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I have calico withdrawal symptoms...

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Dragonella Fri 22-Jan-21 00:25:48

Not mine, but she used to come and visit me every day... then the family moved away. sad

I miss her.

Care to share pics of yours?

FannyCornforth Fri 22-Jan-21 01:25:54

Hello Dragonella
Unfortunately I can't post photos from my phone but there are two of my cat on the Night Owls thread.
I think that they are at the top of page 3.
I'm not sure if she is a Calico. I haven't heard that term for a while and I'd forgotten it. I always think of her as tortie and white.
Do you have a cat of your own?

FannyCornforth Fri 22-Jan-21 01:27:32

Nope - photos are on page 2 of Night Owls.

shysal Fri 22-Jan-21 09:20:21

Not mine but Luna belongs to a neighbour. I haven't seen her for a year so she is no longer a kitten.

I had a calico cat called Cleo many years ago, she was the first cat I had after marriage.

GagaJo Fri 22-Jan-21 09:23:26

My lovely calico with her adopted brother.

For a calico she is unusually friendly. Also very good natured and has tolerated my grandson's behavour well. Only put him in his place once.

geekesse Fri 22-Jan-21 09:26:23

Here’s one:

Sparklefizz Fri 22-Jan-21 09:31:07

My beautiful Lottie.

GagaJo Fri 22-Jan-21 09:39:38

Aren't they all gorgeous?! Lovely cats. 😻🐈

LadyGracie Fri 22-Jan-21 09:51:40

Paddy my moggy, 2 years old, a proper character.

GagaJo Fri 22-Jan-21 09:54:50

He looks full of personality LadyGracie.

FannyCornforth Fri 22-Jan-21 10:04:42

This is Rosie, my Maine Coon. Is she calico?
Sparklefizz, she looks like a long haired version of your Lottie!

I hope that you don't mind the rogue inclusion of my dog,LadyGracie asked about her namesake (well, her granddaughter's, actually) on another thread.

FannyCornforth Fri 22-Jan-21 10:07:27

Your two look so loving GagaJo smile

GagaJo Fri 22-Jan-21 10:18:26

He is exceptionally loving of her, FannyCornforth. She, however, is a little madam and is OK with or without him. I hope for his sake, he goes first. But she is the unhealthy fatty, so that is doubtful.

Dragonella Fri 22-Jan-21 13:13:14

smile They are all beautiful! thanks for cheering me up flowers

Sparklefizz Fri 22-Jan-21 15:07:37

FannyCornforth My Lottie is actually half Turkish Van (which I had never heard of but googled to learn more.) Turkish Van cats have very bushy tails like a fox's brush, and the people I got her from had both parent cats, and the dad was a huge Turkish Van cat, more the size of a Maine Coon.

Your lovely Rosie looks like she might be half TV too.

Sparklefizz Fri 22-Jan-21 15:08:31

Beautiful photos of gorgeous pets. I could look at them all day!

FannyCornforth Sat 23-Jan-21 04:18:05

Sparklefizz are Turkish Vans the ones that like water?
Rosie is 100% Maine Coon. She was bred by my aunty who is a top breeder. (This isn't a snobby thing - I hope that it doesn't sound it!)
Sir Roy Strong has one of my aunty's cats, she took me to meet him! (This bit probably is a snobby thing! smile)

FannyCornforth Sat 23-Jan-21 04:19:22

Sparklefizz - what is Lottie's personality like?

Sparklefizz Sat 23-Jan-21 09:18:17

FannyCornforth Yes, Turkish Vans love water and there are actually film clips on YouTube of them swimming in the sea off the Van area of Turkey. Lottie has always loved water and will sit happily in a puddle and splash with her paws.

She is also extremely lively and very vocal with a much louder meow than normal.

What is Rosie like?

Nandalot Sat 23-Jan-21 09:32:16

This is Molly. She is currently sitting on the bed waiting for me to finish my morning cuppa and iPad perusal. She is getting impatient because after that she knows she will be groomed and get her morning Dreamies.

Nandalot Sat 23-Jan-21 09:35:03

Sorry, hijacked thread. Molly is not a Calico but she is the sweetest tempered cat we have ever had. Will accept being carted around by DGD and has never raised a paw in anger!

GagaJo Sat 23-Jan-21 09:40:00

Lovely girl then. My calico girl (above) tolerated my DGS being a bit of a lout for 2 years but has decided now to take no more of his s**t. He took his slightly scratched hand to his mum last week saying in amazement 'X hit me!' Hopefully he will learn to show her more respect now.

LadyGracie Sat 23-Jan-21 09:44:37

Paddy my present moggy is definitely a personality.

My previous 2 BSH were positively regal.

I love all cats and would love another but I’d hate to put Paddy’s nose out!

My sister runs a cat charity, her present count of her own cats is 18.

MiniMoon Sat 23-Jan-21 10:45:37

Dragonella, we had a visiting cat too. He came every day. He would hunt in the garden, caught mice and rats, I even saw him with a mole one day.
He would come inside and sit on DH's knee.
His family moved away too, and we miss him. I never knew his name.

Jaxjacky Sat 23-Jan-21 11:41:05

Opening this thread surprised me, the only Calico I’d heard of is fabric!!