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Want to help maintain healthy & flexible joints? Want to try GOPO® Joint Health? £300 to be won

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EmmaGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 04-Sep-18 12:09:57


We have been asked by the team at GOPO® Joint Health to find 40 gransnetters to try their rose-hip supplement over 3 months and report back on Gransnet. All product testers must be aged 45+ and motivated to help maintain healthy and flexible joints.

Selected product testers will be sent 3 months’ supply of the product - these must be taken over a three-month period as per instruction on pack. In total product testers will be sent 3 boxes GOPO® Joint Health for free trial (RRP £18.99, 120 capsules per box).

Included in the pack will be written information on the product plus contact details of the manufacturer’s communications team in case you have any questions.

GOPO® Joint Health is made from 100% specially cultivated natural rose-hip and is the only product of its kind to contain a high level of GOPO® - a key component of the rose-hip which may play a valuable role in the care of joints and joint tissues.

What is in GOPO® Joint Health?
- Made from 100% natural rose-hip
- Contains high level of GOPO®
- Rich in Vitamin C which is essential for normal collagen formation, needed by the body for healthy bones and cartilage
- Free from yeast, gluten, wheat, dairy and lactose
- Suitable for vegetarians; simply discard the gelatine shell
- Contains no GM ingredients
- Does not contain shellfish

More info here and here.

Everyone who is selected will be sent the capsules and asked to try them at home - you will be asked to give feedback on a thread on Gransnet at least three times. All product testers who give feedback as required will be entered into a prize draw where one winner will get a £300 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list for example M&S, Boots, Debenhams, Amazon and loads more!)

If you’d like to try this and can commit to trying it for 3 months please sign up here and we will be in touch with those selected.



Terms and conditions apply

maturepetal Tue 04-Sep-18 18:28:08

Please sign me up.
Thank you.

Teddy111 Tue 04-Sep-18 19:45:13

Please sign me up.Thank you.

BBbevan Tue 04-Sep-18 20:42:24

DH already uses a rose hip supplement. He swears by it. But he will try another if you like.

Marmight Tue 04-Sep-18 21:49:31

Yep. Me too please.
Marelli how about you??

Teacheranne Wed 05-Sep-18 01:01:17

I would love to try this.

Scooter58 Wed 05-Sep-18 06:26:34

I would love to try this,I remember being given rosehip syrup as a child,Mum swore by it.

travelsafar Wed 05-Sep-18 07:57:27

Yes please.

mbody Wed 05-Sep-18 08:15:43

Please sign me up. Thank you

gillyknits Wed 05-Sep-18 10:01:18

Please sign me up. I have heard good things about rosehips. Thanks.

Grannyknot Wed 05-Sep-18 10:08:06

Yes, please! I love rosehip tea.

Grannyknot Wed 05-Sep-18 10:13:40

I've now signed up properly via the link smile

Caro6699 Wed 05-Sep-18 20:26:40

Sign me up please😊
I used to have Rose hip syrup as a child and would love to try this to see if it eases my aching joints

Caro6699 Wed 05-Sep-18 20:29:50

Sign me up please.
Use to have as child and would love to try this on my aching joints

Rielly62 Wed 05-Sep-18 22:19:54

Sign me up please.
Mum always gave us Rose hip syrup when we were little. I would certainly like to give it a try, and hopefully help ease my joint pain.

spongebob1 Wed 05-Sep-18 23:23:47

I would love to try this as joints ache constantly

Rachel711 Wed 05-Sep-18 23:35:48

I would like to try Gopo, my joints are getting worse. Thankyou

Happiyogi Thu 06-Sep-18 12:40:16

Yes please, I'd love to see if these could help my back and ankle. Thanks.

mrsmopp Thu 06-Sep-18 12:47:41

I would be very interested in this, - thanks for the opportunity, it looks great.

LynnKnowles Thu 06-Sep-18 15:27:23

I would be interested, too. I, too, loved rosehip syrup as a child. It would help my twinges.

OldMeg Thu 06-Sep-18 16:15:02

What’s the sugar content?

Susangilley Thu 06-Sep-18 16:17:36

Yes please. I would really like to try this product. As the weather turns cooler, I get stiffer.

Jodavage Thu 06-Sep-18 17:51:46

Yes please sign me up

chelseababy Thu 06-Sep-18 17:53:40

Me too please!

BlueBelle Thu 06-Sep-18 18:13:37

Me too please have painful joints

Elrel Thu 06-Sep-18 23:22:11

I have painful joints, especially now the weather is getting colder. It would be good to try the rosehip capsules.
Rosehip syrup is a happy childhood memory!

Alima Fri 07-Sep-18 06:26:22

Me too please! Quite recently I have been wondering why my legs aren’t as strong as before. Must be my hips/knees!

