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NHS staff making themselves unemployed by not having the Covid vaccine

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Harmonypuss Tue 18-Jan-22 22:14:40

I understand that it's everyone's personal choice whether to have the vaccine or not but do the people working in the NHS and refusing to have the vaccine realise that not only will they lose their jobs but the DWP won't be giving them unemployment benefits immediately because they will have (according to DWP rules) "made themselves unemployed".
Basically, anyone who loses their job because they've done something bad or not followed their employer's rules (in this case having the vaccine) will have benefits withheld for anything up to 6 months.
If people choose to take holidays abroad, they require a passport, if they choose to go to certain countries for those holidays they are required to have certain vaccinations, so if you choose to work in the NHS you have a responsibility to protect your own health and that of others, therefore it's a real no-brainer.
Surely, a quick vaccination is far preferable to being without cash for 6 months!

Elizabeth27 Tue 18-Jan-22 22:32:31

I am sure they know the consequences of their actions so must feel very strongly about not having the vaccine.

I have not spoken to anyone in this situation so do not understand their reasons.

LOUISA1523 Tue 18-Jan-22 22:54:13

It was preferable to the 3 nurses i work with who were unvaccinated ( out of a team of 50) ....after the NHS vaccination rules came out they all decided that they would prefer to keep their nhs salary....good pension, annual leave and sickness benefits..... but I'm sure there will be a very very small minority, come April, who will chose to leave their employment rather than be vaccinated....I have not come across such a person myself so could not comment on their reasoning

Sago Tue 18-Jan-22 23:01:04

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VANECAM Tue 18-Jan-22 23:32:39

Strikes me as odd that medical people take the position not to take the vaccination.

On any ward of any hospital the medication trolly with a vast array of tablets and potions will be wheeled around with regularity.

How many patients will question the make up of the medication and how long it’s been used for/licensed and the side effects etc.

How can you possibly be in a position where you administer the stuff as part of your job trusting that the medication will do what it says on the tin but begin to refuse medical advice then it starts being personal.

maddyone Tue 18-Jan-22 23:34:18

I don’t understand the reasons why staff would choose not have the vaccine, but I don’t think it’s unfair if they know the requirement and refuse. Doctors have always had to have the Hep B vaccine. What’s the difference?

AmberSpyglass Tue 18-Jan-22 23:43:34

I’d rather not be treated by someone whose critical thinking is so poor they don’t have a vaccine during a pandemic.

VANECAM Tue 18-Jan-22 23:49:40

When not “then”

Sago Wed 19-Jan-22 00:14:26

It’s a new vaccine!
We don’t know what the outcome maybe.
Drugs that doctors and nurses administer are tried tested.

Lincslass Wed 19-Jan-22 03:57:46


It’s a new vaccine!
We don’t know what the outcome maybe.
Drugs that doctors and nurses administer are tried tested.

You think the vaccine wasn’t tried and tested. How long should we have waited for it to be tested, 5 years is usual. How many more deaths would there have been in that case. My admiration is for those brave people who tested the vaccine to enable us to have its benefits. My disdain is for those medical staff who are willing to infect their patients. All the Nurses I am in contact with have had theirs, many of them young women.

TwinLolly Wed 19-Jan-22 04:43:22

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Harmonypuss Wed 19-Jan-22 04:44:13

I've been talking about this for months, ever since my neighbour (a nurse) said that they would not take the vaccine.
The majority of people believe that those who go into medical/caring professions 'care', primarily about the patients they are being paid to look after which I'm certain is the case for many but it does make you wonder sometimes the way some people are behaving over this vaccine.
As a PP has said, doctors are obliged to have Hepatitis vaccines, so why not other members of staff with direct patient contact?
I see this move to make it compulsory for all healthcare workers to have this vaccine as a very sensible thing.
I saw a doctor and a nurse on TV yesterday morning saying that they're prepared for losing their jobs and were adamant that they won't be having the vaccine. In fact, one of them was married to another doctor or nurse (can't remember which), he was in the same situation and refusing the vaccine, so 3 months from now that household will be losing both of its incomes.
I used to work in the NHS in Mental Health, I was administrative, originally in a forensic hospital setting but more latterly within the Health Authority in a more advisory situation, although we did have contact with users of MH services, a few of whom had the potential to be violent. A number of my team (myself included) opted to have the Hepatitis vaccine because no-one knows what illnesses/diseases anyone has and could pass on if we were unfortunate enough to find ourselves in a possibly violent encounter.
My personal policy has always been to do everything I can to protect myself, my family and everyone else around me in the best way possible.

