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Dog itching 😩

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loopyloo Sat 28-Jan-23 07:38:15

We have adopted a rescue and he is busy scratching and licking his paws. He's on steroids which helps and is soon to see the vet again.
Any advice about what it's likely to be and what shampoo or cream use would be much appreciated.
He's 12 years old.

Casdon Sat 28-Jan-23 07:41:09

Do you rinse his feet when you get home after a walk? If he’s been walking on roads and pavements the most likely problem at this time of year is the salt they use for gritting, that often makes their paws dry and itchy,

Ali23 Sat 28-Jan-23 07:47:35

Just a couple of thoughts…
Our doghas arthritis and paw lick when her feet hurt. We use nutraquin plus which really helps with the arthritis. My vet likes it more than you move but other dog lovers have said that’s good too.
Also, is it anxiety related? When my sister had a nervous rescue dog the rescue people gave her a special coat for him to wear which sort of wrapped around him providing comfort. He had to keep it on for the first two weeks I think.
Good luck!

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 28-Jan-23 08:49:02

MissOops rescue dog is allergic to all meat except duck, she is on Apoquel and Piriton tablets every day as she is also allergic to pollens and wheat.
Expensive and difficult to source food for her as very few dog foods are 100%duck.

Joseanne Sat 28-Jan-23 08:56:41

Malaseb shampoo.

Iam64 Sat 28-Jan-23 09:03:07

It could be allergies, pain or anxiety.
My 4 year old spaniel has been licking her paws and showing other anxious behaviours, like excessive barking, whining if left away from me. My husband died in October, these behaviours followed bereavement, so I’m trying to help minimise opportunities for her to practice the behaviours. Rescues need 3 months to begin to settle. Lucky he found you.

Food could be a trigger, lots of dogs are allergic to chicken products. Tinned Chappie was recommended by our sensible vet for one of my rescues who had awful gastric problems. I use it now for any of my dogs with stomach bug that doesn’t need the vet.

Best of luck, my rescues have been grand dogs - much easier than my prima Donna of a pedigree lab 🐕

Oldbat1 Sat 28-Jan-23 09:07:43

Dog food is often the cause. I feed mine good quality hypoallergenic. “All about dog food” is a good site for comparing dog food ratings. At certain times of year one of mine scratches loads and I give piriton with vet advice. As said before by another person salt from pavements and roads could be a reason so rinse off feet/legs/tummy. There are drugs available eg apoquel which is both expensive and worth reading up about. Good luck to you and your rescue.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 28-Jan-23 10:03:18

Yes it is a pain and hard to get to the bottom of it, but more and more I’m thinking dog food is the culprit of a lot of stuff.

My dog is on hypoallergenic food and improved with regard his gut.

Soozikinzi Sat 28-Jan-23 10:10:13

As my dog has got older - she's coming up to 13 - she can only have Simpsons salmon and potato anti allergy dog food . She can't have any grains . I think it's just as they age .

loopyloo Sat 28-Jan-23 12:20:34

So helpful. Many thanks!