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Greendress Sat 16-Apr-22 08:16:34

Does anyone have any advice on where to get rings cut off. My Wedding and Eternity rings are impossible to remove and my finger is becoming quite sore. Has anyone reading had rings cut off and can give me advice. Thank you.

Grandmabatty Sat 16-Apr-22 08:18:23

A reputable jewellers would do it and then be able to resize them maybe.

Baggs Sat 16-Apr-22 08:20:11

Check out this method of ring removal using sewing thread.

Baggs Sat 16-Apr-22 08:21:07

Or stiff ribbon

GrandmaTrisha Sat 16-Apr-22 08:46:41

I had my wedding ring cut off last year after a fall. A lady jeweller came to my home and it was painless. She resized the ring and returned it looking like new.
Any decent jeweller should be able to do this for you. Good luck.

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 16-Apr-22 08:53:44

Thanks for this thread , I’ve been thinking about having mine done, the last time my wedding ring was taken off was when I was pregnant with MzOops (everything swelled up) and she is 50 this year!
Needless to say my fingers have changed a bit over the years and I can’t budge it, but I was reluctant to have it cut off and not be able to wear it again.
Thread or ribbon definitely wouldn’t work.

Septimia Sat 16-Apr-22 08:55:20

I had the same problem with my wedding ring and used the method shown in the YouTube video that Baggs recommends. The method I saw used dental floss, which is probably easier than thread, but narrow ribbon should work, too. Anyway, it does work!

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 16-Apr-22 08:55:44

PS I have to add that when I got married I weighed less than 8 stone ( those were the days) as I am just a tad over that these days ( hmmm) the ring is firmly wedged.

Greendress Sat 16-Apr-22 08:59:06

Grandmabatty and GrandmaTrisha Thank you for your replies, I will go to a jeweller and have them resized .

Baggs Thanks I have tried dental floss and ribbon but didn't work (my finger joint is very swollen with arthritis).
Thanks again

Cabbie21 Sat 16-Apr-22 09:01:42

I had mine cut off at a jewellers. Wedding ring was fine, but engagement ring small stones fell out so it cost quite a bit to fix. I was warned this might happen.

Redhead56 Sat 16-Apr-22 09:09:36

Fire and rescue stations sounds bizarre but they did cut a ring off we used to send customers to the nearest station. Telephone your local station or go there it’s worth a try. Unless rules have changed because of health and safety or insurance a lot of jewellers won’t do it. It’s recommended if you have a ring removed to keep the hand free of rings for a couple of months.

Joseanne Sat 16-Apr-22 09:20:47

Yes, the fireman were great at removing a similar item stuck on a child's finger at school once. Don't ask!

Pepper59 Sat 16-Apr-22 09:26:01

Please do not phone your Fire and Rescue Service for this. They have more to do!

Joseanne Sat 16-Apr-22 09:28:45

Just in case it is suggested we were wasting the fireman's time, we had to take the child to the station with a whole 17 seater minibus attached to his finger! Needs must.

Greendress Sat 16-Apr-22 09:28:53

Redhead56 Joseanne Cabbie21
Thanks, I had wondered about trying the Fire Station. Will let you all know what happens.

mrsgreenfingers56 Sat 16-Apr-22 20:50:49

Instead of trying to pull the ring off, twist it gently with some oil on your finger. Put your finger in cold water first as cold as you can and this will make your skin shrink and then put the oil on then very gently start to twist the ring up the finger adding more oil.
It worked for me and I got my wedding ring off in one piece doing this. Good luck.

Coastpath Sat 16-Apr-22 20:56:56

Joseanne I know it probably wasn't funny at the time, but your minibus story made me roar with laughter.

crazyH Sat 16-Apr-22 20:58:20


Oldbat1 Sat 16-Apr-22 21:56:30

Minor injuries unit cut my wedding ring off due to swelling of my hand and fingers after a dog bite.

ginny Sat 16-Apr-22 22:05:41

I woke one night a few years ago with a very swollen hand. DH cut my ring off with a hacksaw shock Up until that time I had never taken my wedding ring off. I had the ring made bigger but now I rarely wear it.

Katyj Sun 17-Apr-22 07:42:03

Yes a small hacksaw would do it, a friend of ours cut mine off last year. What a relief it was, it had been on my finger 43 years. DH bought me a new one on our anniversary 🥰

silverlining48 Sun 17-Apr-22 07:49:02

My dh tried to remove his ring by cutting it. I rang the hospital and took to A &E, and they used the cotton trick. It hurt but it worked. Now we are left with a damaged ring which needs repair. They weren’t cross at all, his finger was turning blue and it needed doing.

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 17-Apr-22 08:10:34

I fell and hurt my shoulder a few years ago. By the time I got to the minor injuries unit, my ring finger was very swollen. The nurse tried to remove my wedding ring with soap, thread etc., and eventually used a small hacksaw thing. A few months later I took the ring to a local jeweller. He melted it down with more gold and made me a new ring. Chopped and reshaped!

BlueBelle Sun 17-Apr-22 08:12:20

Please don’t go to the fire station (unless you have a car attached to your finger) a jewellers shop is the go to place

Greendress Sun 17-Apr-22 08:14:07

Thank you everyone for your imput and ideas. I have tried every method known to man to remove it. Even sitting with my arm above my head in a glass of iced water to shrink the skin and reduce the swelling and then the dental floss/cotton method.However, it's the knuckle that is swollen - so it's not budging even with oil. So I shall be off to the jewellers on Tuesday as I am hoping to save the rings and have them resized. My wedding ring is very wide so there's not much room for manoeuvre.