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Strokes in dogs

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Mazgg Mon 25-Sep-23 16:36:15

On Sunday morning my JRT woke me at 6a.m. When I went downstairs I found my old labrador (13) had been sick, urinated and pooed and couldn't stand up. Her eyes were going from side to side and her head was held on one side,
A trip to the emergency vet revealed that she had either had a stroke or had in inner ear infection that had caused vestibular syndrome. Apparently it causes very bad vertigo hence the eye movement and inability to stand as the room would appear to be spinning. Vet gave her injections and pills to be taken 3 times a day.
She is now eating small amounts and drinking water but is still unable to get out of her bed. I spoke to my own vet today and he said that a dogs brain has a great ability to reroute after a stroke and there is a good chance of full recovery.
Has anyone had experience of this?

Shelflife Mon 25-Sep-23 16:54:57

That is so distressing for you Mazgg.I have no experience / advice for you but do hope your Labrador recovers well. ,💐

Debbi58 Mon 25-Sep-23 17:39:59

My old lurcher had a stroke , she was around 11 at the time , she never fully recovered and after struggling on for a few months we felt it was kinder to put her to sleep, heartbreaking at the time

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 25-Sep-23 18:08:47

I hope she gets better soon, poor thing

Fleurpepper Mon 25-Sep-23 18:13:35

We had to adopt our DD's dachshund who was 16. A year later, he developped diabetes and needed daily insulin, and became almost blind. He was however still very happy and cheerful, and loved life. But one evening, he got up and keeled over to one side, then got up and keeled over to t'other. We knew the time had come.

He slept soundly with me next to him and the next morning our lovely vet came home and he was softly pts on my chest.

Thinking of you

Oldbat1 Mon 25-Sep-23 18:15:52

Im sorry to read about your dog. We foster old dogs and have experienced vestibular disease with a few different dogs. It is definitely very frightening when it happens. The dogs mostly all recovered but often being left with a head tilt. It is often called old dog disease. I hope your dog recovers. Be guided by your dog your vet and your gut. Best wishes.

Mazgg Thu 28-Sep-23 15:34:59

Thank you all for your kind words. Beau is making slow progress and managed a few steps yesterday. She is eating and drinking well .

MayBee70 Thu 28-Sep-23 15:41:03

They do often recover well from strokes. Fingers crossed he continues to improve.

Iam64 Thu 28-Sep-23 15:57:07

My old spaniel did as you describe. She recovered and lived quietly for a few more months. She was 15.
My lovely old rescue cross breed developed vestibulitis at about age 16. We nursed him for 4 weeks, I was syringing in liquid food and water. Holding him up so he could go out to toilet. One night, I squirted the food in, he let it roll out. I tried water, same response. He’d fixed his eyes on mine and I felt sure his message was let me go. Vet the following day. We all wept. The vet had cared for him 15 years earlier when he was thrown out of a moving car outside the dog shelter.

I hope your lab recovers xx

MayBee70 Thu 28-Sep-23 16:59:37

I’ll never forget the vet coming to my house to pts my old spaniel who was old, blind, senile and becoming incontinent. He arrived earlier than planned, possibly deliberately. When I thanked him he said, no problem and, looking at my dear old dog he said ‘we’re old friends’. It must, at times, be really hard being a vet.

MrsJamJam Thu 28-Sep-23 18:57:03

my JRT at age about 10 fully recovered from a stroke so it does happen. She was fine for a couple of years and then succumbed to a cancer

Iam64 Thu 28-Sep-23 20:30:01

MayBee70, our vet came to our home to help my 6 year old cockapoo leave this world. She’d cared for him throughout his life. He had an inoperable tumour along his spine poor lad. She was so kind and sensitive with the dog and his humans. She stroked our big labradoodle who came in to sniff her ‘brother’ and understand he was no longer here.

shysal Fri 29-Sep-23 09:00:11

The symptoms sound more like the inner ear problem. I suffer from the same condition from time to time! An old dog of mine had it, and the flicking eyes, head to the side, no balance and vomiting were as you describe.

Latachaudhary Mon 09-Oct-23 12:35:49

Strokes are less common in dogs. They are often sudden and severe, requiring immediate veterinary care. Some signs of a stroke in dogs include a head tilt, circling, loss of balance, and unusual eye movements.