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Confused of the Situation

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Lallyn Mon 23-Jan-23 19:32:33

Last july 2022 i Met my boyfriend. In all our relationship we only spend Two occation times together. Because of his Job he needed to go back to U.S and his also alone parent of the kid 14yrs old. Im living Germany. After this two times spending Time together he often text me that he misses me so much. Asking me what i am doing, how am i. That he thought alot of our Time together. He told me that he Feel so comfortable to be with me.that its so Special feelings.
But One Week ago Now, he told me that Maybe its best if i should be free to date Another guy. Then he said No string just see how Things evolve. WHAT does he mean by this ? Does he dont Really Love me at all? i am really hurting. i thought he would tell me to wait him or just anything that i Feel Holding on to him. I Really like him and i Think i Love him already but After what he told me , it Made me Feel so Bad. its so hard to try forget him.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 23-Jan-23 20:17:39

I think he means that he is a long way away from you, he has a teenage son who needs his Father to be with him and he probably can’t see how he will get to have a long distance relationship with someone so far away.
I’m sorry that you are upset, but you met him twice, maybe if you both lived in the same country you would have seen him more often and the relationship would have developed at a normal pace, or not.
Sadly that can’t happen and he thinks it best that you move on.

Hetty58 Mon 23-Jan-23 20:24:20

Lallyn - really? This is one of those fantasy creative writing posts - with the inevitable bad spelling and grammar, yet again. Next, I suppose, it'll get into the scam dating scenario - where he asks for money to visit you?

JaneJudge Mon 23-Jan-23 20:28:02

he isn't really your boyfriend x

Sago Mon 23-Jan-23 20:29:50

You’ve been rumbled

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 24-Jan-23 07:10:44

Or maybe English is Lallyns second language?

Lallyn Mon 30-Jan-23 19:44:03

Thank guys for your sharing your opinion. English is Not my native Language. Today his in Japan and he message that how he wish that im There with him.

veejay Mon 30-Jan-23 23:28:54

As long as he doesn't ask you for any money.please be many women have been scammed like this.and never seen the person again or got their money back.
It seems to be happening a lot just now.mainly American men..often in the forces
I hope this isn't the case with you.
I would just try to get on with your life.and forget about him
So sorry you feel let down'but could be for the best in the long run

grandtanteJE65 Sat 04-Feb-23 13:54:41

I am afraid Lallyn that this man is trying to tell you nicely that he sees no future for a relationship between you.

You barely know him, he lives in the U.S. and you in Germany and seemingly he travels a lot.

I know you are hurt right now, but try to move on and find yourself another nice man who wants a stable relationship.

Tell this man to stop texting you - if he has decided after being with you twice that things aren't going to work, then that is his decision and you won't change his mind.

Don't let him make you into the woman he sleeps with when and if he is in Germany, then Auf Wiedersehen, bis später!