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What would you do neighbour issue

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ceejayjay Mon 04-Dec-23 06:54:32

Having recently moved to what’s hopefully my forever home I’ve got an issue with the neighbours extension guttering which I think overhangs my boundary. The issue is it’s leaking down onto my brand new fencing & onto my lawn making it extremely muddy in that corner. I tried cleaning the side that’s in my garden from up on some ladders and mentioned to the wife what was going on and hinted they might need to clean their side 3 weeks ago. She sounded very positive about taking action. Unsure if they have cleaned their sides but in the meantime I’ve worked out it’s coming directly from a bracket over my garden so that either needs resealing/cleaning or changing. I updated the husband and showed him a video when it was raining as I thought that was best so they could see it when it rained and where the water was escaping from. He said he might have to come round and get ladders up but that was a week ago. Question is am I allowed to get someone out ? I know it’s not my property but it’s having a detrimental effect on my property. Also the water is collecting at the foot of their extension which I cannot imagine would be good for the foundations. Just to add, my garden can only be accessed through my house or garage so would choose a trusted tradesman as that’s very important to me. Thanks for reading.

Grandmabatty Mon 04-Dec-23 07:00:14

You cannot do any remedial work on your neighbour's house. You've spoken to them once. Go and speak to them again

ceejayjay Mon 04-Dec-23 07:02:37

Just to add the reason the trusted tradesman is so important to me as I live alone with severe MH difficulties so much so that it was very hard even to approach the neighbours.

ceejayjay Mon 04-Dec-23 07:04:05

I’ve spoken to them twice Grandmabatty

BlueBelle Mon 04-Dec-23 07:13:25

I think you need to speak to them again, if you don’t feel you can do it face to face, then a friendly letter or phone call explaining that it’s becoming a big problem to you
In the meantime can you put something large in your corner to catch the rain water which you could use to water your indoor plants as a interim temporary problem solver while you are waiting for them to respond
No you can’t do anything to their property
Especially living alone it’s so important to not make an enemy of your neighbour

ceejayjay Mon 04-Dec-23 07:17:13

Thanks for the replies I will try speak to them again. Unfortunately I’ve tried to catch the water but it’s quite awkward as it hits the slim fencing and most then just runs out from bottom of fencing but will have another look at this thankyou

karmalady Mon 04-Dec-23 07:22:11

I like what bluebelle says and you could turn a negative into a positive by putting 4x 45cm slabs down, easy to do if you use a spirit level. Put a water butt on top of the slabs and collect the water. If the butt gets full, attach a bit of hose to the outlet and direct that hose gently underneath the fence, so that excess water runs under the fence to their side. Easily done and non-confrontational

Whitewavemark2 Mon 04-Dec-23 07:26:01

It is frustrating, but do remember if they are younger and both work full time, time flies by and some things are simply not seen as urgent.

I’m sure from their reaction they will do something eventually, but out of sight out of mind springs to mind.

As I said frustrating! But good relationship with your neighbours are worth their weight in gold.

karmalady Mon 04-Dec-23 07:26:03

Re the overflow hitting the fencing, you can get a bit of guttering and position it so that the rain falls into it and runs into a water butt. You would need a couple of screw eyes to screw in and a bit of wire to hold it in place at the top of the fence. The bottom can sit in the hole in the water butt lid. Very easy to do

ceejayjay Mon 04-Dec-23 07:41:52


Re the overflow hitting the fencing, you can get a bit of guttering and position it so that the rain falls into it and runs into a water butt. You would need a couple of screw eyes to screw in and a bit of wire to hold it in place at the top of the fence. The bottom can sit in the hole in the water butt lid. Very easy to do

Can you tell me more please I can’t envision what you mean smile Thankyou

Katie59 Mon 04-Dec-23 08:26:11

Good relations with neighbour is more important than fencing or mud, he sounds reasonable and will do it so don’t push it and cause a rift.

Bonnybanko Mon 04-Dec-23 08:30:43

I agree with Karmalady go ahead and do that

lixy Mon 04-Dec-23 08:38:15

Or perhaps you could remove that fence panel to preserve it until the overflow is fixed?
Replace it with some sort of boundary marker, maybe a plant trough filled with pebbles.
Just a thought.

