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Autumn a-coming in and cat is reacting

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Imperfect27 Wed 13-Sep-17 22:48:22

My cat Lily seems very hungry lately. We usually give her up to 2 sachets of cat food a day and biscuits on the side. The past few days she has been mithering for more in between feeds. I think this must be because she needs to build up her winter coat. Also, she is not a lap cat, but has sat on me - for warmth I think - a couple of times in the past few days and is currently curled up by my side instead of out on her nightly hunting expeditions. Yes, autumn is a- coming in!

MawBroon Wed 13-Sep-17 22:54:01

I know the feeling, and can sympathise.
I have been STARVING lately!

merlotgran Wed 13-Sep-17 23:08:38

Our cat is constantly asking for food at the moment. Most of the summer she has lazed about on her favourite windowsill keeping cool but now she heads straight for her bowl as soon as she comes indoors.

Now she's getting on a bit she loves her biscuits softened with the juice from a tin of her beloved tuna and when she sees me reaching for the box of pouches her purring goes up a gear.

Won't be long before she starts asking to stay in at night.

Imperfect27 Wed 13-Sep-17 23:13:22

Yes, definitely change of season hunger I think. Lily is an adept hunter - catches things daily, but seems to have downed claws for the moment smile. She is a rescue cat and we are not sure how old she is, but we got her 5 years ago so I think she is touching on the beginning of middle age now.

Nice to have her snuggled here. Perhaps she will change into a lap cat in time after all.

paddyann Wed 13-Sep-17 23:48:07

ours is a year and 3 months old so this will be his first winter as an outdoor cat..he was supposed to be a house cat,until he escaped.We haven't had a cat since our last one died nearly 30 years ago so I'm a bit concerned about him going out in the cold .Should I attempt to keep him inside over the winter?

Imperfect27 Thu 14-Sep-17 00:01:39

paddyann I understand your reticence, but I think, as he has found his freedom, that it would be very hard to confine him once again. His coat will thicken and he will adapt to the colder climate. I think it likely you will find he chooses to be in much more at night, but try to let him come and go without worrying. Cats are clever and he will find what suits him best.

Alima Thu 14-Sep-17 05:47:20

Ooh, no one told ours that their coats would thicken for winter. They may just pop outside for a quick mooch then straight back to bed. May, our particularly wilful cat, has been so much easier to get in at night for the last week or so. They do like their comforts.

Christinefrance Thu 14-Sep-17 08:34:12

Our cat spent the day inside yesterday normally he is out hunting all day and nigh. He honours us with several visits a day for food and to annoy the dogs. smile

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