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The YouTube My Mix facility

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ElderlyPerson Wed 15-Sep-21 20:51:00

If one is logged onto YouTube there is the My Mix facility.

So, if I start up YouTube and search for

My Mix

then set it playing, then a sequence of music videos is played.

It seems that the YouTube system forms this dynamically from music videos that one has played recently, including those from the previous time one played MyMix and also includes a few others from the same artist or from different artists in the same broad area of music.

I tend to use My Mix in two ways, one is to have it on in another instantiation of the browser while I am doing something else, such as now while writing a post for Gransnet, so it is background music, just music, the picture not displayed on the screen unless I choose to switch to that instantiation and watch a video; or if I am eating a meal I often put it on full screen and get a sequence of music videos to listen to and watch, not knowing what is next unless I choose to look at the playlist, which I tend not to do as I like the videos to come up as surprises.

There are sometimes advertisements, one can skip most parts of most of them, though I have found some of the advertisements very interesting.

Also, sometimes, it stops and I have to click on a panel to get it playing again.

But it is good if, outside of running My Mix, I find and play a new-to-me video, particularly if more than once, it often gets added intoMy Mix.

So readers might like to try it.

Readers are invited to post links to music videos that have been enjoyed.

MissAdventure Wed 15-Sep-21 20:59:34

Well, I didn't know that, ElderlyPerson smile
I shall give it a try!

Zoejory Wed 15-Sep-21 21:02:13

Ooh, that sounds good. I shall give it a whirl. Thank you smile

ElderlyPerson Wed 15-Sep-21 21:05:40

Here are links to four videos that I have watched recently.

ElderlyPerson Wed 15-Sep-21 22:26:29

I have got My Mix playing at the moment.

This one, that I found the other day and posted about in other threads, has just started playing.

It is a restful medley of songs with line dancing by people of various ages.

So if you click onto the link it may well get added into your My Mix in due course.

ElderlyPerson Wed 15-Sep-21 22:28:35

How about this jolly one about tulips, sung in Dutch.

kircubbin2000 Thu 16-Sep-21 08:01:21

How do you find my mix? I don't see it on you tube.

ElderlyPerson Thu 16-Sep-21 09:04:04

One may well need to be logged on to YouTube, not just there unlogged on as a guest.

In YouTube, in the search box key in

My Mix

and then search.

It should then be listed at the top or near the top of the results.

If not, perhaps one needs to first play some music videos so that the system has something to use to know one's choices.

Then just click on the picture. You might then need to click the start arrow at the lower left corner of the image to get it started.

I hope this helps.

ElderlyPerson Thu 16-Sep-21 09:09:31

I have got My Mix on now.

This is playing right now.

ElderlyPerson Thu 16-Sep-21 19:01:05

Bump the thread and post a link to a video.

ElderlyPerson Fri 17-Sep-21 13:29:33

Bump and post

Lovely musical fills between the lyrics

Well written lyrics, please listen for

." .. anymore"


" ... for good"

Jaxjacky Fri 17-Sep-21 13:59:51

Interesting, but I use Alexa, thank you.

ElderlyPerson Fri 17-Sep-21 14:08:39

That is interesting. Thank you.

I had only vaguely heard of Alexa.

I have now found the following.