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A pedant on Facebook - moi?

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ferry23 Wed 03-Apr-24 16:52:43

I love this topic.

I've been tempted to post a comment on my village's Fb page along the lines of...

"I'm thinking of starting a Fb group for those who can string together a short sentence with no spelling mistakes and which is grammatically correct. I look forward to hearing from both of you".

Maybe I should of grin

I suspect fellow pedants also have to sit on their hands and zip their lips when it comes to social media.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 03-Apr-24 16:58:04

There are as many as two others who qualify?

crazyH Wed 03-Apr-24 16:58:58

You should of 😂 (my pet hate)

Oldnproud Wed 03-Apr-24 17:04:34


You should of 😂 (my pet hate)

Mine too 😁

ferry23 Wed 03-Apr-24 17:09:06


There are as many as two others who qualify?

I'm also an optimist Germanshepherdsmum

BlueBelle Wed 03-Apr-24 17:13:12

Ohhhhh bitchy

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 03-Apr-24 17:15:30

No, just a reflection on the sad state of English grammar and spelling nowadays - as witnessed daily on GN.

Moonwatcher1904 Wed 03-Apr-24 17:29:48

It amazes me what people put on FB and don't read what they've put before they hit that send button... smile
I've just happened to look on there and someone has posted - Hi. I'm after a week by week desk dairy tried all over.
Someone has replied - What are you milking on your desk.
Love it...
It's the businesses that I would avoid if they can't advertise without a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. It makes me think they're not very professional if they can't write properly - just my opinion.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 03-Apr-24 17:32:35

Thankfully GN is the only social media I use. That’s bad enough.

BlueBelle Wed 03-Apr-24 17:35:14

I know it drives me mad too but i d never be so hard hearted as to point it out to anyone

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 03-Apr-24 17:45:57

I don’t, but it drives me mad. Did these people not have an education? Do they not read anything but trash?

sodapop Wed 03-Apr-24 18:03:48

Same here BlueBelle but I have to grit my teeth.
Even newspapers etc are guilty and should know better. I have lost count of the times the word reign has been used incorrectly recently .

eazybee Wed 03-Apr-24 18:11:43

My daughter gave me a cotton shopping bag last year. I have never dared use it outside the house. It reads:

I am silently
correcting your

But it is true!

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 03-Apr-24 18:12:11

The pieces written by the so-called journalists on our local paper are appalling.

Greenfinch Wed 03-Apr-24 18:14:26

Your welcome!🤣🤣

JamesandJon33 Wed 03-Apr-24 18:42:18

I had a friend whose DH wore a T-shirt, on the front of which was written

I am silently correcting your grammar.

Curtaintwitcher Thu 04-Apr-24 06:59:15

It's very rare for gransnet to make me laugh, but your post did. I understand exactly what you mean. However, it wouldn't really be diplomatic, if you live in a small community.
Perhaps you could make a comment along the lines of how poorly educated certain people are.

Calendargirl Thu 04-Apr-24 07:06:05

It’s the ‘chest of draws’ that I always notice.

Probably the ‘chest’ part marries up with the ‘knicker’ part.

Greta Thu 04-Apr-24 07:18:50

It doesn't help though that it's considered rude to point out errors. Even teachers were advised to ignore mistakes because "it's the meaning that counts". So how to people learn the correct spelling/grammar?

Grammaretto Thu 04-Apr-24 08:17:28

Very funny ferry23
I love the desk dairy too.
My pet hate is very unique
Everyone does it now.
It makes no sense. It's either unique or it's not.

Chocolatelovinggran Thu 04-Apr-24 08:43:28

Pedants of GN unite- we have nothing to lose except for the misplaced apostrophe!
Sometimes I am not correcting grammar silently, but verbally. I have been known to harangue a television presenter from my sofa .

Witzend Thu 04-Apr-24 11:33:37


My daughter gave me a cotton shopping bag last year. I have never dared use it outside the house. It reads:

I am silently
correcting your

But it is true!

I’d like one of those!
But I’d have to add, ‘…and spelling’!

ferry23 Thu 04-Apr-24 14:43:49

I'm ancient enough to have sat "O" levels in both English Language and English Literature - considered as two totally subjects back in those good old days. Those times where the teachers came to morning assembly wearing their cap and gown.

We had a very scary, very large English Language teacher. If you can imagine the "face that launched a thousand ships" - hers was the polar opposite. We dreaded her - and as luck would have it I managed to be in her class probably 5 out of the 7 years I was there. But my goodness did she teach grammar. Hours and hours of breaking down sentences - subject, object, predicate etc. And I shall take to my grave -

A preposition is something you should never end a sentence WITH.

Passed down to my daughter who is probably more pedantic than I am ( or should that just be "I"?) wink

ferry23 Thu 04-Apr-24 14:45:40

Actually, that should read...

....Those times WHEN

Hoisted myself on my own petard there

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 04-Apr-24 14:50:46

Something I also will take to my grave - and yes, I too sat those O levels. Those were the days when English grammar was treated with appropriate importance.