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jeanrobinson Mon 10-May-21 12:51:22

My kind son visited me yesterday bringing, as always, a mixed bunch of flowers from the florist - an incongruous mix of types and colours. I thanked him, put them in a vase, and have since separated them into a number of smaller vases. Why are
florists' mixed bunches so horrid?

B9exchange Mon 10-May-21 16:51:53

I guess it is a matter of taste, they must be using the most popular combinations!

Perhaps mention to DS that you are so grateful for the bouquet, that your favourite flowers/colours are such and such and perhaps he could preorder the next one?

I do find with the average male family member, that specific instructions are probably needed re gifts!

Namsnanny Mon 10-May-21 17:11:10

What were the flowers and colours jeanrobinson?

Judy54 Tue 11-May-21 16:45:02

I have not had that experience jeanrobinson of receiving a mixed bunch of horrid flowers from a Florist. Yes it was kind of your Son and that is the spirit in which I would receive them. A gift is a gift even if it is not always to our taste.

Ilovecheese Tue 11-May-21 17:26:17

I secretly agree with you jeanrobinson

J52 Tue 11-May-21 17:56:42

I always thought mixed bunches are made up of the odd left overs. Recently this was confirmed by someone who used to work in a florist.
I also hate it when they’re padded out with twiggy leaves.

glammanana Tue 11-May-21 18:06:56

It must have been a rather large bouquet if you where able to fill a few smaller vases.there must be many ladies who would love to be given flowers what ever the variety.