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Who is a feminist....and why?

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34 janreb

Switching fuel supplier?

4 Elegran


57 apricot

wedding bands

6 janreb

Please, someone tell me...

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4 rosiemus

Your views please

15 jangly

GM Foods

5 Faye

Sport and exercise

7 JosieGransnet

When oh! When will I ever learn!!!!! to makes sure there is an envelope witht he card!

11 hellypelly

Wimbledon addicts

107 supernana

Fading Women

89 harrigran

Words of wisdom spoken by our parents [when we were children]

23 harrigran

I think...

3 GeraldineGransnet

Gransnet meets Google

25 carboncareful

Please raise a glass with me

21 em

What do you do when you're bored?

30 numberplease

new to retirement

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Are people more dishonest now?

6 grannyactivist

I told you so

18 jackyann

The last taboo?

30 iloveroses

Driving; help!

18 crimson

Maiden name

14 raggygranny

Embarrassing moments...

34 greenmossgiel

Slut Walks

18 JessM

Social Events

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27 crimson

Good Film: The Way

3 crimson

Creative language explored

32 SoNanny


28 GrandmaAnge


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Crinkle skirts, how do you dry them?

11 numberplease

Early morning gransnetting!!

58 coastwallker

Supporting Midwives

5 HildaW

I hate shopping!

8 hennothefirst

Some so-called *Stars*

8 supernana

Grans without computer

13 Magsie

Could I be addicted?

18 crimson

Frightening experiences

13 GillieB

Mobility Allowance for disabled under 65's

3 AndyMall

What is this new language?

5 Grandmacool

What Gransnet is for

8 janfran

Grandparents must be getting older

4 FlicketyB

great grandmothers...

11 HildaW

Create a Legacy

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