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Photo time of our furry friends

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Neen Thu 23-Sep-21 15:15:59

Here is Rana roo. An 18 month old Saluki...over to you x

FannyCornforth Thu 23-Sep-21 15:23:17

Where is she? smileI love Salukis, they have fab ears

FannyCornforth Thu 23-Sep-21 15:23:54

Ooh what happened there? blush
Lovely doggos

FannyCornforth Thu 23-Sep-21 15:24:20

She’s stunning!

JaneJudge Thu 23-Sep-21 15:27:47

Gosh she's lovely, does she talk to you?

Grandmajean Thu 23-Sep-21 15:51:37


Aldom Thu 23-Sep-21 16:20:35

Hello, here's my Grandcat.

PinkCakes Thu 23-Sep-21 16:31:41

My Mr Cooper. Since the photo, he's had to have an eye removed (another cay scratched his cornea and it was badly damaged). He's a lovely boy

Neen Thu 23-Sep-21 18:27:42

Love seeing other pets. Keep them coming.
Yes she talks to me. Some very bizar sounds indeed. She's completely unique x

LadyGracie Thu 23-Sep-21 21:30:49

Paddy, my slightly mad, enormous black neutered tom.

Shandy57 Thu 23-Sep-21 21:36:51

This is my arthritic sheltie in his new Togfit Roadster stroller. He walks a bit and rides a bit, but riding is becoming the norm.

MayBee70 Thu 23-Sep-21 21:37:30

Winnie with rabbit, her first ever cuddly. She’s never destroyed any of her toys even though she destroys everything else!

Neen Thu 23-Sep-21 21:55:05

Love this 💕

SueDonim Thu 23-Sep-21 22:43:48

Oh my, what a beautiful face your dog has! So elegant! She is how I aspire to be in life, though I’ve sadly failed in my efforts so far. grin She is what my DDs call ‘skinny friends’. My youngest dd wants an Italian greyhound and will carry it about inside her coat, she says.

Such beautiful cats and dogs here. They all are, really, aren’t they?

Here are my boys. We lost the one on the right in June. We were bereft, he’s left a cat-sized hole in our lives. sad

Neen Thu 23-Sep-21 23:05:08

Look at those cats..... smile

Neen Thu 23-Sep-21 23:08:39

MayBee70 Rana loves soft toys.
( Carboots is where we take them home from for her usually ) and as the car pulls up and she stands tall at the window and I see her through the net and wave her new toy, she shoots round to the kitchen door and gets so excited she puts out her paw 4 or 5 times and gently takes the new addition and runs of with it.

MayBee70 Thu 23-Sep-21 23:09:43

Sue. Are they Russian Blues?

SueDonim Thu 23-Sep-21 23:25:56

Yes, they are, Maybee. We got them five years ago as rescues from Cats Protection League. Their owners were posted abroad for work and couldn’t take them. Sad day for them, a lucky day for us.

They’re just the softest, daftest, silliest cats you can imagine. Neither of them has much of a brain and they think their purpose in life is to drape themelves over us and be loved. They’re indoor cats, and have no interest in the big wide world. When we had a mouse inside, they sat about six inches away from it and watched it run about right in front of them. hmm grin

I say ‘they’ even though we only have the one, now. I feel like the other is still here somewhere. ❤️

Aldom Fri 24-Sep-21 05:00:56

And here is my Granddog.
He's very affectionate. Always sits next to me when I visit my family.

fatgran57 Fri 24-Sep-21 05:53:08

Two of these are not furry friends but feathered ones instead but I thought they would provide a smile.

The rainbow lorikeet and the canary were both "strays" as are all out pets - sadly we only have the $1,000 cat (don't ask - vets bills grin) left now and he is very old. After he goes that's it cannot bear any more grief when they go.

Maya1 Fri 24-Sep-21 11:04:39

Lovely photos of your gorgeous pets.
Shandy57, what a great idea is that walker. Doesn't he look comfty.
Here is our finn.
Hope it posts. My first photo.

libra10 Fri 24-Sep-21 11:09:02

They're all lovely!

Here's Barney to say 'Wooff'!

Elless Fri 24-Sep-21 11:09:25

These were my two British Inuits unfortunately both passed now I miss them so much.

Witzend Fri 24-Sep-21 11:12:33

All these lovely photos are making me broody!

No furry friends any more, alas, but this is Spike O’Saurus, our prehistoric tortoise.
At least there are no vet’s bills, and he doesn’t mind the odd robin pooing on his shell.

SueDonim Fri 24-Sep-21 13:10:11

So many lovely pets! I’d love a bird. My bro and I had budgies when we were kids. They were such fun. We had a tortoise, too. He was found wandering along a street. No one claimed him so he came to live with us. Probably the least troublesome pet we ever had!