Harmonypuss Wed 19-Jan-22 05:00:16


Those who have had the experimental 'vaccine' also can infect their patients. The 'vaccine' does NOT STOP people from spreading the virus.

No, the vaccine doesn't stop the virus but every doctor I hear on the radio, tv or even face to face says that...

If you're vaccinated, you're 'less likely' to contract Covid than if you're not vaccinated and you will have milder symptoms, thus meaning that you're 'less likely' to pass it on and if you do, you're passing on a weaker strain than someone unvaccinated would.

Therefore, for our own protection and that of others, it's far more sensible to have the vaccine than not. Already, in the 12/13 months the vaccine has been available it has drastically cut the number of hospitalisations and ultimately deaths, if this virus was only being passed between vaccinated people it would soon become far less dangerous but whilst there are still unvaccinated people spreading it around were going to continue to see deaths caused by it.

Knittynatter Wed 19-Jan-22 06:50:57


I’d rather not be treated by someone whose critical thinking is so poor they don’t have a vaccine during a pandemic.

Well sad!

Knittynatter Wed 19-Jan-22 06:51:17

Sorry - well SAID!! 🤦‍♀️

AmberSpyglass Wed 19-Jan-22 07:59:48


love0c Wed 19-Jan-22 08:03:54

I have my doubts anybody will be sacked. It is safe to work and be treated by unvaccinated people during a pandemic in the winter but not safe to work and be treated by unvaccinated people in the summer after the pandemic??? Ridiculous. I tend to think they have thought about this now and hence, will make sure it is all over before the sackings have to start.

Allsorts Wed 19-Jan-22 08:04:52

Best they go. If they can’t have the vaccine, don’t employ them.,

MerylStreep Wed 19-Jan-22 08:12:02

I’m pretty certain Sajid Javid is looking for the long grass to kick this can into.

Urmstongran Wed 19-Jan-22 08:16:42

I’m on the fence over this to be honest. I’m vaccinated so I’ve hopefully protected myself as far as. The unvaccinated people I don’t feel they put me at risk. I could catch it from anyone. Those who don’t get themselves vaccinated are more likely to take up hospital beds with Covid and as the NHS has such a huge backlog at present, that does seem selfish - gambling over stretched NHS resources needing a bed and staff.

Lincslass Wed 19-Jan-22 08:33:38

Post references deleted post Talk guidelines.

Sago Wed 19-Jan-22 08:33:56

My SIL has two blood clots one on each lung after his 2nd vaccine.
The NHS have not been able to honour his next appointment to do another scan, he contacted his private health provider who said he is not covered as the vaccine is experimental.

He is now unable to travel abroad for work, taking a drug that gives him dreadful side effects and will be a few thousand pounds lighter as he is paying himself for scans and a haematologist.

BUPA told him blood clots were common after the vaccines.
There is no come back.

JaneJudge Wed 19-Jan-22 08:48:30

They did this with carers and we cannot employ people now. I think it's a really bad idea

love0c Wed 19-Jan-22 08:50:56

One of DIL's suddenly developed headaches. They started so suddenly and so sever she was hospitalised twice in a matter of weeks. She was diagnosed with 'CVT' headaches and told she had probably had a small blood clot but it did not show up on a scan, which she eventfully had. Had she have had a scan straight away, would it have shown up? This happened quite shortly after having had the pfizer vaccine. She appears now.

Sparklefizz Wed 19-Jan-22 08:54:33

BUPA told him blood clots were common after the vaccines.

They are also common after catching Covid.