-21 10:45:46

Thank you blossoming, have to give it a go. Me too, straight as you like. To think I always wanted curly hair and now after a couple of months of this, I’ve had enough

mrsgreenfingers56 Mon 03-May-21 10:48:08

Try Ultra sleek treatment serum by Avon. It is brilliant and soothes frizzy hair and only about £4.50p per bottle.

Samiejb Mon 03-May-21 10:53:19

Thank you Mrsgreenfingers - that’ll go on my to get list

RubabAyesha Thu 06-May-21 05:43:52

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FannyCornforth Thu 06-May-21 05:49:39


shysal Thu 06-May-21 08:57:12

Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner works for me. Only a tiny amount is used at a time so I have had my salon-sized bottle for a couple of years!