Nannarose Mon 04-Dec-23 08:50:16

Don't worry about the foundations, they'll cope with the amount of water you describe. I say this because when talking to your neighbours you need to stick to the basics.

I wonder if something in writing would help? You can think carefully and re-read, and put in that because of access, you need a 'trusted trades' (this is a reasonable request whether or not you have MH issues)

I would also leave it awhile - what seems like ages to you isn't to folk who have to think about finding time and money in the run-up to Xmas.

Good luck

Floradora9 Mon 04-Dec-23 16:40:44

DH put a sloping piece of wood beside where our neighbour's gutter leaked into our garden . This deflects the water into his garden . It is where he would not see it normally.

sassysaysso Mon 04-Dec-23 16:58:11

No you can't get the work done without your neighbours' permission but do you think it may solve the problem if you asked your neighbours if it would help if you arranged to get the work done? Call me cynical but it could be what they're waiting for.

pascal30 Mon 04-Dec-23 17:45:47

If the guttering is overhanging your garden and causing you problems I would suggest to your neighbour that you get a builder in to cap it off or divert it.. much quicker and can be done to your satisfaction

missdeke Wed 06-Dec-23 12:16:25

If you want to get a tradesman in to do the job properly why don't you speak to the neighbours and explain that is what you would like to do and confirm that you would be paying for it. They may well be very grateful to have the matter sorted out for them if they are very busy and possibly short of cash.

Nannashirlz Wed 06-Dec-23 13:01:58

My son had a new fence put up and next door brush it was pushing against it. It did look a mess well over grown My son knocked and asked her if she could trim it etc nothing happened he saw her daughter and he said it to her who said mum in hospital so my son removed the panels and completely trimmed the brush. She came out of hospital and doesn’t speak to him now but he doesn’t care she is quite old and my son and his wife aren’t. I moved into my bungalow few months ago and my drain is shared with neighbors so everytime they have a shower the water can sometimes not drain as fast and goes onto my lawn. Nothing I can do about it just got my handyman to put a plate around it to try stopping water from overflowing onto my lawn. Just have to live with it unfortunately if you have mentioned it you will have to be patient and wait for them to do their side.

Caleo Wed 06-Dec-23 13:27:26

I had a down pipe that was noisy and annoying to my neighbour. Most of the water came off his roof (the two houses are semi detached).

With my consent he worked from my front garden to attach a pipe at ground level from my down pipe to his own ground water drain. A small easy job. Years ago and no trouble since.

I know it can be hard approaching a neighbour especially if you are shy. I was lucky it was the neighbour who complained.

I really think that for an easy outdoors job like yours seems to be it would get the job done with less stress for you if you got your own handyman in to do it. Maybe just mention to your neighbour you are getting it done . If he is neighbourly he will share the cost. If not save yourself the hassle and forget about him.

However it seems to me he is simply lazy and will be glad if you take control.

fluttERBY123 Wed 06-Dec-23 14:42:54

Very frustrating. Things get tense in the run up to Christmas with the dark days and people are busy. Lots of good advice above but I would say leave whatever you decide to do till January.

Nicolenet Wed 06-Dec-23 15:14:22

Could you put a laurel in a large pot under it. Might be that the neighbours will look at problem in the spring when the weather gets better?

4allweknow Wed 06-Dec-23 15:45:21

Don't think Id be so accommodating bothering with a water butt etc and why should you go to that expense and trouble. Aporoach them again and explain if the problem isn't sorted out soon there will be more damage to both properties and obviously they will be liable for your damage too. You coukd suggest to tgem looking on the local Trusted Traders site for someone to repair the problem if they aren't able to do it themselves. At this time of year it will be difficult to get someone willing to undertake a small job so you may have to be patient until the. New Year.

mumofmadboys Wed 06-Dec-23 17:24:14

I agree with FLUTTERby 123 . Leave it till January. It is a busy time

Caleo Wed 06-Dec-23 17:34:38

Easiest solution plant a small water garden . Yellow flag irises , two large stones, and frogs are nice to look at. Replace fence panel with ornamental trellis panel and pots of ferns hanging from the trellis.