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My little Loki

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Coco51 Thu 13-May-21 12:41:37

Named after the Norse God of mischief - and boy, does he live up to it!

Septimia Thu 13-May-21 12:59:34

Does he know he's a mischief? I've had cats that look at you so knowingly you could swear they were doing it deliberately.
Loki is gorgeous!

EllanVannin Thu 13-May-21 13:17:38

I love it grin Paw in the cup.

grandtanteJE65 Thu 13-May-21 13:25:25

You did ask for it, calling him Loki, didn't you? Freia was the only member of that pantheon whom Loki was afraid of, so perhaps you should consider a female companion named Freia?

He looks absolutely adorable, although I personally would sternly discourage romping around on the kitchen table.

It is the kitchen table, isn't it?

Hithere Thu 13-May-21 13:27:39

awwwww, too cute.

Look at that innocent face: "what? I didnt do anything!"

crazyH Thu 13-May-21 13:29:36

Such a cute little thing !

Puzzler61 Thu 13-May-21 13:30:11

I’ve just fallen in love with your little Loki “Coco”.

Aveline Thu 13-May-21 13:31:41

Well named!

SueDonim Thu 13-May-21 13:55:02

Those big, innocent eyes! ❤️

What breed is he?

Namsnanny Thu 13-May-21 14:04:38

What a beautiful cat!

Callistemon Thu 13-May-21 14:17:19

It is the kitchen table, isn't it?
I think he's doing the washing up.

I'm not a cat person but he is adorable

MayBee70 Thu 13-May-21 14:19:03

Is he an Abyssinian?

Grandmajean Thu 13-May-21 14:28:55

He's gorgeous. The cleverest ( and most devious ) cat we ever had was an Oriental Black . We kept finding the front door open and accusing members of the family until one day we saw him ( from outside ) jump up with all four paws and push the handle down to let himself in !

MayBee70 Thu 13-May-21 14:30:30

When we had a Burmese we had to change all the internal door handles.

Grandmajean Thu 13-May-21 14:31:42

Here he is. Sadly long gone.

Grandmajean Thu 13-May-21 14:35:15

This same Oriental also managed to open the fridge ( but only dragged out a cucumber ) We got Mothercare locks for fridge and freezer after that !

MayBee70 Thu 13-May-21 14:50:40

I’ll never forget the first Burmese kitten we had. It climbed up me, looked me in the eyes and I realised I was dealing with something very different to all the other cats I’d had before.

Coco51 Fri 14-May-21 11:15:14

He’s a Singapura. Just getting to that awkward teenage phase!

Coco51 Fri 14-May-21 11:16:09

MayBee70 He tries that on too!

MayBee70 Fri 14-May-21 11:20:41

I’m afraid that Orientals never leave the difficult teenage phase....shock

B9exchange Fri 14-May-21 11:36:38

Maybee too right. Ours scale the curtains, prize the cover off the air vent, fish the wires out from under the wine fridge, knock the orchids off the windowsill, climb over the coals in the fireplace and walk the dirt on the sofa, chew the rubber feet off the ironing board and rip the cover to shreds, walk across the keyboard and delete anything highlighted, take the cover off the boiler and scrunch up the newly ironed pile of clothes and sleep on it, meaning it has to be done again. But they are incredibly affectionate and adore visitors! Loki is irresistible!

B9exchange Fri 14-May-21 11:37:40

Apologies, jumper was not meant to be included! 😂