OldMeg Fri 07-Sep-18 06:35:36

I’ll try it.

heavensjoys Fri 07-Sep-18 06:52:58

I don't know, so many of my joints feel achy this year. I would love to try GOPO please. I'll sign up.

HHBBNN54 Fri 07-Sep-18 07:25:46

I would like to join to see if it helps my painful knee

amandav53 Fri 07-Sep-18 09:35:35

Would love to try something new- very painful knees and hands

chris8888 Fri 07-Sep-18 15:22:23

Yes please

graninthemist Sat 08-Sep-18 09:36:12

Yes, please, I'd like to give it a whirl. The old knees are cracking like walnuts.

myrtle4me Sat 08-Sep-18 12:00:33

yes please, have joint aches and pains regular now

cathieb Sat 08-Sep-18 12:05:05

yes please - I look forward to getting info about signing up

julieray Sat 08-Sep-18 20:54:08

Please count me in

bikergran Sat 08-Sep-18 21:36:28

Have signed up, my knees are troubling me lately (although I have just gone back to linedancing) smile

boheminan Sat 08-Sep-18 23:00:28

I'd rather try a natural supplement for my rapidly declining hips, and am resisting getting medication from my doctor, even though in pain. I'd like to give GOPO a trail run.

Robinsong Sun 09-Sep-18 07:51:31

Yes I would like to sign up

joysutty Mon 10-Sep-18 07:28:07

Yes, please sign me up. I have joint pain in my right hip and left ankle which makes it difficult to walk far. The painkillers I get from my doctor make me constipated, so only take one just to help me get to sleep at night.

clareken Mon 10-Sep-18 07:28:22

Please could you sign me up. Need all the help I can get!

flik Mon 10-Sep-18 07:32:49

I would love to try this, i am 54 with muscular Dystrophy i now have a trachea and venterlated on Bipap, i am in lots of joint pain in my ribs and just been diagnosed with Diabetes stage 2 , i got 24 hr care as i can not be left alone incase I block of , So i would really love to try this

Anj123 Mon 10-Sep-18 07:36:29

Survey done. Thank you 😊

Barbara1 Mon 10-Sep-18 07:59:24

I’d likebto be signed up for the trial please

Barbara1 Mon 10-Sep-18 08:00:41

I forgot to add that I have severe arthritis and have had one knee replaced

Candy1 Mon 10-Sep-18 08:18:28

I would love to join this project - please sign me up?

Jillsewing Mon 10-Sep-18 08:28:23

Would love to try these after a knee replacement any thing that would help any other joints would be brilliant

Dannydog1 Mon 10-Sep-18 08:35:27

Hope I’m selected, with my granddaughter sitting and dog agility I need something!

SuperWalker01 Mon 10-Sep-18 08:39:39

Me too please - very painful knees and hands

hereshoping Mon 10-Sep-18 08:44:45

Yes please sign me up. Have used rosehip in the past and found it really helped and was planning to get some more.

helenrj Mon 10-Sep-18 08:46:50

Please sign me up as my joints,are so painful

vickya Mon 10-Sep-18 08:46:59

I'd lkike to be on the trial too. I have had arthritis for years and been on painkillers for a long time. I keep my weight down and do tai chi and swim and walk to keep things moving but different joints hurt each day, especially first thing. I also remember having rose hip syrup from the clinic as a child. I did like it but would think the capsules are just swallowed so no taste and few calories.

labazs Mon 10-Sep-18 09:02:56

yes please sign me up thank you

wallers5 Mon 10-Sep-18 09:03:51

It sounds very interesting. Yes please. Plenty of joint aches & pains at my age. I look at the attractive Rose hips in the hedges & think I should do something with them!

Vonnie62 Mon 10-Sep-18 09:19:36

Yes please

Yearoff Mon 10-Sep-18 09:28:29

I’d love a chance to feel less creaky! . The GP is quick to give out drugs but if I can find a natural alternative I’m much happier. smile

2old4hotpants Mon 10-Sep-18 09:30:07

Would love to try this. Fingers, wrists, hip and knees all affected by O.A. I hate taking painkillers on a regular basis and would love to try a more natural product.

David1968 Mon 10-Sep-18 09:45:08

Would love to try this, please. (I'm a woman, despite user name!) Struggling with pains in legs & hands.

Astranan72 Mon 10-Sep-18 09:46:46

I would like to try this, I have painful hand joints also back problem. Many thanks.

Stef1972 Mon 10-Sep-18 09:55:53

Please add me to the list and sign me up. Thanks

cikada Mon 10-Sep-18 10:43:35

I would love to try the product hoping that it might help wih my arthritis. Please sign me up !

