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Tesco stopping letting customers have tray liners

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ElderlyPerson Mon 05-Apr-21 10:26:54

Tesco has decided to remove the option of having tray liners with online grocery deliveries. So no tray liners in the middle of a pandemic yet with social distance delivery.

I currently opt for tray liners and the delivery driver leaves the trays on the doorstep while I am at an upstairs window and when he or she has gone I go down and get the shopping in, using a number of reusable shopping bags bit by bit so that there is no great weight in each bag. The process takes about 20 minutes and is gentle exercise and I do not rush and as I am retired there is no need to bother about how long it takes. I get my food deliveries so I am content.

I am wondering just how this is going to work when there are no tray liners.

Is there anyone out there who is currently not opting for tray liners who can say what they do for delivery please?

Are there people out there who are currently opting for tray liners who are also now wondering how to cope with this change while the pandemic is still active?

henetha Mon 05-Apr-21 10:30:21

Yess, absolutely elderlyperson. I don't know how I will manage my click and collect now. The liners enabled me to
pack it into the car boot quickly, then drive to another part of the car park to bag it up. Now it's going to take me, and everyone, ages to pack it into the boot.
I do believe in cuttting down on plastic though, so maybe they could use paper or light cardboard liners?

Alexa Mon 05-Apr-21 10:32:15

I opt for tray liners because I imagine they help the driver to lift my stuff en bloc into my shopping trolleys that I leave outside the door for him. I am so thankful for this service I am willing to pay a little extra for any little thing that helps the driver.

I always re-use the tray liners for the kitchen waste bin.

Galaxy Mon 05-Apr-21 10:32:41

Are the other supermarkets doing the same my plan was to switch.

lavenderzen Mon 05-Apr-21 10:35:04

Yes, I had the message from Tescos. I have a home delivery once a fortnight and have done for a long time.

It is bad enough with tray liners but having to unload shopping into your own bags at the door with arthritis will be an impossibility. I have written to Tescos (not that it will make the slightest difference) and have cancelled my regular orders.

I will use Ocado in the future. They use bags and will give a refund on them when you return them to the driver.

I think they will lose a lot of customers.

Peasblossom Mon 05-Apr-21 10:40:19

It never occurred to me that I would have to unload my own shopping so I left some bags by the door and the driver has been unloading into those for over a year. I even stand and wave at him as he does it😱

MissChateline Mon 05-Apr-21 10:42:46

What on earth is a tray liner? Why is any of this palaver really needed......I despair .......
Our delivery chap brings the carrier bags to the door, has a chat with us, takes back recycling bags and leaves. Alternatively I also go to the co-op, do my shopping, check it out and bag it up whilst having a pleasant chat with staff in the shop. It is a smallish branch and they know everyone. Leave the store, whip my ghastly mask off and walk home.......
Do you know what.......I’m still living, I haven’t even had a cold and I remain totally sane.

ExD Mon 05-Apr-21 10:45:17

Same here Miss Chateline - never heard of a tray liner.

CleoPanda Mon 05-Apr-21 10:45:18

This seems an ill thought out plan. If plastic is the issue, surely they needed to have an alternative before ditching?
Considering that pre, during and post pandemic a huge majority of people opting for deliveries are elderly, disabled or not completely physically fit, this change is going to affect them the most?
Maybe they haven’t thought this through? Perhaps a 23 year old whizz kid decided it was a great idea?
I’ve often though that making your concerns visible to the general public is a good way to get your issue noticed more?
So Facebook, Twitter or any other social media can be a useful tool. Tesco may not like dozens of complaints on their public forums, whereas a private letter just gets filed?
At least they may realise there’s an issue snd explain what their plan for mitigation is.

Callistemon Mon 05-Apr-21 10:46:27

Ours has never arrived in tray liners.
We put bags by the door and unload from the crates into our bags.

They are single use plastic, aren't they? I applaud Tesco trying to reduce the use of plastic.

We could re-use plastic bags here for food waste, however, as we're assured that the bags are incinerated to produce fuel although we requested no bags.

Kate1949 Mon 05-Apr-21 10:51:37

Ours is brought in tray liners. We're expecting Tesco any minute. I'll be interested to see how it arrives.

allium Mon 05-Apr-21 10:56:01

Never heard of these. Use Ocado and it all comes in bags, give back saved used bags to driver on next visit etc.

Galaxy Mon 05-Apr-21 10:57:30

That's lovely miss chatelaine but other people dont want to do supermarket shopping, nothing to do with risk of covid in my case, I currently work in early years) I just realised how much time I wasted in shops.

