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Can anyone help me?

12 annodomini

How to deal with mil need advice

93 soop

my dh is retired - help

77 Atqui

It's the little things ...

17 Galen

Domestic goddess or domestic victim?

141 FlicketyB

My sons future marriage

35 HildaW

Brothers and sisters

21 jeanie99

Can anyone advise me how to cope?

26 Maniac

saying those three little words

46 Nonu

Fathers for Justice

35 celebgran

partner's child

6 nanaej

Isn't it lovely?

21 annodomini

Family relationships webchat with Denise Knowles on Thurs 20th June 1-2pm

48 chiefbottlewasher

Son in trouble

57 Pollaidh


37 mollie

Difficult Discussion

7 HildaW

getting married again - having to take my first wedding ring off

39 annodomini


20 grannyactivist

Obsolete grandma

29 Elenkalubleton

What is it with sons....

72 Reddevil3

13-year-old grand-daughter's behaviour.

26 petallus

Sex since the menopause

67 glammanana

Trial separation

40 kittylester

Why do I feel so guilty about everything?

54 Eloethan

Am I just being jealous?

42 KatyK

Never ends!

15 celebgran

How can you improve your relationship?

57 jeanie99

My son-in-law is lovely!

8 trendygran


91 Noni

What do women want?

40 Ariadne

Are you 'single-at-heart'?

70 Mishap

Online porn

68 Enviousamerican

Daughter wont let me see my grandchildren

11 Nanban

Horrid night

19 celebgran

recovering from it possible?

293 ps

A Mother's Guilt!

11 janeainsworth

Move on

18 celebgran

Sad DIL seeking advice

18 j08

That time of year again!

12 Flowerofthewest

Sex and relationships webchat with Barbara Bloomfield Wednesday 27 March 1-2pm

81 Bobbie1212

23 Ella46

29 Reasons

10 Grannybug

I'm about to become a mother again....

63 JessM

When a few angry words....

37 NfkDumpling

Telling our sad stories

186 Faye

Allowing a family member to live in my house whilst we are on holiday.

32 HildaW

ungrateful selfish !

84 juneh

Falling out of love with Husband/Partner have you? did you? did you stay out of loyalty?

82 numberplease

Children still at home?

18 vampirequeen

More children need to be taken into care?

25 nightowl