Ruskin Mon 10-Sep-18 10:44:53

I'd love to try these as caring for my teenaged autistic son leaves me constantly stiff & aching

123kitty Mon 10-Sep-18 11:34:32

I have very little joint pain, but am always keen on taking preventative steps. Not sure if this makes me a suitable candidate for your trial.

GranJan60 Mon 10-Sep-18 11:43:48

Please sign me up. Would be great if it works!

tickingbird Mon 10-Sep-18 11:51:20

Yes please. I'm struggling with my joints in spite of trying to keep active.

Howjado Mon 10-Sep-18 12:47:17

Please give me the opportunity to try your product. I have heard good reports about it.

nanabee Mon 10-Sep-18 12:52:45

Me too

Nibbie Mon 10-Sep-18 13:01:50

I would love to try this,my knees ache all the time and wake me up

Gangang Mon 10-Sep-18 13:10:07

With a diagnosis of early onset Osteoarthritis I would love the opportunity to try this please.

Pam681139 Mon 10-Sep-18 13:33:42

I would love to try these. Working to 66 with aches and pains is no fun!

inishowen Mon 10-Sep-18 13:47:03

Yes please. I have an aching knee and shoulder. Help needed!

Truffle1 Mon 10-Sep-18 14:47:06

Please sign me up too - lots of arthritis resides here!

Gilla01 Mon 10-Sep-18 15:45:38

I'd like the chance, please.

Sillynanny65 Mon 10-Sep-18 16:15:09

Please sign me up

hulahoop Mon 10-Sep-18 16:33:34

Another here would love ke to try it

GranEd Mon 10-Sep-18 16:48:30

Yes - please sign me up

missdeke Mon 10-Sep-18 17:17:03

Love to give this a try, arthritis in the fingers, shoulders and knees giving a lot of gyp at the moment.

SeaWatcher Mon 10-Sep-18 17:18:11

Yes, please. I'd like to try it. I get painful joints in the cold and damp weather.

Angelwhisper Mon 10-Sep-18 18:28:24

Sounds very interesting, love to try this.

pamamac Mon 10-Sep-18 18:55:13

I have a ‘knee’. Don’t want to medicalise it.

libra10 Mon 10-Sep-18 18:57:22

I would love to try, thank you

Grannyjacq1 Mon 10-Sep-18 19:45:37

Yes, please. I would love to give this a go. Anything to ease the aches and pains in joints.

vivianallman Mon 10-Sep-18 23:01:58

I would be interested in this....

grandMattie Tue 11-Sep-18 12:13:58

Me too. Not yet got real problems with my joints, and would like to keep the pain at a manageable level, as it is now!

pipdog Tue 11-Sep-18 13:44:39

oohh, yes please, I have CFS and have heard that it helps with all the aches and pains I get.

deaneke Tue 11-Sep-18 14:46:30

Oh yes please. Love to take part.

Nanna58 Tue 11-Sep-18 23:14:42

Have psoriatic arthritis, very unpleasant, so would love to try something more natural than the steroids I am truing to avoid.

morethan2 Wed 12-Sep-18 06:19:51

Oh well I’ll give anything ago. My finger, toe joints and ankles have been a bit stiff and swollen in the mornings and I’ve just noticed my knees are getting that ‘warm’ feeling . So I’m not too bad, just don’t want to get any worse really.

nanarossi Wed 12-Sep-18 09:46:41

I would be very happy to try this please.

pollyanna1962 Wed 12-Sep-18 14:06:42

Sign me up please I've been thinking about Rosehip for awhile. I suffer a lot of back issues since back fractures. I remember liking it a lot as a child.

Direne3 Wed 12-Sep-18 16:05:52

Very proud of the fact that I can easily touch my toes @ 75 but am beginning to notice that other exercise is becoming slightly more difficult. I would love to try your product in the hope that an improvement in my suppleness is possible.

busterjames Wed 12-Sep-18 16:59:33

Would love to try some !

jenniferaust Fri 14-Sep-18 16:52:56

I would appreciate the opportunity to try this product as I am in constant pain, particularly with my hands.

tinaf1 Fri 14-Sep-18 17:16:59

Would like to try this to have had sciatica for over two months now really getting me down.

Maxine Sun 16-Sep-18 17:10:45

Yes please, just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my knee

Merry16 Sun 16-Sep-18 19:12:57

Yes please

Audrie57 Tue 18-Sep-18 14:14:36

Yes please you can sign me up. Many Thanks.

flowersfromheaven Tue 18-Sep-18 20:15:26

I would love to try these, have I missed the deadline to apply.

DerekY Wed 19-Sep-18 15:12:22

Yes if it can help when both cartlidges in your knees have gone.