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Fighting bigotry.

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Greatnan Wed 28-Mar-12 09:35:42

Because Starbucks defended gay rights, the National Organisation for Marriage in the USA has launched a campaign to boycott them in 55 countries. is a consumer organisation that tries to hold large companies to account, and this time they are actually wanting to thank Starbucks for their courageous action. There is a Thank You card which you can sign by going to the Somofus page.

Carol Wed 28-Mar-12 09:39:39

Thanks Greatnan. Will do it now x

glassortwo Wed 28-Mar-12 09:43:03

Here is the link if anyone want to sign. You can also link to your facebook page and twitter.

Annobel Wed 28-Mar-12 09:54:26

Done that, but the link you have given us is the thanks page, glass. To sign you need to go to this one:

I've linked it on Facebook.

bagitha Wed 28-Mar-12 10:06:48

Signed and Facebooked.

glassortwo Wed 28-Mar-12 11:41:56

Sorry everyone, I must have moved onto next page after copying smile

Nonny Wed 28-Mar-12 20:29:08

I've signed

Faye Wed 28-Mar-12 20:45:14

Signed and Facebooked too!!!

greenmossgiel Wed 28-Mar-12 21:57:27

Signed it, too.