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Online dating sites/trust issues

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gigi1958 Sun 15-May-22 00:37:39

To make a long story short I have been dating my b/f for nearly a year. This past weekend we had our first sex, which was not great. He could not stay firm shall we say. Even took Viagra but to no avail. I'm like it's OK don't worry about it. I've never had great physical chemistry with him but have great emotional connection.
Tuesday for whatever reason I decided maybe our to curiosity is this guy still out on the dating site. Well, not only was his profile active he was online.
So... I emailed him and said Im taking a break from "us" because of this and my broken trust.
He has a full blown panic attack and is calling, messaging etc and really scaring the hell out of me. I never answered any of the calls and then once he gets it together he sends me this long apology letter/email saying he deleted it etc I go out and he is still on there and active again!!! Do men think we are that dumb?
His irrational behavior really reminded me of my late ex husband and I thought I don't need that again!

Esspee Sun 15-May-22 08:07:09

You are well rid of him. Move on.

Sparklefizz Sun 15-May-22 08:15:39

Some men are "players" and unfortunately for you, he's one. You definitely deserve better.

glammanana Sun 15-May-22 09:16:19

Block him and move on with your life he will not change

Serendipity22 Sun 15-May-22 09:22:07

Hmmm, anything that sets your radar off, end it before its begun... smile

Shelflife Sun 15-May-22 09:22:44

Get rid immediately! If his messages scare the hell out of you then that is your warning , take care , block him , move on. Be careful and you know you deserve better.

GagaJo Sun 15-May-22 09:29:08

As much as I usually distrust the 'Dump Him!' brigade (it seems to be a knee jerk reaction to any relationship problems), the continuing online presence would be too much for me. He's clearly keeping his options open. Thing is, there are lots more single older women around than men, so easy pickings.

Maybe don't be an easy pick.

gigi1958 Mon 16-May-22 21:47:22

As much as I would like to overlook his error in judgement, it's impossible to do that. My trust was totally broken and like a nice piece of broken china it can't be repaired ):

Allsorts Wed 18-May-22 03:55:24

You have learnt from this and well rid of him, good job you found out.