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Guyamarakha Sun 24-Jan-21 08:08:00

I’m looking for some gift ideas for my grandma on Valentine’s Day. Grandma is the sweetest person in my life. She loves me unconditionally. I also love her so much. So I want to give her a special valentine's gift.

Do you guys have any ideas of gifts for this occasion?

SisterAct Sun 24-Jan-21 08:11:44

The East of India company do some lovely things and I’ve seen a small polished heart stone with ‘I love you’ on

tanith Sun 24-Jan-21 08:15:41

I’ve never understood why you would buy family members other than your partner/spouse Valentines gifts, a friend buys gifts for everyone in her family🤔 I don’t get it.

Call me grumpy this morning 😠

Riverwalk Sun 24-Jan-21 08:19:43

A bottle of gin.

Calendargirl Sun 24-Jan-21 08:31:06

Thought Valentine’s Day was for lovers. Why on earth would you buy for anyone else, no matter how fond of them you are?

Santana Sun 24-Jan-21 08:33:42

You could try 'Not on the High Street' which supports lots of small businesses.
You can filter items from cheapest too.

ginny Sun 24-Jan-21 08:44:23

If a gift is sent with love it doesn’t matter what day. Lucky Grandma.
Flowers are always lovely and cheerful.
A small hamper of favourite foods.
A pretty scarf
A special cup or mug.

Billybob4491 Sun 24-Jan-21 08:54:41

I always send my grandchildren a Valentines card because they are much loved by me.

Oldwoman70 Sun 24-Jan-21 08:59:36

How sad that when a poster asks what to buy for a much loved grandmother they receive comments asking why they would want to. I agree with ginny - it doesn't matter what the day is called - I think it is a lovely idea. I like the idea of the polished stone

tanith Sun 24-Jan-21 09:14:38

I’m not suggesting for one minute people don’t buy gifts for people they love I just don’t get why the need to wait for Valentine’s Day which as someone else said is traditionally for lovers.

As I said feeling grumpy this morning ☹️

Jaxjacky Sun 24-Jan-21 09:19:52

I’m with you tanith I buy the people I love and care for sporadic gifts as and when. I know Valentines Day in America is totally different, cards/gifts for all!

Grandma11 Sun 24-Jan-21 09:29:09

A small hamper of all her favourite things would probably be most welcome, include some good quality Tea, Luxury sweets or Chocolates, Toiletries maybe?, or a home baked cake that she can slice and enjoy with her Tea would add that special touch, especially if you made it yourself. Only you know your Special Grandma well enough to really know her likes and dislikes, Maybe she would enjoy a Pot of indoor Spring bulbs to tend and Grow on, or a Pretty Flowering Houseplant to Brighten up her day?

timetogo2016 Mon 25-Jan-21 10:54:32

It`s lovely you want to buy your grandma a gift,but valentines day is for a spouse/partner.
I would suggest you buy her chocolates/flowers/gin and give it/them to her the day before.