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Women's urinal - eek!

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Chestnut Sat 05-Jun-21 18:48:59

Well would you use this?
Here are the details:
Women's Urinal

cornishpatsy Sat 05-Jun-21 18:54:35

I think it is a great idea for festivals and anywhere there are large crowds, there is still the option of cubicles.

Anyone that has been to Glastonbury will appreciate this.

Grannynannywanny Sat 05-Jun-21 19:06:32

I have a question. I’ve seen news footage of tractors being used at festivals to tow cars out of the mud. Could I be thrown a rope and hauled back onto my feet after using it please? 🚜 🚽

BlueBelle Sat 05-Jun-21 19:07:34

Perfect for crowded places I would have no problem using it for a pee much better than standing for ages with a never ending queue of people in the women’s queue while the men all pop in and out
I had a hole in the floor in my house for three years when I lived inMalaysia this looks better than that

FannyCornforth Sat 05-Jun-21 19:15:49

It's a brilliant idea.

EllanVannin Sat 05-Jun-21 19:18:39

Looks like a bedpan unless it's the eyesight.
Who can comfortably crouch down ? Then get back up again without wearing the contents.
Where's the chain ?

Juliet27 Sat 05-Jun-21 19:30:34

Could we have it in magnolia?!

Maggiemaybe Sat 05-Jun-21 19:36:54

They'll be great at the start of the day if you've got decent balance and aim (that's me out then), but I have bad memories of squat toilets once they're sitting in a pool of other people's wee and, even worse in some countries, spit, and you're slipping around in it in your flip flops. envy Though if there's still a choice of a standard loo and it cuts the waiting time down, they'd be worth a try.

Talullah Sat 05-Jun-21 19:38:39


JaneJudge Sat 05-Jun-21 19:41:21

it just reminded me of many toilet dreams

Blossoming Sat 05-Jun-21 19:42:47

Not for me, I need to use an accessible toilet.

SueDonim Sat 05-Jun-21 20:03:05

Lord, that’s reminiscent of the kind of nightmares I have about toilets! 👀

I’ve spent far too much time in squat toilets to ever want to use them again. grin. It’s great for those who are happy to use them, though!

grannyactivist Sat 05-Jun-21 20:11:44

Getting into a crouch may be just about doable, but I fear I’d never get up again! 🤪

ginny Sat 05-Jun-21 20:25:44

I don’t really understand how it saves time. Wouldn’t you have to remove your under garments to use it ?
They say nothing can be seen below the waist , but surely other women in the other compartments can see you when they are standing up.
Maybe I’m not understanding properly.

Amberone Sat 05-Jun-21 20:39:08

Doesn't it ever rain at festivals? Although even that has a silver lining in that it would keep the floor cleaner than most loos

Beckett Sat 05-Jun-21 20:39:58

I am sure the young and fit will be happy to use them - I do have concerns about the low walls - wouldn't it easy for people (men) to look over them?

Jaxjacky Sat 05-Jun-21 21:12:11

Hand rail to help up please, Grannynannywanny! Otherwise, no problem as long as your fit, able with no issues. Looks like the trivial pursuit cheese.

Chestnut Sat 05-Jun-21 23:19:26

It's not clear from the pictures just how high the outside wall is. It must be 6ft 6ins otherwise men could see over!
I'm sure younger women could manage easily but many older women would need a handrail for support.
And no toilet paper!
I guess it has its place but not suitable for everyone or in the rain. Can you imagine the mud you'd have to slither through at a rainy festival!

Grannynannywanny Sat 05-Jun-21 23:29:07

It casts my mind back 60 odd years to infant school when there were only half doors in the toilets. I can remember the anxiety of trying to perform knowing the next person in the queue could see over the door!

Sparklefizz Sun 06-Jun-21 08:36:35

It's a no from me! No toilet paper, no handwashing facilities, no privacy, you would have to remove all lower clothing, the floor would be filthy .... NO !!

Lovetopaint037 Sun 06-Jun-21 08:43:20


it just reminded me of many toilet dreams

Oh! Yes. Those one where you are desperate but everyone has something wrong with it or is filthy. Thank goodness I am too old for festivals.

FannyCornforth Sun 06-Jun-21 08:45:45

Yes - what is it with those filthy toilet dreams?

Katie59 Sun 06-Jun-21 08:53:56

Open top long drop loos are common at festival and a good deal nicer than enclosed badly maintained alternatives. Maybe refined with an automatic flush would suit a great many who just want to get on with it.

I do remember stopping for a loo in India, it was really disgusting so it was find a bush, men to the left, women to the right. It surprised me how easily we accepted that as routine.

hamster58 Sun 06-Jun-21 09:02:47

I was amazed reading this how many-like me-have toilet dreams!! I used to have them a lot, desperately looking for a loo only to find it was open to everyone else too, so not able to use it. I don’t have them so much these days, but I’d love to know the significance if lots of us get them. As for that one, irrespective of a dream, I need cleanliness and privacy-but then I would be st a festival in the first place!!

Sparklefizz Sun 06-Jun-21 09:04:19

The old pissoirs in France were a nightmare.... filthy, stinking, yuk!