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Body Shop, too many emails

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helgawills Sun 13-Mar-22 13:41:53

Hi, I've been a member of 'Love your Boy' for several years. I used to get a few emails, but recently they have increased massively. Today I had 10.
Frantically searching for unsubscribe link on one of them, finally found it hidden in some small print, not underneath text, like most others. Sadly no feedback box came up, so I sent a reply. Often they don't get through, though.
The Body Shop keeps harping on about it's environmental credentials, as far as I understand, every email, in transit and stored on a device, has an energy related carbon footprints.

Along with dozens of Ukraine related emails, asking for donations every day, I seem to spend all my online time deleting stuff. I have made a donation for Ukraine refugees, but I can't make dozens, I'm afraid. They just make me feel guilty.
How does anybody else feel?

helgawills Sun 13-Mar-22 13:44:12

As I thought, my reply could not be delivered.

Charleygirl5 Sun 13-Mar-22 14:22:18

I have made a financial donation to DEC and I agree, one cannot do that daily or even monthly.

Locally people want money as well as bedding and clothes- again, I can do no more.

PaperMonster Sun 13-Mar-22 17:59:38

I think Body Shop’s server has obviously had a glitch today. It happens.

PaperMonster Sun 13-Mar-22 18:08:32

In fact, you should have received an apology by now. By email grin

Blossoming Sun 13-Mar-22 19:04:01

I appreciate it was a typo, but I like the sound of ‘Love Your Boy’. Mr B may be only one year away from his state pension, but he’s still my boy and I love him smile

AreWeThereYet Sun 13-Mar-22 22:20:24

Every time we shop somewhere these days we seem to get asked for donations to one cause or another. There is no way that everyone can keep giving to every cause that comes up. I suppose it's a way that people who don't donate in any other way to charity can do so if they want without having to make any sort of effort. But it also puts pressure on people who can't afford it or don't want to give to that charity. I have stopped feeling guilty about saying no to people asking for money now, and just smile and say very loudly 'no thank you' whether they are in the street, at my door or behind a till. We like to do our donations privately to the charities we want to support.

helgawills Mon 14-Mar-22 13:12:17

Blossoming oops, never noticed

grandtanteJE65 Sat 19-Mar-22 14:55:15

Simply block the sender - that way you should not continue to receive mail for them.

There is no reason on earth why you should feel guilty every time an appeal for charity comes in. You have already denoted an amount you felt you could afford. No reasonable person can expect you to do more even although the need is appalling.

Giving what you feel you can afford is admirable - beggaring yourself is not going to help anyone at all, is it? I mean if you did, you would then have to ask others for help.

ElaineI Sat 19-Mar-22 23:58:22

If you can't find unsubscribe send it to junk mail. Eventually they will all be sent there and you can delete them - checking there are no important emails accidentally in junk. There is a way to use settings to make rules - e.g. not allow things with Body Shop but I'm not sure how to explain that.