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I organised adopting her, but who does she love, adore and worship?

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phoenix Sat 01-Aug-20 20:15:58

Yes, Mr P!

Does he change the litter tray? No. Does he deal with it when she vomits indoors? No.

Does he remove the odd dead rodent that she brings in? No.

I'm the servant, he is her idol!

MissAdventure Sat 01-Aug-20 20:25:31

I love cats for just that reason.

They're their own people, or as my friend's daughter put it, "they're users". smile

phoenix Sat 01-Aug-20 20:38:29

Very true, MissA!

But luckily (?) Oliver Sprout is a mum's boy! Although I could do without being woken up by a cold nosed head bump! smile

SueDonim Sat 01-Aug-20 20:42:06

Is she a new rescue, Phoenix? She’s lovely!

ElaineI Sat 01-Aug-20 20:48:06

Gorgeous cat!

phoenix Sat 01-Aug-20 20:50:56

No, SueDonim she's been with us for a year or 2 (time flies!) She is lovely, quite small, hence being called Minnie (she was Tasha while at Cats Protection) but she is a bit of a baggage!

Absolutely adores Mr P, stands on the landing, between the banister and launches herself onto him as he walks down the stairs! He appears in the kitchen with a small black cat on his shoulder!

Callistemon Sat 01-Aug-20 21:09:08

Dogs think they are human
Cats know they are Gods

Galaxy Sat 01-Aug-20 21:18:24

She is lovely. I love photos of peoples cats. We cant have one at the moment (looks accusingly at the house rabbit).

biba70 Sat 01-Aug-20 21:20:00

same here, with all the pets we have rescued in the past...

maddyone Sat 01-Aug-20 21:33:23

Oh I’m another one, I adore cats. Our last old boy was a Bengal, very sleek, hugely energetic (my mother in law compared him to a racehorse) full of cheeky character, with the most weird and loud meow you ever heard. He was a stray, possibly abandoned by an unscrupulous breeder, near our daughter’s rental house in London when she was at university there. He moved in with her as soon as she fed him. Enquires were made, no one reported him missing, and he wasn’t microchipped. So she kept him. When she finished university she brought him home, and he remained with us after that, even though our daughter moved out.
Last year, after thirteen years with us, he developed tumours and died. I miss him, and our other cats so much. We decided not to get another cat at this time, as we were travelling a lot, although we have wonderful neighbours who cared for him when we weren’t here. However, during the Coronavirus crisis, I missed having a cat so much more. They are such a comfort and so good for mental health. In my low moments, I would have loved to have been able to just sit and stroke our Leopard cat.

phoenix Sat 01-Aug-20 21:35:54

Galaxy house rabbits and cats can cohabit!

PinkCakes Sat 01-Aug-20 21:53:16

My cat is just the same - he loves his Dad!

Galaxy Sat 01-Aug-20 21:54:55

You havent met my rabbit Phoenix, we love him but he's a bugger grin

SueDonim Sun 02-Aug-20 00:16:11

She’s so cute, Phoenix! Both our cats jump onto dh’s shoulder. The big one weighs 16lbs so it’s quite a thud when he lands. Here’s a photo of the wee one, a mere 11lb, on Dh.

grandtanteJE65 Sun 02-Aug-20 11:11:50

Fairly typical behaviour for a female cat, they prefer men, it seems.

DH wants a female next time, as he has been more or less ignored for the last 13 years, with two male cats in the house for the first 10 years. The survivor does condescend to speak to him when he misses his brother!