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Did anyone hear the sonci boom?

11 numberplease

Advice please

16 amatterofopinion

How do you define being a Snob!

166 greenmossgiel

fit blokes...

62 nelliedeane

To indulge in gratuiitous aggression and abuse just post here

24 petallus

April Fool

7 susiecb

Well, I hope London bus drivers mend their ways before the Olympics!

7 gracesmum

Birthday Present Ideas for Mom

19 GoldenGran

bad timing?

8 grannyactivist

Birthday Present Ideas for Mom

1 walterjosan

Isn't this sad.

47 nanachrissy

How do I explain this one away?

52 fancyface

Household bugs n things in Ghana

1 fancyface

When celebs travel to Africa (usually)..........

7 Greatnan

Primroses for my Mum

8 em

Mother's day present

2 glammanana


10 glassortwo

Are you in Norwich? Could you recommend any groups/clubs for my mother please?

2 Smittals


64 Joan

Live webchat with Baroness Joan Bakewell: 11am-12pm, Wednesday 7 March

49 grannygrunt


109 jeni

Woodlands Junior School website.

5 Ariadne

Retirement Development with WiFi

4 sophieturley

When you put money on a gift card!! double check it has actualy been activated and loaded!!

5 glassortwo

Woman in Black

37 harrigran

We seem to forget our heroes very quickly.

23 Greatnan

Slankets - any recommendations?

13 Carol

Moral dilemma

16 Hunt


11 nuttynorah

school term time holiday requests

53 Deggs

Playing outside

4 tanith

Grinning and bearing it!

54 Greatnan

Do you think......

34 whatisamashedupph...

Would anyone else....

24 goldengirl

OMG! We haven't had a Dickens thread!!! [shock]

62 crimson

B A G I T H A !!!!!!!!!!!

16 whatisamashedupph...

What to do?

22 greenmossgiel

RNLI donation list for Gally.

27 Anne58


33 Swansong


19 jeni

Being Prepared!!!

66 Swansong

shop lifting

22 Greatnan

50 Lessons I Wish I Had Learned Earlier [BLOG]

1 Annika

Is this just a coincidence?

40 Elegran

Live webchat with Nikki King OBE - Tuesday 10 January 1-2pm

41 Granny23

Ruby Wax's website re depression is up and running now.

4 syberia

To dye for?

44 tanith

Hawkins Bazaar; Letterbox

14 Carol

Redundant engagement rings

16 york46

The worst Christmas gift!

32 Annobel