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GNer with a grandchild aged 5-11? Want to help McDonald’s develop their Happy Meal menu? Sign up to take part! NOW CLOSED

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EmmaGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 09-May-18 15:48:04

We are working with McDonald’s to help them develop their new Happy Meal menu. They have asked us to find 2 gransnetters who have a grandchild aged 5-11 to come along to a private event at McDonald’s HQ in East Finchley, London to try some potential additions to the Happy Meal menu. The event will take place on Wednesday 23rd May, from 14:30-16:00 and all attendees will receive £30 for taking part. (You won’t need to bring your grandchildren along to the event).

Here’s what McDonald’s has to say: “We are constantly looking for ways to enhance our menu from introducing new items to evolving the recipes of our iconic favourites. We’ve taken big steps to improve our Happy Meal in recent years and reducing saturated fat, salt and sugar content across our menu remains a priority. This is why we’re excited to work with Gransnet to offer even greater choice for families. We’ve heard from Mumsnetters about what they’d love to see added to the Happy Meal menu, and this is a chance to try the potential additions and hear from gransnetters as well. We’re excited to see what you think!”

All selected participants will need to be able to travel to East Finchley for 2.30pm on Wednesday 23rd May and discuss their thoughts on the potential new additions. There will be another event on Saturday 23rd June in London, where McDonald’s will be launching the newest addition to the Happy Meal menu following feedback from the attendees. We’d love for you to attend this as well, along with your grandchildren to see what you helped create and to try the new menu. After this event we’d like you to leave your feedback on a thread on Gransnet about your experience and your thoughts on the new Happy Meal menu, as well as posting about your day on one form of social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

McDonald’s will pay for travel expenses of up to £30 and all attendees will be given a £30 cheque for each event they attend, to be delivered to their homes after the event.

If you are interested in taking part, please sign up here.



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gillybob Wed 09-May-18 15:52:44

I wonder how far from Newcastle you can get with £30 travel expenses? hmm

Maggiemaybe Thu 10-May-18 11:30:26

I was just thinking Megabus from Leeds, gilly..... hmm

But I think I'd need a bigger incentive.

hildajenniJ Thu 10-May-18 15:23:21

Can children have a vegan/vegetarian burger in their Happy Meal? My family are vegan, so don't eat there.

pinkwallpaper Thu 10-May-18 21:45:02

Could they please look at not including the cheap plastic toys into the happy meal as we are supposed to be using less plastic and most of the toys are consigned to the rubbish within a week or two. The same goes for balloons.

Granny23 Fri 11-May-18 00:20:51

and here form gransnetters as well

There is so much wrong with this that I hardly know where to start. Perhaps with this from the blurb:

and here form gransnetters as well

Then the £30 travel expenses which would appear to cover two events. The first where the Gransnetter is travelling alone, the second accompanied by their (in my case) 3 grandchildren.

In other words unless you stay in Central London you would be attending at some considerable expense to yourself. Obviously McD's are only interested in the opinions of those who live in the metropolis.

Such a shame that my DGC will not have the opportunity to taste test the new improved Happy Meals. On the other hand they have managed to grow up happy and healthy without ever tasting the current version. grin

gillybob Fri 11-May-18 08:21:48

Exactly Granny23 just the point I was making about the meagre travel expenses, but there again I don’t think the opinions of anyone North of Birmingham really count anyway, do you ?

Chewbacca Fri 11-May-18 09:17:05

£30 might get me as far as Crewe.

Marydoll Fri 11-May-18 21:52:33

I wouldn't even get to the borders with £30.😁

NfkDumpling Sat 12-May-18 07:32:53

We don’t do happy meals or McDonalds. Our DGC accumulate enough plastic tat as it is. We avoid Kinder eggs too. McDonalds is kept by our DC as a reserve destination for long tedious journeys, only to be used as a last resort.

And no £30 wouldn’t get us far either!

GrAnne2 Sun 13-May-18 09:16:50

We’re in Scotland and, of course, immediately irritated by the London setting. We occasionally take our (almost) 5 year old grandchildren there and I would echo the plea to reduce/remove the plastic toys and to make a serious effort to improve the content of a happy meal: fruit & veg sd be integral to the meal, not a chargeable option!

Rowantree Sun 13-May-18 09:37:13

There is no way I'd collaborate with MD to increase their profits and I'd never take my GCh there unless there was really no other option available. Happy Meals my arse.

Nannan2 Sun 13-May-18 10:01:11

Happy meals are ok to have AS A TREAT NOW&THEN-but i do agree they need more improvement! I agree also that these 'tests' or whatever should be grouped around the UK not just in london- to get a diversified view-not just londoners(maybe they eat more MDs there,as theres more branches of it in the capitol?)i dont agree they should get rid of the toy-but should improve that to something decent too- like a learning game or puzzle etc.(its often the bit the child really wants happy meal for)and you all seem to want to take the fun away:/ its the 'incentive'(bribe) to eat their meal,including healthier bits like veg sticks/fruit!Come on admit it- youve all done that at some point-even at home-"eat up your greens& you can have pud" etc! And i do agree the fruit should not be extra(it WAS included in the old days) And all you who say your kids or grandkids have never touched them,well either youre too posh to bother with them or, well im afraid youre probably just not honest enough to admit it- going along with whats 'right' -cause when you pass a MDs theres always loads of folk/kids in so SOMEONE must like 'em!

Nannan2 Sun 13-May-18 10:13:06

And no-my kids were'nt brought up on them-but had them as a 'treat' sometimes if we were out for the day,seaside or somewhere-and it didnt stop them growing up to eat healthily-same with my GC's. You dont have to take ALL the fun bits out of being a child you know,just cause we all know weve to eat our 5/7a day doesnt mean we have to be dictated to about the occasional lapse!so any mums/grandmums out there who caved in occasionally to child wheedling after a long hard day& opted for McDs - DONT FEEL GUILTY!! ;)And im sure lots of good changes will be made to the meals with gransnetters input,so we can all feel we can admit to it now & again!honesty is best

jen53 Sun 13-May-18 11:47:41

I’d be interested in taking part.