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Are Gransnetters glowing in the heat?

31 M0nica

Railcard rights

13 MawBroonsback

Translation of terms please

17 toscalily

Story time

29 Jane10

In need of sex education

59 CyclingKnitter

Scammers & nuisance calls

12 grandtanteJE65

56" waist - where to buy?

11 grannyactivist

Good essay by Kenan Malik

5 Urmstongran

White cars

41 NfkDumpling

Our brave parents

94 Callistemon

Great Tits

48 GabriellaG54

Magpies in the garden

6 JessK

Marks & Spencer "talking" automated check outs

12 lemongrove

Dangerous driver

16 SalsaQueen

Oil for a sewing machine

13 J52

Birthday treat dilemma.

30 janeainsworth

JD Williams advert

12 Slowcookervegan

Today is Decoration Day in the US

3 BradfordLass72

Help with water bills

3 GabriellaG54


71 Dockersgirl1955

Dreading turning 60 tomorrow

111 mcem

Wedding "favours"?

80 Abuelana

I will miss you, Ruby Walsh

16 GabriellaG54

Carry on Smiling

18 Rufus2


34 Brunette10

No fuss funerals

72 HildaW

New royal baby names

182 Rufus2

Her birthday. A poem on estrangement.

38 Urmstongran

Happy Mothers Day

14 rosecarmel

Pet hate!

66 Jomarie

Zodus & gransnet product test

18 mumofmadboys

Electric mens sharvers recommendations

6 sodapop

The Bag Wash.

54 boat

A watery tale

4 M0nica

Unsolicited mail

11 grandtanteJE65

My beloved cat

29 SalsaQueen

Since when did, "The Peoples Will", become so important?

21 varian

Potential offensive private messages

39 Anja


44 grandtanteJE65

Police asking motivation for reporting crime.

25 M0nica

generation names

12 Grandma2213


30 jura2

A frivolous train of thought...

130 gransal

Easter and Passover

9 BradfordLass72

Mattress scam?

10 Countrylife

New kitchen

8 Countrylife


56 Specs

Sussexes baby plans

11 SueH49

just need a lil vent!

33 jenpax

How to get birds to nest in my bird boxes

40 GreenGran78