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What is normal for my puppy. Update

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Gelisajams Wed 10-May-23 18:02:33

Puppy still not eating and very lethargic. I didn’t even get a tail wag first thing when I saw him. He usually licks me for five minutes before I can even sit down. Took him to the vets. Vet puzzled as like a child in the doctors surgery he perked up! Vet thought he looked a touch skinny but couldn’t offer much else. Got her resident vampire to take bloods and gave me a little tube to attempt to try and catch something from his bladder to test. . It must have amused the neighbours at least watching me waving a pot around every time he cocked his leg up!
Upshot blood and urine all good. My bank account is in tears. Conclusion he’s a teenager playing me up.
Thanks for your suggestions everyone.

AaronSpancer Tue 30-May-23 08:31:27

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shysal Tue 30-May-23 08:44:26

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