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What's the silliest/nastiest thing you ever did to get back at your ex?

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jellybeanjean Sat 02-Jun-18 11:19:24

My ex was a cold, unemotional, difficult control freak. I used to cook with a lot of garlic as he hated the smell on his and my breath.

I also used to take great delight in wiping the toilet with his flannel.

stella1949 Sat 02-Jun-18 11:48:13

I divorced him - that gave him a shock and it gave me a lot of pleasure .

nanasam Sat 02-Jun-18 11:50:57

jelly, that's priceless!!! grin

kittylester Sat 02-Jun-18 12:14:40

Not my ex but I'm looking for a hit-and-run for DD3's ex!

kittylester Sat 02-Jun-18 12:24:45

Blessed phone - not hit and run - hitman!

HAZBEEN Sat 02-Jun-18 12:31:20

The moron I and split up and he went to stay at his mothers. I packed all his stuff in boxes and put them in the porch to be collected, but one box was slightly different. He had always made those daft plastic models of motorbikes etc and I had to dust the b*****d things with a small paint brush and an airgun! Well they didnt need dusting again after I took a hammer to every single one then wrapped them up in tissue and packed them! Childish I know but oh so satisfying!!

allsortsofbags Sat 02-Jun-18 12:59:29

kittylester hope you find a hitman for your DD's ex. I think there are a few parents who feel the same as you about what their AC's have been put through. I know I do.

Nice one jelly :-) wish I'd thought of that :-)

Can't remember what I did to my ex but I do remember doing little things to that made me feel better. Then I divorced him.

I still remember the look on his face when I said I was divorcing him. He was so sure I couldn't he stood there and told me I couldn't, no-one would let me divorce him, I was the mad one ha ha ha. So that must be the nastiest thing :-)

Married to DH now for 37 years, ex has been married 3 times, so clearly me that's the mad one lol.

Annapops Sat 02-Jun-18 14:43:51

I informed the insurance company ( he thought he was in for a mega payout due to back injury in a car accident) that he had lost his driving licence on speeding points, driven while disqualified and named the person who he gave a lift to at my mum's funeral, how he carried a huge tv from the marital home whilst I had left earlier for the said funeral ( back injury?) That he had resigned from his job due to bring caught out moonlighting while on the sick using the company car, he had also failed to make them aware of his driving disqualification. How he rang his fireman friend for advice to make money out of his car accident which would have been documented by phone company as a call coming from the accident on the A1 motorway. Upon discovering his affair he announced to me that he would give me a share of his payout when it came. I told him to stuff his dishonest gain and reported him for fraud.

jellybeanjean Sat 02-Jun-18 16:49:31

Excellent work, ladies. Revenge is sweet, yes? 😁

sodapop Sat 02-Jun-18 17:06:42

Spent more money than I got depriving him of an ISA in the divorce settlement.

Marelli Sat 02-Jun-18 17:21:13

I threw a slice of buttered bread at him as he pompously made his way back into the dining room to chat with his horrid friends (after giving me orders on how to serve the meal). The bread stuck to his jacket, and I enjoyed the guffaws that followed - not from him, obviously.
We separated not all that long afterwards. 😆

Norma123 Sat 02-Jun-18 18:00:39

Reported him to HM Revenue for cash in hand regular Saturday job. He was a bar steward though 🤣

mcem Sat 02-Jun-18 18:35:47

Got on with my life, had another happy relationship for 10 years, became good friends with him and his wife ( not implicated in divorce) .
Shared weddings, births, christenings and birthdays.
He has lent our DD his bigger, higher car for a couple of weeks to ferry me around post-op.

stevierichards1954 Thu 07-Jun-18 05:42:12

To an ex bf in 1970s. We had huge argument and he left me in a town 30 miles from home in a little dress and heels. I had yo make my way home. He apologised three days later. I was having non of it. I saw his prized sports car in town and he was with another girl in a pub. I got a packet of sugar and put half of if in his petrol tank.
A friend later drove me home and passed his broken down car on main road by traffic lights. And the girl walking off.

NanKate Thu 07-Jun-18 06:25:07

Kitty when you employ the Hitman for your ex SinL please ask if he will do a Buy One Get One Free job for my philandering DinL.

I have the fantasy of having a voodoo doll and placing a needle strategically in it for every mean, unkind, manipulative cruel act she uses upon my DS. The day he manages to divorce her I will be dancing in the streets glugging from a bottle of champagne.

shysal Thu 07-Jun-18 07:35:22

I know how you feel Kate, but unfortunately we can never be free of them while there are children involved.

I reported my ex SIL for tax evasion and told several debt-collecting companies his whereabouts when he was staying with his new girlfriend. I took great pleasure from seeing him removing the contents of his lease car outside her house, so that it could be re-possessed.

Miep1 Thu 07-Jun-18 08:15:51

Had him arrested for wife beating once too often. He got ten years!

BlueBelle Thu 07-Jun-18 08:17:29

My last partner(we liv ed together 8 years) cheated on me badly I know you can’t cheat well but this was bad, he had used the reason he couldn’t take her back to his own place as the fact that he had a difficult landlady who wouldn’t let him have visitors!!!!
Anyway I found out about her did some detective work to find her number and rang her up explaining who I was she was gobsmacked I felt nothing bad towards here she didn’t know Anyway we agreed to meet she came over for coffee (and in those days a packet of fags) it was amazing the things he’d told her which were total duplicates of things he’d told me I could go on and on but won’t anyway we decided he needed to know we knew He was an evening lecturer at a local college We shared a taxi to the college opened the door to his classroom and just stood there together, you ve heard the words ‘rabbit in the headlights’ it really was a classic