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Bon voyage Greta Thunberg

284 Callistemon

Singing Club ? anyone knows of one?

5 jura2

Simon Armitage - new poem

5 BradfordLass72

Underwear range for transgirls (young boys)

30 GagaJo

7 year old grandson, recently lost mother, refuses to learn to read and write

49 Alexa

Washing duvet covers that swallow everything else!

14 Pittcity


4 Thingmajig

Knicker gussets. Am I malformed?

8 Willow500


24 Joanna501

Male Infertility

14 kittylester

Is it a bee? A hornet? Anyone know?

11 Hetty58

Scammers & nuisance calls


Apollo/Moon landing stuff

92 phoenix

Oh a Oh a Waw, oh a ramalamadingdong. HELP

19 niki9732

Greta Thunberg

6 Maggiemaybe

I can't understand why she did this

47 M0nica

M&S customer service

24 trishs

I used to think well of Meghan, but now.....?

421 Callistemon

I am not a robot

7 Elegran

Hermes not returned my parcel

6 blondenana

Inconsiderate concert goers

49 Scottiebear

White cars

59 SueDonim

Calling all detectives out there - reuniting a ring...

10 Songbirds

Empty Nest

59 Hetty58

What do you think of this blog?

31 rosecarmel

Jeans at Wimbledon

81 janeainsworth


5 Olderthanmost

Happy Mothers Day

16 crazyH


17 BradfordLass72

Railcard rights

14 Keeper1

My Birthday and I don't like any fuss.

110 PamelaJ1

Are Gransnetters glowing in the heat?

81 SparklyGrandma

Chronic pain and anxiety

2 annep1

Story time

56 absent

Translation of terms please

19 agnurse

In need of sex education

64 Gonegirl

56" waist - where to buy?

11 grannyactivist

Good essay by Kenan Malik

5 Urmstongran

Our brave parents

94 Callistemon

Great Tits

48 GabriellaG54

Magpies in the garden

6 JessK

Marks & Spencer "talking" automated check outs

12 lemongrove

Dangerous driver

16 SalsaQueen

Oil for a sewing machine

13 J52

Birthday treat dilemma.

30 janeainsworth

JD Williams advert

12 Slowcookervegan

Today is Decoration Day in the US

3 BradfordLass72

Help with water bills

3 GabriellaG54


71 Dockersgirl1955

Dreading turning 60 tomorrow

111 mcem