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A lovely true story to start my day

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geeljay Tue 16-Nov-21 17:38:46

My sister and I had a short break at Pontins, last weekend. As we were preparing to leave , Monday morning, a couple in their 50s were embracing and sharing a kiss. I said that looks a nice way to start your day. The man explained "When I was 7, my parents emigrated to America. Recently, 40 years on, he had returned to visit a relative. In doing so, he was delighted to bump into his childhood sweetheart. So he married her two weeks ago. They were on a short break honeymoon, Much in love. Now going over to America to spend the rest of their lives, together.

geeljay Tue 16-Nov-21 17:40:18

Just thought I would share this with you.So there is hope for us old widows, still!

62Granny Tue 16-Nov-21 17:42:57

What a lovely story, hope it works out for them both💗

Juicylucy Wed 17-Nov-21 11:26:15

How lovely.
I must admit when I first read it my thoughts jumped to they are having an affair and it was a sneaky weekend away. But so glad it’s a happy time for them both and a happy ending.

Blossoming Wed 17-Nov-21 11:27:45

That is lovely, thank you smile

Theoddbird Wed 17-Nov-21 11:31:40

How lovely. It made me smile...

Susiewakie Wed 17-Nov-21 11:36:30

How romantic they were meant to be together then

sweetcakes Wed 17-Nov-21 11:38:45

Owwww how sweet good luck to them ❤

Alioop Wed 17-Nov-21 11:43:55

Wow, how lovely is that. You just never know who can walk back into your life.

Calistemon Wed 17-Nov-21 11:57:56

How lovely ❤
I hope they have a happy future together.

Mind you, I don't think I liked any of the boys I knew when I was 7, although a couple of them did teach me how to swear. One locked me in the garden shed when he came to play and then went home. Mum didn't notice for ages as she thought we were playing happily at the end of the garden.

4allweknow Wed 17-Nov-21 12:37:28

Hope it all goes smoothly for them, seems so romantic. Just wonder how the lost love will meet all the Ametican immigration conditions though.

Grannybags Wed 17-Nov-21 12:42:11

How romantic

There was one boy I liked when I was 7. I used to slow down when playing kiss chase so he could catch me...!

Daisend1 Wed 17-Nov-21 13:11:56

4* or all we know.*
My very thoughts as US immigration are not the easiest to contend with ,been there hmm,so hopefully this experience will not take the shine off what will be a new life for these childhood sweethearts.

Growing0ldDisgracefully Wed 17-Nov-21 15:53:39

Lovely to hear such a positive story. Thanks for sharing.

seadragon Wed 17-Nov-21 16:18:05

I had a very loyal boyfriend, Graham, when I was 5 or 6 who waited , patiently, for 3 years for me to come back to Aberdeen from Malta where my dad was stationed with the RN. I moved to Lossiemouth after that but then returned when I was 10 to attend the same awful forbidding primary school where boys and girls were segregated and the pupils ostracised, led by the teacher(!) bullied me. Graham would keep me company every playtime, standing on the other side of the fence that divided us, when no-one else would play with me.... Graham told me years later and with great delight how he had told Mr Pirie about my honours degree in Russian Studies when he met him on a bus one day. Unfortunately, much as I valued his friendship, he was tiny whilst I was the tallest girl in any class...and my preference was for large hairy men... I have never forgotten him though...and remember him with great fondness.

langelei Wed 17-Nov-21 17:08:38

Just Love It! x grin

langelei Wed 17-Nov-21 17:09:25

The original post that is.

Jenn53 Wed 17-Nov-21 18:11:31

Thank you geeljay, love these lovely, romantic stories, so, so uplifting!

HurdyGurdy Wed 17-Nov-21 18:17:52

That's a lovely story. Really heart-warming.

Although a little bit of me did think "surely they could have managed somewhere better than Pontin for a honeymoon" grin

muse Wed 17-Nov-21 18:36:23

As you say never give up geeljay.

I was divorced but my thoughts, through a troubled 20 year marriage, were of the boy I knew prior to that when I was 18 and he was 19.

I finally walked away from the marriage and spent the next 20 years by myself then I met that boy again. The following year we married.

Happysexagenarian Wed 17-Nov-21 19:42:00

Aah! How lovely, I hope they'll have many happy years together.

Jenn53 Wed 17-Nov-21 19:45:24

Muse, that is really wonderful - you were meant to be together after all that time! Best wishes.

crazyH Wed 17-Nov-21 19:46:27

How lovely 🥰

Kim19 Wed 17-Nov-21 20:47:51

RAF guy and myself WRNS had a lovely five week fling whilst on demarkation leave. He to Germany, me to Malta. SEVEN years later I was with my lovely Mum in a big city and this guy passed on the other side of the street firmly wrapped around a lady. I knew I recognised him but couldn't remember where from. I turned and looked back and he was doing the same. Luckily he remembered more than I did and began to visit the places we frequented back then. Bingo! I duly turned up and the rest is history. Happenstance indeed.

Calistemon Wed 17-Nov-21 20:51:48

muse how lovely!!

And everyone else who found love the second time around.