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earnshaw Sat 17-Apr-21 22:48:31

yet another occasion of dog bites child, a dog , not on a lead, attacked a child in london park, the father said it was like a shark attack, the dog owner seemed to feel it was the childs fault because she was running away,

keepingquiet Sat 17-Apr-21 23:26:49

The law is incapable of doing anything against dog owners and so they get away with murder. I believe the law should be changed so any attack endangering life should hold a severe sentence for the dog owner. Nothing will be done because no one dare campaign for it as it would lose votes.

sodapop Sun 18-Apr-21 08:34:43

Absolutely agree keepingquiet I am a dog lover but despair of the irresponsible owners who put people in danger.

keepingquiet Sun 18-Apr-21 12:28:28

Yep- most people are responsible and sensible dog owners just as most people don't go around attacking others. The difference is their is a law protecting me from being attacked on the street by a person, but not one that protects me from a dog.
A minority of dog owners know this and use that freedom to endanger others without redress.

Iam64 Sun 18-Apr-21 12:39:23

I own a three year old spaniel and six month old lab. I’ve always lived with dogs, rescued and fostered several. I’ve never had a dog who attacked another dog or human.
I read this week, there are 2million more dogs in the UK since lock down. I sometimes feel most of these are running wild in areas I’ve walked my dogs safely for years.
My dog trainer friends are inundated with young dogs / 6 month old puppies whose owners never had a dog before, and struggling.
I’m going to ask Google but my understanding is owners can and have been prosecuted as a result of their dogs behaviour.

janeainsworth Sun 18-Apr-21 12:55:14

I like to think I’m generally a tolerant person but I do think something needs to be done about this

keepingquiet Sun 18-Apr-21 14:45:04

Interesting article but says little about prosecution/fines or prison terms. Sounds to me that some would protect dogs rather than children. Dogs are animals and should be respected a s such.

Calendargirl Sun 18-Apr-21 15:09:01

Far too many people own dogs who shouldn’t, simple as that

Dee1012 Sun 18-Apr-21 15:30:00

My father bred German Shepherds and I grew up surrounded by these beautiful dog's. I was also taught by my parents how to behave around animals.
I've had dog's all of my life and like another poster said, none have ever bitten or hurt another human or animal simply because they were/are trained and socialised properly, they are on a lead outdoors and their recall is 100%.
I've often thought that children should be taught how to behave around animals in school if parents won't or can't, last week alone a total of 3 children ran up to my dog's to stroke them, one little girl even threw her arms around my big lad's neck for a cuddle! At no point did they or their parents ask if they could / were my dog's okay with this etc! ...I do believe this would help in some way and I'M NOT in any way excusing dog attacks.
It's also far too easy to obtain a dog without any knowledge of the breed or its needs.
It's a massive issue...

keepingquiet Sun 18-Apr-21 16:50:45

Absolutely Dee1012- who decides who should or shouldn't have dogs though? It is a political hot potato no one will touch. It will take something very serious before anything is done.

25Avalon Sun 18-Apr-21 17:05:40

I took my 5 month old lab on a lead last Sunday to the recreation ground with my dd and gd who were going into the fenced off children’s playground. As I waited loads of big dogs came charging in off their leads to run round the rec field. Yes they were friendly dogs (labs) who responded to their owners but my little puppy was terrified and any little tots could easily have been knocked over.

Peasandcues Sun 18-Apr-21 17:27:53

Agree with OP and PPs. I have two dogs, both working dogs - not always the best behaved dogs as no dog is,but they are ALWAYS on the lead due to living in an area that has a lot of livestock. I have a secure garden where they can run to their heart's content with no neighbours close. Outside of our boundary, they're on the lead. There is a large problem of far too many dogs in the UK, and while many would recommend rescues, people don't always know what they're getting. Backyard breeding is a growing problem, but I think the amount of rescue centres is telling of the problem the UK has with dogs that are in need of rehoming.

I do agree that so many children aren't aware how to treat dogs, same can be said for adults. Dogs are canines, they should be treated as canines and not fluffy toys or accessories. The root of the dog pandemic is very much that we now have far too many dogs in need of rehoming.

