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The legend Diana Ross

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Juicylucy Mon 13-Jun-22 16:12:47

I just wanted to share with you I went to a festival yesterday to see Diana Ross. The lady is 78 this year. She is amazing we were 3 rows from the front and she’s beautiful and she still commands an audience. The energy and love she still has for singing and entertaining is inspiring. I’m 66 and danced threw all her songs along with hundreds of others my age mixed in with younger generations that recognise good music. It’s her last ever tour, she is my youth. Anyone else love her and Motown music.

grannyrebel7 Mon 13-Jun-22 16:56:51

Me! Diana Ross and the Supremes and all the Motown artists were my youth too. Same age as you! I've never seen Diana live but would love to. Saw her at the Jubilee concert though which was great. I suppose that'll have to do me smile

jxnfuo Fri 01-Jul-22 14:37:53

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Redhead56 Fri 01-Jul-22 15:38:22

I loved Motown when I was young my friends and I went to the clubs in town that only played that music. My friend went to see Diana Ross at the Liverpool Arena last week she loved it.
We had booked a concert a week later to see Frankie Valli I danced in the aisles. My joints are still recovering from it wish I was still young!

maddyone Fri 01-Jul-22 16:17:12

I’m glad you enjoyed the concert Juicylucy but I watched a bit of Diana Ross on television at Glastonbury. I thought she was dreadful, can’t sing in tune at all. I think she needs to retire and let the young ones who can sing take over.

Georgesgran Fri 01-Jul-22 16:45:12

She was performing near me on Wednesday night. I walked DD2’s dogs listening to Ain’t no Mountain High Enough. We saw her in the ‘70s in Newcastle and she was fabulous - not so sure now.

AGAA4 Fri 01-Jul-22 16:57:28

Diana Ross and Motown. Fabulous music of my youth.

Gongoozler Fri 01-Jul-22 17:16:17

Lucky you Juicylucy, I was always a big fan. She might be ageing (!) but has great presence.

TopsyIrene06 Fri 01-Jul-22 19:07:20

Absolutely love her and Motown.

Edge26 Fri 01-Jul-22 20:45:30

Same age, still love Motown today and still play my vinyl records.

Hellogirl1 Sat 02-Jul-22 11:24:02

My daughter and SIL went to her concert last Friday at the O2 Arena, said she was fabulous.

maddyone Sat 02-Jul-22 11:27:33

I’m glad other people are enjoying her, but I think she’s past singing as she can’t sing in tune. However, she was fabulous in her day, great songs and wonderful sound. Not now though.

Minimo2 Sat 02-Jul-22 13:01:59


I’m glad other people are enjoying her, but I think she’s past singing as she can’t sing in tune. However, she was fabulous in her day, great songs and wonderful sound. Not now though.

She could certainly sing in tune when I saw her at the 02 last week she was amazing

maddyone Sat 02-Jul-22 13:23:35

I’m pleased she was singing in tune when you saw her because otherwise it would be such a disappointment and money wasted.
I saw her at Glastonbury (on television) but she was flat and out of tune. It does make me wonder if she’s singing live at these other venues because it’s unusual to be so out of tune at one venue, but not at others.

Katie59 Sat 02-Jul-22 13:42:27

I loved Motown in the day, all the stars were icons of the time and they could sing for sure, so many modern songs/artists just don’t cut it

LOUISA1523 Sat 02-Jul-22 18:10:33

She can't hold a tuneanymore sadly....the audience and her backing singers helped her along the way ....we were fairly near the front so had a good view was good to see her tho...the young ones enjoyed it too...they knew all the words.....but when you compere her to the likes of Shirley bassey and dolly Parton who I've also seen perform the Glastonbury legend spot set....she wasn't great

butterfly1 Sat 02-Jul-22 19:08:14

I saw her at Liverpool Arena a couple weeks ago and she was fabulous. Everyone was standing up dancing and singing along.