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Deafness in dogs

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Whitewavemark2 Thu 01-Dec-22 10:55:45

Our 13 year old Cairn appears to be deaf - I assume it is age related, as if out on walks he will often go at a brisk trot trying to catch me up when in fact I’m behind him puffing and panting to try and get him to hear my call. When he eventually realises his error he comes bounding back thrilled to see me 😄

He no longer hears the postman or deliveries, which I don’t mind.

But I think I will have to keep him on the lead now which is a shame.

I will mention it to the vet when next we go, but I suspect it is the ageing process. He seems in reasonable Nick though.

Maya1 Thu 01-Dec-22 12:30:57

Our border collie is the same. Unfortunately his running days are over as his arthritis is now very painful and has slowed him down considerably.
I keep him on a long lead to keep him safe.
The only upside is, he didn't hear the fireworks for the first time this year.