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Ruby Wax.

8 CariGransnet

The International Space Station...

3 jangly

What's your most embarrassing moment?

11 harrigran

Does the punishment fir the crome?

8 artygran

Charging children for board and lodging

22 grannyactivist

I did something for the first time ever today

15 yogagran

Mwah Mwah

13 Mamie


5 bikergran

Coals to Newcastle

5 crimson


4 bunic

Acting my age....?

78 glassortwo

Tiredness and Food

39 Grumpyoldwoman

The Other Royal Wedding

12 Annobel

Anyone else got a Beko fridge?

23 greenmossgiel

Children and education.

28 Joan

0870 numbers...

3 goldengirl

Olympics - bored already?

34 JessM

science and natural history

65 carboncareful

Oh, I wish...

23 raggygranny

Wheelie bins

39 nicsta

How old are you?

139 Annobel

Fascinating but useless statistics

2 veryordinaryjangly

eating habits

6 Joan44

Delivery companies

4 jogginggirl

Information on using black cabs.

4 Stillgood2go

Make up and hair

14 Libradi

The Things Children Say

31 Sbagran


10 Elegran

Swan Upping on the Thames

7 jangly

advanced driving course anyone?

5 Littlelegs


47 Stansgran

Lady drivers (over a certain age) unite!

9 Liz08

Who is a feminist....and why?

31 Stansgran


34 janreb

Switching fuel supplier?

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57 apricot

wedding bands

6 janreb

Please, someone tell me...

7 GoldenGran


4 rosiemus

Your views please

15 jangly

GM Foods

5 Faye

Sport and exercise

7 JosieGransnet

When oh! When will I ever learn!!!!! to makes sure there is an envelope witht he card!

11 hellypelly

Wimbledon addicts

107 supernana

Fading Women

89 harrigran

Words of wisdom spoken by our parents [when we were children]

23 harrigran

I think...

3 GeraldineGransnet

Gransnet meets Google

25 carboncareful

Please raise a glass with me

21 em

What do you do when you're bored?

30 numberplease