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kircubbin2000 Sun 27-Nov-22 19:07:45

I've been thinking about getting a rescue kitten today and the lady who has them wants a donation. How much do you think would be reasonable. He is 4 months and had been neutered and treated for worms and sniffles.I haven't seen him yet but he looks nice.

Calendargirl Sun 27-Nov-22 19:30:46

Our local Cats Protection adoption fee is about £75, all neutering, jabs, de-fleaing etc included.

Sparklefizz Sun 27-Nov-22 19:32:19

The cats rescue place near me used to ask for £60 but that was a couple of years ago. They have had the cost of neutering, vaccinations, probably microchipping as well.

I bet he is lovely! I wish you lots of fun with your new baby.

MiniMoon Sun 27-Nov-22 19:33:31

You can adopt a cat from the RSPCA for between £35 - £50, so a donation of around that would seem fair.
Has the kitten been vaccinated? They need their first two sets of vaccinations by about 3 months. I'd also have him microchipped.

Joseanne Sun 27-Nov-22 19:34:34

We paid £80 this month at the RSPCA.
Enjoy him!

VioletSky Sun 27-Nov-22 19:47:59

I donated £100 when we adopted 2 kittens and sometimes cobtribute to theor amazon wish list.

I'm so happy for you and kitty, please post pictures

Oreo Sun 27-Nov-22 20:10:50

Lucky you kittylester I want a kitten but can’t have one😿
You are doing the rescue place a favour, I think a donation of
£25 is fine.
Post a pic of the kitten soon?

midgey Sun 27-Nov-22 20:44:29

My daughter paid eighty pounds for a rescue cat a year ago. I think £25 is not really enough! ( Do you remember the days when people were only too glad to get rid of kittens?)

Grandma70s Sun 27-Nov-22 20:58:46

If only I could have a kitten…..yes, they came free when I was young, but my son recently paid £500 for a Bengal kitten, not pedigree. I was horrified, but he didn’t seem bothered, and she is certainly a lovely cat.

kircubbin2000 Sun 27-Nov-22 22:33:09

Thanks, itll be later in the week before I can get him. Not vaccinated yet as he wasnt well. The advice given by uspca when he was found in a bad state was to put him back where you found him and don't feed him. He's only a baby, what an attitude!

LadyHonoriaDedlock Sun 27-Nov-22 22:45:56

Six years ago my two cost me £50 each when I got them from Cats Protection. I believe the fee has gone up since then. But they did come to me wormed, flea'd, neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, insured for three months and with a thorough medical check (the younger one was thought to have a heart murmur and thus be entitled to free veterinary treatment for that condition, but none of his subsequent checks have shown it).

I've had my money's worth several times over, even accounting for broken glasses and crockery and one of them having pee'd on my best pure wool jumper thus ruining it permanently.

pieinthesky Mon 28-Nov-22 00:07:36

Please make sure the kitten is in good health before you agree to take him. Ideally he should be vet checked and had the first of his vaccinations. I only say this because it would be heartbreaking for you to get him only to find he isn’t well. Is the lady you are getting him from someone who runs a registered cat rescue or has had plenty of experience with kittens. Also do you already have a cat, if so you must definitely not take him into your home until a vet has seen him and passed him as well. Infections can so easily be passed on between animals. If this lady is going to have him vaccinated then probably around £75-£100 would be a fair price. Well done for offering this little one a home and hope all goes well for you.

FannyCornforth Mon 28-Nov-22 06:25:42


Lucky you kittylester I want a kitten but can’t have one😿
You are doing the rescue place a favour, I think a donation of
£25 is fine.
Post a pic of the kitten soon?

Kircubbin, not kittylester

Joseanne I see that you’ve got a new kitten too, how lovely. I hope Henry isn’t too put out!

I paid around £50 each for my two cats from Cat Protection - and that was twenty years ago!

Joseanne Mon 28-Nov-22 07:01:31

Infections can so easily be passed on between animals.
Yes, we adopted 2 kittens from the SPA in France, ostensibly they had been checked by a French vet, but they brought an awful form of cat flu home which nearly killed our existing cat and cost us nearly £200 to treat. Thinking about it, we should have claimed compensation.

Joseanne Mon 28-Nov-22 07:03:20

All good Fanny. And the kitten rules supreme!

FannyCornforth Mon 28-Nov-22 07:06:21

Oh he’s gorgeous! 😍
(Or she)
What’s their name?
They look a bit Maine coon-y.
I’ve got a Maine Coon

dogsmother Mon 28-Nov-22 07:44:31

What a treasure. Do enjoy 😊

kircubbin2000 Tue 29-Nov-22 14:54:37

The kitten idea is not working out as they now have flu. She has offered me a large ,older black cat.

FannyCornforth Tue 29-Nov-22 15:58:10

Hi Kircubbin
If you go the Cats Protection, (or similar) you will have a large number of cats to choose from, so you will get the cat that is most suitable for you and vice versa.
You will be able to meet and play with then to see how you bond.
The people there will have done research with the cat, and they know all about them - indoor/ outdoor; cuddly / aloof; get on with kids, dogs, other cats etc.

Sparklefizz Tue 29-Nov-22 16:02:24

kircubbin2000 If you are anywhere near Bristol, there's a terrific cat rescue place called The Moggery who always have kittens, and cats of all ages.

Sparklefizz Tue 29-Nov-22 16:10:03

Here is The Moggery's latest newsletter showing some lovely kittie pix.

PoppyFlower Tue 29-Nov-22 16:11:10

I agree with £80. These are my two rescue moggies, Molly and Henry the ginger Tom!

Hellogirl1 Tue 29-Nov-22 16:18:09

They`re gorgeous Poppy! I paid Cats Protection £90 for Billy last year, but he was neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped.

pieinthesky Wed 30-Nov-22 00:12:16

Sorry but I had a feeling there might be a problem with the kitten which is why I advised to get it checked by a vet first. As many others have said do contact Carts Protection. Our daughter adopted two beautiful Ginger kittens from them a few years ago. Very healthy, neutered and micro chipped. They are now two lovely adult cats. The cats and kittens at Cats Protection are kept in lovely clean surroundings and given the best care and come to you with a clean bill of health.

Catterygirl Wed 30-Nov-22 00:56:23

Goodness, I never realised getting a kitten or cat could be so complicated these days. At 71 I wish to travel without the responsibility of a cat but when travel becomes difficult, me and OH would love a moggie or Bengal to spend our last days with. Our son helped run our cattery and would love to inherit our cat but he’s still renting and his partner is allergic to cats so maybe we will give it all a miss and just pet sit.