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If you don't like effing, even funny effing, don't look. There, their, they're bloody well done ;)

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Baggs Tue 23-Oct-18 11:45:37

gmelon Tue 23-Oct-18 11:49:25

I love number sixteen.

Teetime Tue 23-Oct-18 11:56:15

Not funny sorry.

Chewbacca Tue 23-Oct-18 11:58:07

Love it! I want one of those! Thanks for the giggle Baggs! grin

Baggs Tue 23-Oct-18 11:58:31

You don't have to apologise for liking it.

Baggs Tue 23-Oct-18 12:00:13

I love it too, chew. Nothing else seems to have got through. This would, I think. Which is why I like it.

Swearing used for a useful effect is not really swearing.

Baggs Tue 23-Oct-18 12:01:19

whoops! I meant for not liking it up thread.

valeriej43 Tue 23-Oct-18 12:05:26

Never do ,never have ,used the F word, but i like the reasoning

Parsley3 Tue 23-Oct-18 12:08:29

Love it. 🤣

Anniebach Tue 23-Oct-18 12:22:39

Not for me sorry, cannot tolerate that word, sorry Bags x

Bridgeit Tue 23-Oct-18 12:33:01

Probably the only way these days to teach younger people Grammar 😏

Baggs Tue 23-Oct-18 13:01:23

Stop apologising!

kittylester Tue 23-Oct-18 13:06:57

Sorry, baggs, but I love it.

Baggs Tue 23-Oct-18 13:08:31

kitty, grin grin

merlotgran Tue 23-Oct-18 13:36:22

Straight out of the Fenland tractor driver's phrase book. grin

kittylester Tue 23-Oct-18 14:44:25

I never say the 'f' word but I think it can have huge comedic value especially when someone says it in front of me and my children fall about laughing because someone said 'f***, in front of mum!'smile

Chewbacca Tue 23-Oct-18 15:14:58

Shouting "F**k off" is universally understood, I've found. When being harassed by a gang of young men in Turkey who were becoming increasingly intimidating, I shouted it very loudly. And they scarpered quickly! grin

ninathenana Tue 23-Oct-18 15:15:21

The word doesn't bother me at all, I just don't find this funny at all.
I can laugh at crude and rude but..
each to their own of course

Sparklefizz Tue 23-Oct-18 15:26:04

If you don't like the F word, don't go and see the film "A Star is Born" because every other word is "F***". I really enjoyed the film and can tolerate the odd f* in context, and I know the film is about a rock star and we know that is how he might speak, but it was overdone.

I will also post this under Films.

BBbevan Tue 23-Oct-18 19:44:06

Don't like that !

Doodle Tue 23-Oct-18 20:02:18

Love number 16

Elegran Tue 23-Oct-18 20:04:22

Just reminding those who didn't like it that no-one was forced to read this thread - you were specifically warned in the title!

Baggs Tue 23-Oct-18 20:16:53

I guess the "must disapprove out loud" gene is very strong in some people, elegran. It's the only explanation I can think of for such odd behaviour.

Chewbacca Tue 23-Oct-18 20:25:41

Personally, I find that a well placed expletive is both effective and cathartic. If used too liberally, it becomes useless. So I like to save it for special occasions! grin

Marmight Tue 23-Oct-18 20:31:22

Ha! I fu**ing love it, especially 16 which drives me crazy 🤯

Baggs Tue 23-Oct-18 20:38:45

There is another couplet that could be added:

Something you lose is effing lost.
Something you loose is effing undone (thinking shoelaces here; I'm up for improvements on this one!)

Parsley3 Tue 23-Oct-18 20:55:41

Oh, this lose/loose confusion is driving me mad. I see it everywhere now that it annoys me. Grrrr.

annep Fri 07-Dec-18 00:57:59

Thanks Sparklefizz. I was thinking of going to see the film. I don't mind the odd f word but not if its overdone.

ffinnochio Fri 07-Dec-18 07:38:26


Cherrytree59 Fri 07-Dec-18 11:24:18

Baggs once you warn a person not to look they will be unable resist the temptation to
Effing well look! grin

Parsley3 Fri 07-Dec-18 11:54:45

I looked! 🤭

Cherrytree59 Fri 07-Dec-18 13:01:58

Oops just seen that this is an old thread
Must have missed it the first time

Charleygirl5 Fri 07-Dec-18 16:21:53

Not for me either - I did not get as far as no.16.