JaneJudge Sun 18-Apr-21 17:36:37

I have always had rescue dogs since a child and had quite difficult rescues sometimes when my children were young. I really don't understand why people are so reckless as to let a dog off lead or alone with children who cannot be trusted. the dog I have now is also a rescue and does have some issues but I keep it on lead and know when it might act out of character and it isn't even aggressive! sad

that said i have met enough idiots who have dogs who let them come and have a go at mine on lead

Iam64 Sun 18-Apr-21 17:46:59

25 Avalon, I had a similar experience near the children’s play area in our park. My grandchildren were using the equipment, supervised by grandpa. I was teaching my 5 month old lab to sit quietly outside the play area.
I have always believed all dogs should be on lead near the play area. Anyone who sees on on lead dog either puts theirs on lead or if we’ll trained, gets their dog to heel ignoring everything.
I believe we are heading for significant trouble as all these poorly socialised, untrained, frankly spoiled ‘fur babies’ continue to cause mayhem.

foxie48 Sun 18-Apr-21 18:29:55

Dogs need proper training and socialisation, unfortunately a lot of new owners got puppies last year when it was impossible to socialise them or take them to training classes. It's hard work training dogs properly and sadly too many people don't bother. People also buy from puppy farms, you really need to sure how your puppy has been bred and preferably see both parents (or at least the mum) to know it's going to be OK. A conscientious breeder will always check out a potential owner and the best never need to advertise.

Casdon Sun 18-Apr-21 18:44:30

There actually aren’t lots of dogs who need rehoming at the moment, I know because I’ve I’ve been looking to do a rehome. A lot of people took dogs for rehoming during lockdown, and not many new dogs are coming into the rehoming centres at the moment. There is however a huge problem with dog thefts.

Dogs that are rehomed from centres are actually much less likely to have a problem you’re not aware of than buying one privately, because they are thoroughly assessed, and often fostered before adoption to make sure their rehoming meets their needs (they may have problems, but at least you know about them).

Iam64 Sun 18-Apr-21 21:00:42

Casdon, the specific breed charity I volunteer for expected an influx of lockdown puppies/young dogs. Sadly, rather than relinquish and have the dog assessed then matched for adoption by experienced people, it seems dogs are being sold.

These poor creatures have often been bred in puppy farms from unsuitable parents, sold for inflated prices, given a poor start before their first home, not given the proper care then sold on like second hand cars

Casdon Sun 18-Apr-21 21:29:32

That’s dreadful Iam64, I knew lots of dogs were being stolen from their owners for breeding or resale, and I’m paranoid about my dog not being one of them, I’d never let him off the lead in public just in case. I hadn’t made the connection between the rescue centres having very few dogs for adoption and why though, those poor dogs being treated like commodities.

NanaandGrampy Sun 18-Apr-21 21:32:09

I totally agree with Iams comments!

I’m another who has dogs all my life and when our children were small they got just as much training as our dogs and we replicated that with our grandchildren .

I am saddened when out on a walk and we meet a small child who is terrified of dogs , we take a great deal of care to control our dog near people for that very reason. But I feel even non dog owning families need to work on how to interact and act around dogs .

It would be safer for all concerned .

Iam64 Sun 18-Apr-21 22:11:35

NanandGrampy, yes to non dog owning families having information about dogs. Pre lockdown I was walking through a market town in the Lakes when a girl of about four grabbed my spaniel around her middle, from behind the dog. Luckily my spaniel is a gentle, calm girl and No reaction. Child’s mother laughed, said “I’m always telling her not to do that”. The family walked off as I called they were lucky the child hadn’t been bitten

Given the number of dog owners who think they know better than dog trainers and don’t go to training groups, I think we are on a loser expecting non dog people to be better informed

Taylor2016 Sun 18-Apr-21 22:21:17

I was walking on a Sunday morning end of February when a large breed of dog ran at me knocked me over from behind. Owner was walking ahead of me unaware of event's - 6 weeks in plaster now in a boot for another 5 due to dislocated ankle along with four breaks, metal plate and eight pins. My sister has had to move in with me and adaptions to my home. I get one month sick pay from work, awaiting on a decision from dog owner insurance.

Iam64 Mon 19-Apr-21 07:21:50

Taylor2016, a dreadful thing to happen. It sounds as though the owner had third part insurance, something all dog owners need. Hope you’re compensated

janeainsworth Mon 19-Apr-21 08:02:31

Taylor2016 I think I’d be suing for damages through a solicitor rather than waiting on the dog owner’s insurance company.
I hope they’re going to compensate you not only for loss of earnings, but for pain, modifications to your home, your sister’s costs, and future disability.

Ellianne Mon 19-Apr-21 08:14:22

I would never trust any dog 100% even my own. Luckily they walk away from trouble but can be bouncy and are strong.
The vet told us last week he is seeing more and more dogs after lockdown who are not microchipped and who aren't vaccinated. Their provenance is very dubious. There could be big problems ahead.
That must have been awful for you Taylor2016.

sodapop Mon 19-Apr-21 09:05:44

So sorry to hear that Taylor hope you make a good recovery. I agree with Janeainsworth this accident has had a massive impact on your life.