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Brook bond tea cards

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ixion Sun 17-Apr-22 21:16:28

I guess you wouldn't have remembered the lovely tea-y smell that surrounded the packet, cards and stamps?
I always wanted to cut out the orange divvy stamps to stick them on the card, and would get in terrible trouble if I cut through to the tea itself. Then there was the challenge of trying to extricate the card before the packet was empty. Why it just wasn't shaken straight into the caddy, I've no idea!

grannyactivist Sun 17-Apr-22 21:09:21

When I was born there was no room for me in the cot occupied by my two year old sister, or the crib that my one year old brother slept in, so my grandmother allocated to me her ‘stamp’ drawer. This was the bottom drawer of a chest of drawers that housed her collection of empty Brooke Bond tea packets that were awaiting the cutting out of the dividend stamps on the side. She used to tell me about it when I was older with the rider that I ‘wasn’t much of a dividend’. 🤪

Callistemon21 Sun 17-Apr-22 20:53:29

They're somewhere in the depths of the attic - The Race into Space, Adventurers and Explorers etc.

We used to do swaps at school.

They're not worth much now, the values of these kind of collectables ebb and flow.

Septimia Sun 17-Apr-22 20:51:16

I have several sets - and the cigarette cards my dad collected in his youth.

ixion Sun 17-Apr-22 20:38:29

I loved them, especially the Butterflies and Wild Flowers sets.

And yes, I have every one of the collection (thank you Mum, sorry I always said you were a hoarder💐)🤫

MrsPickle Sun 17-Apr-22 20:30:30

I loved collecting these.
Exotic birds, wild flowers, British wild life etc.
I'm sure there were more. I wonder what happened to them?
Did you collect them?
Did you keep them?
Or like me, did they go in the bin confused?