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Grannyben Wed 20-Apr-22 18:55:05

Maybe a few months ago, I was reading a post about feeding dogs. Quite a few people mentioned an online site which lists most dog foods and rates them as to how healthy they actually are.
I can't find it now. Would anyone remember what it was called.
Thank you.

BlueBalou Wed 20-Apr-22 21:05:42
I think this is the one, hope it helps 😊

DiscoGran Wed 20-Apr-22 21:35:32

I read somewhere that it's author isn't an expert, so would be dubious. Just saying.......

Casdon Wed 20-Apr-22 21:43:04

It’s run by an independent person, but it uses the stated ingredients by percentage to rate each food. I think it’s a good guide, better that than an expert who is beholden to a manufacturer.

Grannyben Wed 20-Apr-22 22:37:40

Thank you so much. That's the one BlueBalou.

georgiejg Wed 20-Apr-22 23:02:09

Depends on age, breed, exercise and affordability and what suits each individual dog. For years ours have been on Skinners, works for all of ours

lilypollen Wed 20-Apr-22 23:03:06

Not quite on topic but I would love to know the calories in dog foods. It is required for humans and as I feed my two a combination of wet and dry food getting the balance right is trial and error. Incidentally it is much less than the guidelines on the packs.

Daisymae Thu 21-Apr-22 08:06:43

Ok, I know this does not add to the sun if knowledge but I've had dogs who lived happily on the tinned dog food of the day, plus any leftovers going. I fed current dog kibble as I was told it was the best and later found a wet food that she loves. I still feel bad about those years I kept her on kibble.

Maya1 Thu 21-Apr-22 08:15:55

I wish l knew which was the best dog food for my dog. I have tried many over the years. He has ibd, so we have a lot of stomach upsets.
At the moment he is on grain free chicken and sweet potato with fresh boiled chicken mixed in. He won't eat kibble by itself. The kibble has to be small otherwise he won't eat it, he is a big border collie.

Iam64 Thu 21-Apr-22 08:18:19

Georgijg, I changed my two from Origen to Skinners fish several months ago. It’s good is t it, I also feed butternut box - they love the combination.

DillytheGardener Thu 21-Apr-22 08:24:18

I feed mine steamed chicken breast and kibble, I soak the kibble when they get a bit older and their teeth aren’t so good.
I currently feed them Lily’s Kitchen, (I moved them onto this after I fed them it when on holiday and ran out of their normal brand and they both love it) but they both pass gas a lot, so looking to switch brands.

Chardy Thu 21-Apr-22 08:44:05

We had terrible problems with our puppy's digestion for over a year when we got her. Belonging to a large veterinary practice and hospital, we were given various advice, but nothing worked. Then one recommended something that did.
However my point is that just because it works for my dog, doesn't mean that's useful advice for anyone else. Or even that it'll work for her when she's older! It's Hills prescription z/d.

Georgesgran Thu 21-Apr-22 09:27:35

Having kept dogs (10 at one time) for years, I can recommend Skinner’s too. We used Working23 - the 23 refers to the perception of protein.
I’ve recommended friends use it instead of wet food, which is generally low protein, full of water, ash and God knows what else, if you read the labels. Even DD2s little ones love their variety of it.

Audi10 Sun 24-Apr-22 12:58:11

We use Raw superfood natures menu for our dogs! Not the cheapest but no health issues with our dogs so far

Blondiescot Sun 24-Apr-22 13:20:27

Our boy is raw fed and thriving on it.

Charleygirl5 Sun 24-Apr-22 13:40:10

Chardy that is what my vet recommended for my cat and she loved it- not wasting anything. When she was alive I found the cheapest online and both of us were happy.

Zoejory Sun 24-Apr-22 13:41:22

One of my dogs is exceptionally fussy. The others will eat anything. But this little madam will only eat pouches from Marks and Spencer. Which is ridiculous.

kissngate Sun 24-Apr-22 13:50:30

One of our previous dogs had terrible tum upsets until we changed to CSJ dog food. Tried different options but settled on CP21 which is salmon based plus a small amount of wet food. No more upset tum.

watermeadow Tue 26-Apr-22 12:59:48

For years dogs have been fed dried kibble, like factory-farmed pigs. It’s junk food, full of cheap fillers including straw and minimal meat. Dogs were better off in the days when they were fed leftovers and bones.
Don’t ask a vet, they receive scant training on nutrition and are paid by manufacturers to sell their processed rubbish.

Blondiescot Tue 26-Apr-22 17:54:05

watermeadow - well said. Vets will often recommend a certain brand of dog food for various special diets - and there's a good reason for that, as you say. I worked in a vet's surgery for a short time and if clients ever asked about their dog's diet, we were told we had to recommend the particular brand which was sold in the surgery.

Fennel Tue 26-Apr-22 20:34:35

Blondiescot that's how we fed ours.
She was a pickie eater but always appreciated a smelly bone.
She lived to 15.

barbartleus Sat 28-May-22 15:31:21

My dog doesn't eat anything so can you recommend me the best dog food you know?

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 28-May-22 19:42:09

What do you mean by ‘doesn’t eat anything’? If your dog ate nothing it would die. You can’t be serious.

Ailidh Sat 28-May-22 19:56:12

My two Rommies have very delicate digestions - one because he was born on the streets, and grew up eating anything he could, and that's done damage; and the other because he's very old.
They're not at all fussy what they eat but lots of "good" dog food makes them ill, and I'm fussy about what I have to clean up afterwards.

We've settled on Co-op's own brand, grain-free kibble mixed with a little tinned, gravied dog food.

Previous dogs ate any dog food, also scrambled egg, fish skins, boiled chicken and rice, porridge, anything going,

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 28-May-22 20:01:02

Well done for giving them a good life.