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Elegran Sat 25-Jun-22 07:51:16

From Facebook (Princeps Fidelissimus)

"Newlyweds Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips joined The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh for a banquet in Christchurch, New Zealand, following the X Commonwealth Games, which came at the start of a month-long Tour of the South Pacific (February 8, 1974). The Queen matched their turquoise evening dress with pieces from the Cambridge and Delhi Durbar Parure."

Does that mean that Princess Anne and Mark Phillips were sharing the turquoise evening dress? Or that the Queen had either magically duplicated herself or had come out as non-binary?

Lucca Sat 25-Jun-22 07:52:52

Mistype for “her” I’d say.

Oldnproud Sat 25-Jun-22 08:04:47

Or that Anne and Mark were both in turquoise evening wear, and the Queen wore pieces (of jewellery?) in a similar colour - though I can't really imagine Mark Phillips wearing that colour, even in 1974. grin

Elegran Sat 25-Jun-22 08:05:56

The accompanying photo showed the queen in plain turquoise and Princess Anne in a turquoise and white flowered dress.

Oldnproud Sat 25-Jun-22 08:26:52

What a disappointment - I had built up an image in my mind of Mark in turquoise flares and velvet jacket. grin

Elegran Sat 25-Jun-22 08:48:41

Sorry - he was just in a well-cut suit and discreet tie. Probably gold cufflinks and tie-pin, but they weren't visible.

Maggiemaybe Sat 25-Jun-22 08:49:46

And them all strutting round to a backing track of Saturday Night Fever.

Chestnut Sat 25-Jun-22 17:45:36

Sorry Maggie, Saturday Night Fever wasn't until 1977. 😁

Chestnut Sat 25-Jun-22 17:48:00

They might have been dancing to Waterloo by Abba though.

NotSpaghetti Sat 25-Jun-22 18:49:01

As the Cambridge and Delhi Durbar Parure is emerald I can't see how the turquoise "matches" it!

NotSpaghetti Sat 25-Jun-22 18:49:32

... irrespective of how many people were squashed in the evening dress!