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Knickerbocker Glory A Great Dessert Name

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silverspoon125 Wed 25-May-22 08:22:58

Knickerbocker Glory popped into my head this morning (not sure why) - is this the best Dessert name and what's your favourite, craziest, funniest

Marydoll Wed 25-May-22 08:26:12

Tablet ice cream sundae or crème brûlée with raspberries.

Nandalot Wed 25-May-22 08:53:06

I love the name too, so when DGC were tiny one of our ‘ keep them entertained’ games in the car was to say ‘knickerbocker glory’ whenever we saw a green car. (There aren’t that many.). They loved saying the words too

silverspoon125 Wed 25-May-22 09:10:18

Wonder where it comes from

henetha Wed 25-May-22 09:48:02

Eton Mess is gorgeous.

FannyCornforth Wed 25-May-22 09:55:10

The Knickerbockers were an extremely wealth family in 19th century America.
Think The Gilded Age.
It’s my guess it’s named after them, or even invented for one of them.
I will do some investigation!

FannyCornforth Wed 25-May-22 09:56:48

Sorry, they were a group of families from Holland.

Georgesgran Wed 25-May-22 09:56:56

Lost my post.

FannyCornforth Wed 25-May-22 09:57:35

FannyCornforth Wed 25-May-22 09:58:46

Georgesgran Wed 25-May-22 09:58:59

apparently the Knickerbocker glory was named after The Knickerbocker hotel in New York which was painted in various shades of pink and cream. When the hotel closed in 1920 an ice cream sundae consisting of layers of cream and fruit and sauce in those colours was named after it.

silverspoon125 Wed 25-May-22 10:12:18

Thank you Georgesgran how interesting never thought to ask before. It's funny the words we use day in and out and never think to question, especially these quirky ones.

FannyCornforth Wed 25-May-22 10:15:19

It was created in 1920 to honour the famous hotel following its closure.

silverspoon125 Wed 25-May-22 10:19:57

First time I've ever heard of the Knickerbocker Club FannyCornforth. Yes, you do learn something new everyday. Many thanks.

AGAA4 Wed 25-May-22 11:02:06

I do enjoy a Knickerbocker glory as a rare treat.
Cumberland courting cakes were a favourite in my family.

TerriBull Wed 25-May-22 11:26:15

Knickerbocker glories don't seem to be around that much anymore, I first heard of it as a child, my mother said going to Lyons Corner House for one was considered the ultimate treat when she was growing up.

The funniest desert name I ever came across, years ago in Spain, something described as "Gypsy's Arm Cake" I like to think of that as something that lost in translation, rather than an actual person losing an arm shock

TerriBull Wed 25-May-22 11:27:04

lost got lost

Jane43 Wed 25-May-22 11:28:31

Peach Melba used to be a favourite in the sixties too.

FannyCornforth Wed 25-May-22 11:35:18


Peach Melba used to be a favourite in the sixties too.

Named after Dame Nelly Melba, the opera singer.
See also Pavlova (after Anna - is that right?)

Things (food) were always being named after folk in the recent past.
You don’t get that now, do you

Blossoming Wed 25-May-22 11:36:34

Cranachan is the best desert, closely followed by Ecclefechan tart smile

Shandy57 Wed 25-May-22 11:38:29

My late husband's favourite treat as a child - as well as something with a banana, can't remember what that was called. Banana split?

Lucca Wed 25-May-22 11:38:32

Well,there’s always Spotted Dick……

Not a dessert more a cake/tea bread. but Fat Rascals popular round these parts,

FannyCornforth Wed 25-May-22 11:39:58

I’ve just googled them Blossoming. Wow!

FannyCornforth Wed 25-May-22 11:41:14

What’s that Greek dessert - like shredded wheat with honey and nuts?

fairfraise Wed 25-May-22 11:50:20

Baklava I think!