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Being constantly asked to give everyone a review

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62Granny Sun 26-Nov-23 20:01:13

This is starting to get on my nerves TBH, the tin hat was from a company I bought kettle from via Amazon , saying if I give them a 5 * review the email them they would give me an Amazon voucher, but the kettle isn't that good TBH, it leaks when you pour it and is very heavy. So I definitely won't give the a 5* review but it has left me feeling what is the point of reading the reviews because they are probably false anyway.

winterwhite Sun 26-Nov-23 21:19:06

Quite agree. I delete the requests on arrival.

M0nica Sun 26-Nov-23 21:34:12

62Granny if it is only starting to get on your nerves you are a woman with exceptional powers of endurance.

It has been driving me mad for years - you go to the DIY store, buy a paint brush and get a questionnaire worthynof the Census.

Did you find what you wanted, Was it satisfactory? Was the shop assistant helpful, did the till clerk smile. Did you use a parking place, were you happy with it, would your recommend 1) the parking place, 2) this branch of this chain, 3) this chain. 4, the shop assistant, 5 the till clerk, to your friends? Aaaaaaaaaagh!!!!!

MerylStreep Sun 26-Nov-23 21:38:19

I email them back and say send me the voucher and I won’t write a bad review
It sometimes works 😉

lixy Sun 26-Nov-23 21:43:30

Drives me nuts too, especially as the review request sometimes arrives before I've had a chance to use the item!
However, I do give reviews sometimes and I am always honest when I do. otherwise there's no point.
I wouldn't give a 5* review if I was being bribed to - I'd give one that reflected what I thought starting with 'I cannot accept your gift voucher bribe because...'

Charleygirl5 Sun 26-Nov-23 21:44:00

I bought a second hand book via Amazon and it arrived 2 days early yesterday. The usual review today- amazingly I have not read it yet- in fact I had only disposed of the wrappings when the flipping review arrived.

I bought 2 pairs of trousers for under a tenner each and I did send a good review. They were cosy, a perfect size and were made in GB rather than Bangladesh.

TillyTrotter Sun 26-Nov-23 22:07:12

I prefer to put reviews on trustpilot as to my knowledge, no incentives are offered by the retailers.
If I receive exceptional service I will review on the company’s website.
With Evri (Couriers) feedback they ask specific questions like “did the Courier respect your property?”. I would like to read a few of those reviews as I hear of Couriers who on occasion almost throw parcels at front doors.

BlueBelle Sun 26-Nov-23 22:10:47

It gives me the pip I get asked before I ve even opened the parcel sometimes they re things I ve bought as a present I don’t know what it’s like !!!

Gin Sun 26-Nov-23 22:20:21

Today I got a telephone request from the NHS to rate my visit to A&E last winter!

Dickens Sun 26-Nov-23 22:23:27

There's just too many requests for reviews and feedback, far too many.

Not to mention the 'reminders' from Amazon... "Dickens, we're still waiting for your feedback after your purchase of xxx".

I really don't have the time, so now I just delete all the requests...

maddyone Sun 26-Nov-23 22:36:00

I delete 99% of requests for reviews. Very occasionally I do give a review.

Charleygirl5 Sun 26-Nov-23 22:46:45

I bought A4 paper for my printer recently- what can one say about that?

I was out for lunch today so I will be expecting the usual request for a review. The last one asked me the waitress's name- how would I know?

Callistemon21 Sun 26-Nov-23 22:54:49

Yes, they're all asking.
Delivery people "How was your delivery today?" (the item arrived, thank you, that's what you're paid for, delivering), books, etc. Waitrose even wants me to review my groceries, so far Tesco hasn't asked.

Callistemon21 Sun 26-Nov-23 22:55:53

Yes, they're all asking obviously not all as Tesco hasn't asked yet!!

RosiesMaw Mon 27-Nov-23 04:53:51

I delete them too - but to be fair, I often read the reviews and have more than once decided against something because of them.

nanna8 Mon 27-Nov-23 05:36:53

Can’t be bothered with most of them so I ignore them unless they have gone out of their way to be helpful or vice versa.

grandMattie Mon 27-Nov-23 05:52:57

I agree. It drives me potty! And for ridiculous things, sometimes bought in person…. FGS, they should just do their job properly and not look for compliments all the time.
PayPal is always mailing me if I have “forgotten “ to review something.
One company telephoned me to shout at me for giving them a 3* rather than 5* review! 🤬

RosiesMaw Mon 27-Nov-23 05:59:03

I hope you subsequently dropped them to 1* or none!

Curtaintwitcher Mon 27-Nov-23 06:28:29

Whenever I need something, I always read the reviews and most seem genuine, not written under duress.
My phone company keep asking what I think of their service. I am able to make phone calls. Isn't that what I'm paying for? Why do they want a pat on the back every time I make a call?

Rosie51 Mon 27-Nov-23 09:06:15

I will give reviews sometimes if I think it could be helpful to other potential customers. The ones that get abandoned are those that ask you to rate from a scale of numbers or satisfaction expressions, then immediately give a follow up of "why did you give this score?" Obviously the answer is because that's what I thought it deserved, I am not going to write an essay on my decision.

Freya5 Mon 27-Nov-23 09:33:46

I mostly ignore this request. Only very rarely will I post a review. Usually about poor service, bad food, or shoddy goods.

LovesBach Mon 27-Nov-23 09:44:27

I'm happy to give a review for items that are a little more expensive, as I have relied on other customer's opinions and sometimes been put off buying by many negative comments. However, I am not so happy with being asked if I will review a box of paper clips or a pack of paper. As another reviewer has said, it's not just a quick click to say the item is ok, you are then asked: 'Thinking about your review...' and expected to offer something not less than 100 words!

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 27-Nov-23 09:49:50

I usually review the courier if asked because it may help the driver - ours here are always good. I don’t put reviews on TrustPilot as they show your name. I’m a complete hypocrite because I always read others’ reviews before buying.

M0nica Mon 27-Nov-23 09:55:26

I will say that if I get a review email from Evri, I always fill it in.

We have had the same lHermes/Evri courier for the last 5 years. A lovely smiling friendly lady, even though such is the pressure on her to deliver lots of parcels every day, she is come - and gone in seconds.

We always give her top marks for everything in hopes it might earn her a bonus or job security.

pascal30 Mon 27-Nov-23 10:08:31

I don't understand when supermarkets ask for reviews on my grocery order. They're just ordinary products that I repeat buy.. it's weird