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😃A Puppy is Coming to Live With Me! 🥳 Please help me name her! 🐶

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FannyCornforth Sat 23-Sep-23 11:00:44

This is her!

She is a Cavachon.

Her mother is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and her father is a Bichon Frise.

All name suggestions welcome please!

Redhead56 Sat 23-Sep-23 11:05:35

She is a beautiful I would call her Beauty she so cute!

ginny Sat 23-Sep-23 11:10:25


VioletSky Sat 23-Sep-23 11:10:25

She looks like a Princess Tallulah Fluffy-Bottom to me

Louella12 Sat 23-Sep-23 11:11:03

Oh she's just gorgeous

I'd call her Lottie

Aldom Sat 23-Sep-23 11:14:46

I would call her Bella /Belle. In so many languages it means beautiful.
She really is a beautiful little puppy.
Hope you enjoy many happy years together.

StacyAnna Sat 23-Sep-23 11:15:35

Is she joining a dog you already have, Fanny? (Does it need to be a name that goes with the other’s name?)

Callistemon21 Sat 23-Sep-23 11:18:18

Ooh, she's gorgeous!!

She's a real poppet - Poppy for short?

FannyCornforth Sat 23-Sep-23 11:21:42


Is she joining a dog you already have, Fanny? (Does it need to be a name that goes with the other’s name?)

She is! I’ve already got Gracie who has made many appearances on here.

And a Maine Coone cat called Rosie.

I tend to like two syllable names ending in ‘ee’.

I’ve also had a Stanley, a Lily and a Maisy in the past.

VioletSky Talulah is actually on my list already!

Thanks everyone smile

Dee1012 Sat 23-Sep-23 11:22:04

I like Tilly and Millie.... she's beautiful!

Daddima Sat 23-Sep-23 11:24:15


Ailidh Sat 23-Sep-23 11:25:10

I'd have gone for Bubbles but as she needs an -ee name, "Sweetie". Although I admit that'd be embarrassing to yell down the park.

Yes, yes I am feeling terminally cute today!!

Anniebach Sat 23-Sep-23 11:28:52

My Cavachon is Rosie

Millie22 Sat 23-Sep-23 11:29:44

I'm obviously slightly biased but what about Millie 😊

Whitewavemark2 Sat 23-Sep-23 11:30:28

Nell Guin

Or Duchess

dogsmother Sat 23-Sep-23 11:30:37


Cressy Sat 23-Sep-23 11:30:46


GranEd Sat 23-Sep-23 11:32:21

She’s so gorgeous Fanny. Absolutely beautiful!

Another vote for Tilly from me.

GrannyGravy13 Sat 23-Sep-23 11:39:22




Foxygloves Sat 23-Sep-23 11:39:39


Fido (only kidding)

crazyH Sat 23-Sep-23 11:42:55

What a gorgeous little thing - so “gorgeous “ ?

Rosie51 Sat 23-Sep-23 11:43:49

I like Lottie or what about Maggie?

Bea65 Sat 23-Sep-23 11:44:53

LULU...she is gorgeous..

Foxygloves Sat 23-Sep-23 11:45:46

Be warned!

Rosie51 Sat 23-Sep-23 11:46:10

Daisy, that's a good suggestion Foxygloves and pairs with Rosie very well.