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Dog owners again.

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MissAdventure Wed 17-Aug-22 21:00:48

I am really not saying this to start a bundle, but how do some not seem to hear their dogs barking?

They are all a fair enough distance away, but there must be at least 4 different dogs from different directions which bark almost incessantly.

As I say, its little more than an irritant to me, as I'm deaf far enough away, but how can owners put up with it?

Kate1949 Wed 17-Aug-22 21:05:40

There is a bit of a similar thread under AIBU. I don't want to say much but we have one two doors down that yaps constantly. It's yapping when we get up and yapping when we go to bed. It never pauses for breath. If the owners are in the garden with it, they just shout louder so they can hear each other. They don't seem approachable. We don't know how they stand it.

MissAdventure Wed 17-Aug-22 21:09:04

There is one somewhere round here that barks all night.
All on one note.
Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof woof. Woof.
It's fine if I drop off quickly, but once I've heard it, it really aggravates me.
Perhaps the owners work all night?

Kate1949 Wed 17-Aug-22 21:10:44

Maybe. The one around here stops about midnight.

MissAdventure Wed 17-Aug-22 21:12:53

I think mine work in shifts. grin

Kate1949 Wed 17-Aug-22 21:13:29


Georgesgran Wed 17-Aug-22 22:09:38

When we first moved here - the builder let us have the keys before the sale was finalized, so we could get carpets etc. laid prior to moving in. One day I had to be there to await a delivery and realized that the dog (a big German shepherd)in the house behind ours barked non-stop. It lived outside during the day, the owners worked and I was ready to strangle it with my bare hands after 6 hours!
It got to the stage where I was considering pulling out of the sale, but DH reasoned that I was out myself quite a lot during the day, so we moved here.
About 6 months later, it’s tether snapped and it jumped the back hedge and was killed on the main road.
We had working spaniels and they are trained not to give tongue (bark) especially outdoors.

BigBertha1 Wed 17-Aug-22 22:26:18

Lots of people here with yappy dogs on long leads that wrap round everybody s legs. They let them pee on your garden as they wander off up the road on their long lead. I rarely see a well behaved dog here. I do love a well trained dog but it's rare to see sadly.

Baggytrazzas Wed 17-Aug-22 23:01:48


There is one somewhere round here that barks all night.
All on one note.
Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof woof. Woof.
It's fine if I drop off quickly, but once I've heard it, it really aggravates me.
Perhaps the owners work all night?

HI, it does sound as though its been left too long on its own, either indoors out outside possibly in a kennel. If you were able to track down the address you could ask Council or RSPCA to check it out.

MissAdventure Wed 17-Aug-22 23:04:18

It just strikes me as strange, because the dog people must have houses or flats all around them.

I wonder what their neighbours think, or if it causes trouble.

Kate1949 Wed 17-Aug-22 23:08:01

I think it probably bothers people but they are afraid to speak to the owners. I know we are.

MissAdventure Wed 17-Aug-22 23:11:25

The only dog owner we've ever had with a dog around here was my daughter!!

I do know, though, that it caused her to cry many a time, because she tried so hard, all the time to train "it" out of the dog.

MissAdventure Wed 17-Aug-22 23:12:51

A dog owner with a dog??? I have surpassed myself there!

Baggytrazzas Wed 17-Aug-22 23:30:25

If the owners were around they would stop the dog from barking, I'm sure. Could it be someone who has gone on holiday leaving the dog at home, maybe with just someone popping in to feed it?

Kate1949 Wed 17-Aug-22 23:41:24

I beg to differ Baggytrazzas. As I said in my post, the owners of our yapper are there and if they are in the garden with it yapping, they just shout over it. They are not on holiday. This has been going on for months.

MissAdventure Wed 17-Aug-22 23:49:29

I'm really not complaining or asking for advice.

I'm just musing at whether people eat, watch tv, get ready for bed, all with a playlist of barcks on constantly.

MissAdventure Wed 17-Aug-22 23:49:52


Kate1949 Wed 17-Aug-22 23:56:51

They seem oblivious MissA

MissAdventure Thu 18-Aug-22 00:08:43

It wouldn't do for me, all that noise! My daughters dog used to get on my wick, barging about, treading over everyone and on my hammer toe! so they can keep up to date with the whole roads business. smile

Grammaretto Thu 18-Aug-22 02:49:33

There used to be a constantly yapping dog in the housing estate below my house. The noise was amplified by the valley sides.
It must have died or the people have moved. What a relief!
I didn't know you could train a dog not to bark?
Isn't that cruel?
Another reason not to get a dog.

Calendargirl Thu 18-Aug-22 06:44:22

Far too many people with dogs who shouldn’t have them.

Either out at work and poor dog left on its own, or just not given enough exercise or time.

Dogs must get bored too.

Yoginimeisje Thu 18-Aug-22 07:22:42

I never let my dog bark, if it does, usually a cat coming into the garden, I call it in straight away, give him a treat and say 'good boy'. I don't know why other dog owners let there dogs bark continually, if they did the same as me the dog would learn not to bark, easy.

What I hate hearing is a dog crying, have that here, really upsetting to hear, think maybe the dog was bought in lockdown and now owners going back to work and leaving it all day and then sometimes at the weekend, very sad. Can't quite pinpoint where it's coming from or I'd investigate further and make sure the dog was ok.

Blondiescot Thu 18-Aug-22 08:21:40

None of our dogs have ever been barkers - in fact, in all his 13 years, the only time we ever heard our old boy bark was when he was dreaming! However, we used to have neighbours across the street who always had Cairn terriers, and they were without exception, the worst little yappy things on the planet. One in particular yapped constantly - in the house or in the garden - and this was when they were with it! It's hard to describe their garden, but because the street is on a hill, their front garden was almost at eye level for anyone passing on the pavement - and this dog used to rush up to the edge of the garden yapping frantically at anyone it saw. One poor man got such a fright that he stepped out onto the road and almost got hit by a car! It got so bad that I actually complained to the council about the noise nuisance and they did get a warning, but it made no difference whatsoever.

sf101 Thu 18-Aug-22 09:14:51

Constant barking/yapping is a real pain and not easy to pinpoint where it is coming from.
Onthe other hand dogs can be a good warning to intruders, but not mine, she is a greyhound and would welcome anyone in silence with a bit of bouncing around.
In 2 years she has barked twice at cats!

Georgesgran Thu 18-Aug-22 09:21:08

No, not cruel Grammaretto. It’s the same idea as training a dog to sit, not jump up, give a paw or whatever. Dogs, in general, are programmed to please, so a little training every day, always ending in a high is a game for them.