Ailidh Mon 05-Apr-21 11:02:41

Haven't heard of tray liners.

Iceland deliver in large carrier bags, which I'm currently repurposing to hold all my charity shop donations.

Waitrose deliver in normal carrier bags.

Sainsbury's plonk the trays down and stand back while I transfer goods into the laundry basket.

Teacheranne Mon 05-Apr-21 11:06:48


Yess, absolutely elderlyperson. I don't know how I will manage my click and collect now. The liners enabled me to
pack it into the car boot quickly, then drive to another part of the car park to bag it up. Now it's going to take me, and everyone, ages to pack it into the boot.
I do believe in cuttting down on plastic though, so maybe they could use paper or light cardboard liners?

I use click and collect without the liners, I was once given them instead of the free plastic bags they were using during the last lockdown and found them totally useless!

I have no problem loading my goods from the crates into my own bags for life while at the kiosk, it does not take long to fill the bags and as everyone is doing the same, we just wait patiently. I use at least six bags so as not to make them too heavy but don’t worry too much about what goes in each bag although obviously bread, eggs and crisps etc go on top!

Just don’t worry about how long you take and try not to feel under pressure, you will then get flustered and take longer! You cannot take any longer than some people who sort out their goods to put in different bags.

Mamardoit Mon 05-Apr-21 11:14:24

Asda leave the plastic trays at our front door. We carry them into the utility room and empty them. Then we take the trays back out. It takes five minutes. We have the occasional Iceland and Sainburys delivery and I think they deliver in carrier bags.

Teacheranne Mon 05-Apr-21 11:18:04

My suggestion for those who are still reluctant to even open the door to delivery people is to leave plastic boxes outside the front door when a delivery is due. The delivery person will unload the crates into the boxes then you can bring things in a few at a time when they have gone.

I hope that as the number of infections and deaths continue to fall and more people are vaccinated people will get more confident about venturing outside again and mixing with other people. There are a lot of people who are still isolating even though shielding has now ended but as the Covid virus will not be eradicated totally, we must learn to live with it, just like we do with flu.

I am nervous I admit about mingling with groups of people but I’m going to start by meeting them outside for coffee over the summer then make sure rooms are well ventilated when going indoors. I’ll probably wear a mask while shopping and keep my distance from crowns for quite a while but I cannot live an isolated life for ever.

Yammy Mon 05-Apr-21 11:25:05

Didn't know tray liners existed. Sainsbury's deliver to the door in their crates and suggested you use washing baskets for you to unpack in. They step back and you have to do it yourself. At first, they used plastic bags and it was easy and we recycled them in the bin after a few weeks in the garden shed but now they are cutting back on plastic. It is all a bit of a rush and we have to sanitise the baskets and the kitchen table afterwards.

Rosalyn69 Mon 05-Apr-21 11:27:46

I have never heard of tray liners either.
It can’t be that difficult to manage without them surely. Be inventive.
Ocado does indeed take bags back and give you a refund.
Sainsbury’s just wait at a safe distance while I bag mine in the porch. I have all my bags ready. It’s not a big deal.

jaylucy Mon 05-Apr-21 11:27:49

Asda now charge double the extra to provide bags for their Click and collect so my son now takes our own - he has to remember to put them in the car as he picks the groceries up on the way home from his work. The bags that Asda provided are so thin that they can only be used as bin bags afterwards.
I believe Morrisons will provide bags if you want them , then handed back to the delivery driver after your next delivery.

Callistemon Mon 05-Apr-21 11:30:35

The young and obviously strong young man who delivered our Tesco groceries said, very helpfully "you can take the whole crate into your kitchen if you like, it will save time" shock

I just laughed.

eazybee Mon 05-Apr-21 11:32:36

Miss Chateline you took the words out of my mouth!

Callistemon Mon 05-Apr-21 11:40:29

MissChateline some of us have been shielding right up until 1st April so home deliveries have been very useful.

Although I must say I have never seen one of these oft-mentioned tray liners from Tesco or Waitrose!

Keeper1 Mon 05-Apr-21 11:43:50

I was having the tray liners to save having to unload each try into other bags in order to carry the shopping through the house to the kitchen. They meant I could take them and their contents straight out of the tray and either carry through or if very heavy leave on the floor to decant at a pace that suited me. Not sure what I will do now.

Kate1949 Mon 05-Apr-21 11:46:27

Well Tesco have just brought our order. We usually have trayliners but nothing. Just everything put in their pallets. It took us ages to unload them. The young man confirmed no more carrier bags or liners.