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Elkiee Thu 20-May-21 13:39:48

Don’t want to make a fuss at work but this is bugging me. Work for school with probably 3 days off in 8 years. I was ill yesterday so called in sick. Colleague also off as had a sick child. She will get paid as you get paid if yr looking after sick child but I won’t. Checked out contracts and no mention of sick child just “no pay for first 2days of illness”. Discrimination? I have no children so couldn’t pretend they were ill if I wanted to!

V3ra Thu 20-May-21 14:11:46

That definitely sounds unfair.
Apart from anything else, who's going to check that her child is actually the one that's ill anyway?
I think you're quite entitled to feel annoyed 😕

Blossoming Thu 20-May-21 14:18:23

Everyone is entitled to time off to look after a sick child, but whether or not it’s paid is up to the employer. You don’t get any SSP for the first 3 days, I wonder if that’s why your employer has decided to do that?

Anyway, unfair as it may seem, it’s not breaking any employment law.

keepingquiet Thu 20-May-21 14:29:21

I understand all employees are entitled to a certain number of 'compassion' days. When I worked in a school this covered bereavement/and or any other life event at Head's/governers' discretion. It could also include child care. I think it was five days in an academic year.
I hope you feel better soon.