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Back in the 50s - a dramatic radio programme.

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mrsmopp Tue 15-Jun-21 09:17:28

I was about 10 or 11 and was totally gripped by a radio drama called Journey into Space. Every episode ended on a cliff hanger so you couldn’t miss the next one. It was completely gripping and I never forgot how scary it was.
Anyone else remember it?

Welshwife Tue 15-Jun-21 10:01:06

Yes - and the one before - Dick Barton Special Agent - Snowy was left hanging on the window ledge at the end of one episode. After Journey into Space it was replaced by ‘the Archers.’. Who remembers the night Grace Archer died in the fire? !

PippaZ Tue 15-Jun-21 10:19:21

Having just said "Journey ... into ... Space" in the right way (no one could hear - accept Alexa grin) I am now humming the "Coronation Scot" the Tune to Paul Temple and whatever "affair" or "mystery" he happened to be involved with.

MayBee70 Tue 15-Jun-21 11:39:59

I was gripped by a tv series called Pathfinders in Space. I wonder if it followed in from Journey into Space. I was thrilled when I was able to get the dvd and rewatch it a few years ago.

FannyCornforth Tue 15-Jun-21 12:01:52

I think that it was repeated on Radio 4 Extra a few years back.
You never know, it might by on BBC Sounds.
4 Extra often repeat Paul Temple, and lots of other goodies smile
I love it

Grannybags Tue 15-Jun-21 12:04:33

I was too young for Dick Barton but I remember my sister excitedly saying Dick Barton - Speshie Ater!

Blossoming Tue 15-Jun-21 12:08:19

It was indeed FannyC. It’s still listed on their website but showing as not currently available, maybe they’ll repeat it again. Jet Morgan was my first fictional hero 😊

henetha Tue 15-Jun-21 12:16:09

I can still remember the music to Dick Barton, Special Agent.
I'm humming it right now....

dahlia Tue 15-Jun-21 12:23:34

Yes, Henetha, I think it was a piece called "The Devil's Gallop" or similar.

henetha Tue 15-Jun-21 13:12:09

Yes, Dahlia... I'm glad you remember it too. It suited the programme perfectly.

Sarnia Tue 15-Jun-21 13:13:11

I remember that only too well. My Mum loved it but thought it was not suitable for me. I must have been around 7 at the time. She had me upstairs in bed before it started, thinking I was fast asleep. The opening had this man's scary voice announcing 'Journey Into Space' which was quite enough to have me quaking under the covers. My Mum was partially deaf so she had the sound turned up. There I was, in a pitch black bedroom, hearing every word.

Hopikins Tue 15-Jun-21 13:26:19

Old Time Radio Downloads. You can listen to Journey into Space on there, great fun.
I also like "A Life of Bliss" with George Cole which is
also available on there along with many others. Sit back and pretend you are still very young and relax

ExD Tue 15-Jun-21 13:32:59

Thanks for that tip Hopikins - please say they also do Dick Barton too. (was the theme tune called 'Thunder and Lightening' or similar?

gillyknits Tue 15-Jun-21 13:34:17

I remember sitting on my Dad’s knee at seven o’clock on the night that “ Journey into space” was on the radio. I was allowed to stay up to listen and every week there was a cliff hanger that left us in suspense until the next episode!

mrsmopp Tue 15-Jun-21 16:26:29

My mum liked Mrs Dales Diary , Meet the Huggetts and the Archers, no scary stuff for het..

AGAA4 Tue 15-Jun-21 16:29:08

My brother listened to Dick Barton Special Agent. I was quite young at the time and always thought it was Dick Barton Decoration.

Hellogirl1 Tue 15-Jun-21 21:22:30

I loved Wilfred Pickles, I think the signature tune was "Have a go Joe". Therev were such paltry items on the table (what`s on the table, Mabel?) to be won, by today`s standards, but folk were so pleased to win.

MagicWand Tue 15-Jun-21 22:13:33

I've just finished listening on the Sounds app to Ian Carmichael on Radio 4 Extra as Lord Peter Whimsey in The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club. There's a Paul Temple on there now to catch up with!

mrsmopp Thu 17-Jun-21 08:42:21

Wilfred pickles with Mabel at the table and Harry Hudson at the piano. Wilfred used to interview members of the audience, and ask, “Have you ever has an embarrassing moment?”

annsixty Thu 17-Jun-21 09:01:04

Why do I think immediately of the piece of music called Coronation Scot?
Was this the opening music to one of these early programmes?
I must have listened to it regularly and enjoyed it as it sprang straight into my head.

merlotgran Thu 17-Jun-21 10:38:20

Wasn't Coronation Scot the theme tune to Paul Temple?

Chewbacca Thu 17-Jun-21 10:58:20

BBC Sounds has quite a few of the old radio shows to listen to now. Both Paul Temple and Lird Peter Wimsey are available. Journey Into Space and Quatermass used to be thrillingly scary! grin I used to love The Glums with Jimmy Edwards.

MayBee70 Thu 17-Jun-21 12:19:08

BBC Sounds is amazing. I listen to it all of the time these days and am constantly finding new programmes to lister to. In fact I might start a thread about it….

sodapop Thu 17-Jun-21 12:33:30

I liked Paul Temple as well. Does anyone remember a science fiction type serial called The Red Grass.

Deedaa Tue 22-Jun-21 20:43:40

I was 7 when Journey Into Space started. I used to listen to in under the dining room table (Why?) Also loved Dick Barton (under the table again) DS now 43 is also a Journey Into Space fan. BBC4 repeated the first series in September last year and I've got it recorded wink